A Dazzling Set-down

This is awesome:

Came to it via the invaluable Gerald Warner.

Here in the United States, land of the First Amendment and free speech, it is right now unthinkable that anyone would stand up in a political chamber and speak so forthrightly.

I mean…can you imagine someone in our Congress or Senate actually standing up with a chart like this, and daring to talk to Obama about his “inherited” debt?

Well…we are a nation being hastily (and cheaply) scrubbed and remade, by our snippy President, after all.

Slightly O/T, – Warner looks at Obama-on-Leno, here.

“the capricious and increasingly anti-constitutional government.”
A president who thrives on Chaos (Hmmmmm…)
Obama at Notre Dame (Another sort of Chaos)
“Is this the America everyone wants to live in?”
America’s Enemies smell blood-type O
EU presidency: US economic plans ‘a way to hell’
‘Fusion Centers’ Expand Criteria to Identify Militia Members
Obama and Narcissist Disorder (a look back from September 2008)
Where Will Obama Address the Muslim World?. And is it a signal?
Blind to O’s broken promises
The US Financial System is Effectively Insolvent
A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain
At least the teleprompter is not so obvious

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  • tim maguire

    I always love it when I catch some British Parliament on CSPAN. Those politicians know how to talk to each other. It’s great to see some of that British style brought over the channel to the Euro Parliament. May it rub off on the rest of Old Europe! (From what I’ve seen, New Europe doesn’t need the same kick in the head.)

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  • http://www.madtasty.com Misogynist

    When American corporations started to globalize, they started bringing in foreign talents with substantial international experience. Coca-Cola brought in Muhtar Kent from Turkey; Pepsico hired Indra Nooyi from India. Citigroup also hired Vikram S. Pandit, an Indian. The business world has come to terms with the fact that there’s a shortage of American talent with the capability to manage large-scale firms. Maybe we should try the same with our commanders-in-chief, because the last two or three (or four) just didn’t work.

  • Bob Devine

    After listening to that I think there is only one reasonable reaction. Make the Sign of the Cross as you say Amen. There is not a country in the world that is not following that misguided route. We need many more Daniel Hannan`s.

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  • monsignor-pat

    as a proud Irish man. I would vote to rejoin Great Britain if this man were PM. Otherwise, lets fast track his citzenship and get him to run for Prez (it doesn’t appear to matter if you can prove you are a citzen any more if you can feel like a citizen).

    Mon Pat

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  • PeggyR

    Simply magnificent! My awe for the English and their language (and it is properly theirs!) when it is used to such devastating effect is without bounds.

    No one can ream you out with such style, color and vigor, both moral and intellectual, like an Englishman can!

    P.S. I must apologize in advance for any of my usual mangling of their extraordinary tongue!