Nice Deb wants your dreams…

Taking a page from the left, Nice Deb is asking if anyone on the right is dreaming about President Obama (or, of course, Rush Limbaugh, his evil nemesis).

Apparently, I am not the only “conservative” woman dreaming of Limbaugh, but our dreams are very different than the dreams of Obama. Not surprising.

Frankly, after hearing the MSM pooh-pooh the brouhaha in the UK press over Michelle Obama’s “touching the person” of Queen Elizabeth II, and daydreaming that the press had – just once – treated Mrs. Obama’s faux pas as they had treated any Bushian gaffe (“gasp! What Ugly Americans So Insensitive To The Culture and Protocols Of Another Country! How Embarrassing For Us“), I’m ready to hear other dreams too. My daydream won’t come true. When the Obama’s screw up on foreign shores, our press will sneer at the offended; it is a new dawn full of change.

But if you want to share real dreams about Obama or Rush or whatever, go see Nice Deb! – she has an amusing graphic up, too.

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  • Mutnodjmet

    I am blogging so much in support of the Tea Party protests that I dream of typing at the computer nearly every night. Does that count?

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  • Gayle Miller

    Talk about bulls in a china shop – the condescending hug given the person of the Queen by our ignorant and clumsy First Lady smacks of the arrogance that attends upon all things Obama to our detriment and shame. On the longest day that impertinent and clueless wench lives she will never come close to equalling the style, class and dignity of Laura Welch Bush or the excellent Barbara Bush.

  • JuliB

    Here’s something that surely qualifies as a nightmare:

    Bowing to the King?

  • JuliB

    Ok – the offending bow is between 53 and 57 seconds on this youtube clip… The announcer is speaking Spanish, so you can turn down the volume without missing much!

    The bow?

    I hope I did the links appropriately.

    [So, the First Lady doesn't curtsy to a queen, which I kind of get, since we're Americans, although protocol is protocol - but the president bows to a King? Didn't they make a big fuss, once, when Bush held hands with some sheik? - admin]

  • JuliB

    For some reason, my original post didn’t appear, but the second one did. For a picture (without watching the video) of Obama bowing to the Saudi King, click here. Tis the stuff nightmares are made of..