Hail Colombia & other things

So, from 2006 onward, President George W. Bush tried to push a free trade agreement through Congress, and Mrs. Pelosi and her crew resisted and obstructed and vowed “no way” would it be allowed to happen. And Candidate Obama decried it. Mostly because Bush wanted it, you understand.

Thankfully, President Obama – who, since his candidacy, has reversed himself with stunning frequency – has – as in the song “Simple Gifts” ‘turned, turned to come ’round right’ on this issue, and he is now pushing the Colombian Free Trade agreement, himself. This is a good thing. Congrats to President Obama for seeing it. Now that a Democrat is in the White House, a thing that should have happened two years ago will be permitted to finally happen. A feather in his cap, and an easy one, he’d be stupid not to take. And here is another reversal he’d be smart to embrace.

Ah, progress. Now, perhaps, we can stop redacting information from material we release, in service to umm…transparency? That would be nice.

Obama’s first 100 days: analysis Jennifer Rubin. I think she is way too optimistic about the GOP being unified. I think most people are looking at the GOP and seeing the same spineless spenders they saw before.

Is the president scaring the CIA into submission? That would be weird, wouldn’t it? Come on. The president loves the country and wants it to be safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic. He’s sworn to it.

Ted Kennedy still wants socialized medicine. Kennedy seems to be doing very well under treatment for brain cancer, and I say good for him; medical science can do many wonderful things to enhance life and help us to live longer. I wonder, though…do you think, under a socialized system, an aging man with a weight problem and a liking for the drink would – upon being diagnosed with a serious brain cancer with a negative prognosis – be given the same sort of care Kennedy has enjoyed under his Congressional medical program? Or would such a patient be told he was a burden to the taxpayers and a risk to the bottom line of the National Health Care Office? Would a man in exactly Kennedy’s situation, but without his power and connections, be given the same treatment, or simply be made comfortable and told to put his affairs in fast order? It’s a fair question.

I love pictures from outer space! And these pics of Saturn are great. Look at the one six pictures down…it almost looks like a man walking on the rings. Cool! The very quiet sun, however, does portend a gloomy summer.

Eucharistic Processions:
Although some would like to see one on Commencement Day (that ain’t gonna happen, and neither is Notre Dame going to rescind their invite), there will be one this week. I haven’t seen a Eucharistic procession since I was a little girl. Supposedly Notre Dame’s Fr. Jenkins was visiting the White House, yesterday. Maybe he will become Obama’s Ambassador to the Vatican? ;-)

Speaking of religion: Siggy sent along this re-affirmation of faith by A.N. Wilson, who also wrote on his re-conversion to Christ elsewhere.

Jesus and the straight answer

Rick at Brutally Honest opines on “the religious left”.

Socialism doesn’t work: crunching the numbers.

Finally: Appreciate my indifference to your sexuality. Yeah…that’s pretty much how I feel. I think the gay community does not really understand that most folks don’t care who they sleep with – they just resent having it all shoved in their faces, so they’re forced to react – it’s a set-up.

There…now my tab-bar is all tidy, again!

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  • http://thecatholiclibertarian.blogspot.com amcalabrese

    When I lived in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, I used to see Eucharistic processions all the time. I know everyone thinks of Williamsburg as being either a Jewish or hipster area, but there is a very large undercurrent of the old Italian and Polish communisties still there.

  • dmd25

    Is the president scaring the CIA into submission? That would be weird, wouldn’t it? Come on. The president loves the country and wants it to be safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic. He’s sworn to it.

    Good thing I hadn’t just taken a drink! It would have been all over the computer monitor/keyboard!

  • Gayle Miller

    I well remember those processions from my long ago childhood (so long ago that I barely remember them) but they were beautiful and moving and filled a little child with something akin to spiritual awe to see them.

    As to how well Senator Kennedy is doing with the brain cancer – let’s see what is the state of his health in another 6 months or so. That’s when the rubber really hits the road, treatmentwise. The best doctor for this particular kind of cancer is located in Virginia in the Fredericksburg area. He is wonderful!

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender B. Rodriguez

    Re: Eucharistic Processions

    We do them at our parish. But then again, we are named after the Blessed Sacrament and Corpus Christi is our feast day (when we do one around the neighborhood – we might do them at other times, but I don’t recall).

    As for Notre Dame, would they be doing one if Obama had not been invited? And if not, why do one now?

    Doing one under these circumstances — protest — comes too close to being a politicalization of the Eucharist. That is, an abuse. We already have enough of that, I think.

  • Terrye

    On Republican unity: If anyone can manage to unify the GOP, it will be Barack Obama. if you get my meaning.

  • http://jmbalconi.stblogs.com Jean Balconi

    I’ve never seen a Eucharistic procession outside the short documentary “God in the Streets of New York” (Grassroots Films). I was very moved by it.

    Good point about socialized medicine supporters and the facts of health care triage. However, I have a feeling that if we had national health care, we’d have some sort of pecking order in which elected officials were bumped toward the top, regardless of age. “Some animals are more equal than others.”

    Also, I really must be tired. I misread your last sentence and thought, “Elizabeth must have had a really rough week – she’s writing about her bar-tab!”