Answering John Bolton

John Bolton wonders why President Obama is allowing a foreign government to prosecute Bush officials?

Aw, that’s an easy one. It’s so he can vote “present,” and keep his hands nice and clean.

Kind of like the extraordinary renditions begun under Bill Clinton, right?

We’re remaking America.

Glenn Reynolds answers another easy question.

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  • tim maguire

    Obama has been clear and consistent throughout. The only enemies he cares about are his domestic political opponents and the only friends he cares about are currently useful domestic political allies.

  • Joseph

    To quote Mr. Bolton:

    Under Spain’s inquisitorial judicial system, Garzón is essentially unaccountable, whatever the views of Spain’s elected government.

    If the Spanish Government can’t reign this guy in, what the devil do people expect the President of the United States to do? Order an extraordinary rendition of him to Saudi Arabia?

    People like Mr. Bolton and his cheerleaders are as touchy as sweating dynamite about the absolute sovreignty of the United States Government over it’s internal affairs, but never seem to realize that the Spanish might like to run their country by themselves too, no matter how zany the way they do it appears to us.

    Oh. I forgot. The single neo-conservative principle of foreign affairs is that the United States can do anything it wants because it has the biggest army and the most sophisticated weapons. And their single principle of domestic affairs is that the President of the United States can do anything he wants because he’s the President and therefore above the law.

    So I guess Mr. Bolton really does want Magistrate Garzon rendered to Saudi Arabia.

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