Site Tips: Re-do tonight

Folks, just a word of caution – tonight First Things will be launching its new design, which will of course affect our happy home, here.

The design is very nice; this blog will mostly look the same, but it will have a sort of grey framing around it, and archives and categories and such will be in drop windows, but it should basically feel the same for you.

I’m a little concerned that some of you may experience “data error” messages or have some difficult accessing the site, particularly if you are in Firefox. If that happens, try doing a “hard reload” (hold your shift key down as you press “refresh”) in order to clear the cache and things should right-themselves.

I expect it may take a few days to shake out any bugs; there are always bugs in new designs, but hopefully the painful access problems should finally clear up.

Do let me know, though, if you can’t access the site. We need to know it. Thanks.

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