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NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez twitters: Nancy Pelosi is not on the front page of the New York Times today. That’s shocking even for the Times.

Yes…that is pretty surprising, given what her very role as Speaker of the House seems in jeopardy; she may yet be felled by ironic twist of her own knife. With an assist by the truly ticked off CIA. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, and so forth.

The Washington Post, on the other hand did manage to notice the Pelosi meltdown. It’s not pretty.

Moe Lane is correct: this line on Pelosi is a winner. Everyone wishes they’d written it.

I wonder if the CIA, which helped destroy Bush’s presidency with leaks, feels a little sorry now, considering he never threw them under a bus, he respected their covert work, and didn’t play politics with them or use Langley for photo-ops on the endless campaign.

Military Commissions:
will stay, after all. And more phoniness from our moral superiors abroad.

George Will: Displaying the iron typewriter beneath his velvet mien calls the president and his administration “corrupt.”. Hypocritical, power-grabbing and amateurish, too. We’re in terrible trouble. But at least Obama is finally a little worried.

Gallup: More Americans Pro-Life than Pro-Choice. And they elected a charmer of a president with a 100% NARAL rating and a distaste for giving medical attention to babies born alive during attempted abortions, and as misbegotten a congress as we’ve ever seen, which would like to pass the president’s “Freedom of Choice Act.”

MUST READ OF THE DAY Even if you are sick to death of the Notre Dame/Obama story, I urge you to read Joseph Bottum today in First Things. He looks at the incorrectly-framed politics of the thing, but also the “vulgarity” of the protesters and the noses-up response of the elite to this bottom-up movement. This piece is insightful, thoughtful, instructive and best of all, chock-full of nutritious, delicious IRONY. Have a taste:

Here is one more interesting consequence of the pattern by which the protests at Notre Dame emerged: It turns out that the claim to be speaking in the name of the ordinary, vulgar people was just a tactic in a long struggle to break from the hierarchy; what many at the Catholic colleges seem to want, instead, is to constitute themselves as a new magisterium and hierarchy: The protesters and bishops should shut up, because we know better what is authentic Catholic doctrine.

Read it all. It’s not just for Catholics.

My Pragmatic Pope: I love Benedict. I love his deep faith which seems so simple to some, but is in fact, enlightened:

“The Gospel reassures us that God can make all things new, that history need not be repeated, that memories can be healed, that the bitter fruits of recrimination and hostility can be overcome, and that a future of justice, peace, prosperity and cooperation can arise for every man and woman, for the whole human family, and in a special way for the people who dwell in this land so dear to the heart of the Savior,” he said.

As I said during last summer’s online retreat, the most difficult part of faith is trust. We want to trust but we pull back. Everyone is afraid to let go and just free-fall it. But the free-fall is where you meet Him.

David Brooks, who was too smart not to love Obama in November, is starting to notice. But gently, very gently. It’s not Obama’s fault that he’s spending batrillions and banking on a vast bureaucracy to somehow be disciplined and manageable. Because bureaucracies have such a good record in that vein.

Quin Hillyer is much rougher on the president. Much.

Business Leaders: Not getting what they thought they voted for. How stupid were they? Obama said he was going to do all this. No surprises.

Victor Davis Hanson: Imagines President Palin’s first 100 days. She was running for veep, but clearly was the “top” of the ticket for many on the right. Hanson is brutal to Obama, here. And not much kinder here.

Surber’s word of the day: Blamegate

Michelle Malkin: The Cheerios Standard. She put that damn Lucky Charms jingle into my head.

Janet Napolitano: Unvetted report withdrawn. I have been patiently waiting to be called to serve my country by replacing her at DHS. No, I’m not qualified. Yes, I could do better. I insist you let me try.

How Israel
would destroy Iran’s nukes. So much for secrets. Or maybe they wanted that out?

A traveling nun museum

Oh, the Updates!

Owly did go pray before the abortion clinic and reports that it was a positive experience. She thanks everyone for their prayers and encouragement.

Heather was delivered of a baby boy who is very healthy, and now the last bit of her cancer treatment will go forward. You will remember she was in terrible shape with cancer of the mouth; there was talk of removing her jaw, and then…there was a true miracle.

God is good.

Want more Catholic stuff? Go to the invaluable New Advent.

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