Lolcat Obama & Mustache: Hussein-alicious!

Barack Obama; Dreams of his Mustache

Barack Obama continues to slowly reveal himself to the people he has been elected to serve.

He told us something about himself when he put the murder of an abortionist over the murder of one of his soldiers. The death of the abortionist was immediately condemned with a security deployment ordered. It took days upon days for the death of his soldier, at the hands of a convert-to-Islam intent on mayhem, to be acknowledged with the release of a woefully inadequate and rather cold expression of “sadness” at the murder of a soldier who had volunteered to serve under him. Barack Obama revealed himself in those stories.

And now, he is in Cairo, saying Ich Bin Ein Muslimer!

In Obama’s giving a 6,000 word speech we see his lighter side as he lectures the whole world, and everything that has ever come before him, with the lolcats messages, “yer doin’ it wrong! I fix!”, and “I wuvs you, now be nice” and “Interwebz is danger!

Speaking of self-revelation, in the past President Obama has written and talked about how he has been exposed to Islam all his life and has stated that the Muslim Call to Prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth”. He then recited the call in “a first-class accent” (that line no longer exists in the New York Times). Just recently Obama – who made a fuss if anyone mentioned his middle name, Hussein, during the 2008 campaign – has made much of his familial connections to Islam.

The Muslim Call to Prayer is rather pretty, and I can’t imagine why the NY Times would feel the need to edit out how perfectly Barack Obama can recite it. I myself can recite the Shema very well in Hebrew and it doesn’t necessarily make me a Jew. Odd, that. I always thought press reports, once filed, were left alone, unless corrected with appropriate notation.

Anyway, as Obama sojourns through the Muslim lands that must feel very familiar to him, lecturing and even quoting from Koran in Cairo, he seems, as evidenced in the picture above, to be raising a mustache.

Interesting. I don’t think we’ve had a modern-era president with facial hair since Teddy Roosevelt. In our Italian family, facial hair is more common than not. What do you think of it? I think it’s Hussein-alicious!

I still don’t think Obama is a Muslim. And even if he is, so what? There are lots of peacable Muslims who find their religion hijacked by the global extremists.

But if Obama is a Muslim, he should have told us, don’t you think? I mean, I know the nation elected a person they really did not know in 2008 (the press would not ask him a question or tell us anything about him, after all, besides “he’s so great and so cool and so elegant.”)

An election is a contract of sorts, and before he entered into one with us, he should have told us who he is, that’s for certain. But then again, Obama doesn’t think much about contracts, so it might have been pointless, anyway.

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  • Kevin A

    President Taft had a mustache
    [How could I forget Taft! Thanks! Admin]

  • Mutnodjmet

    Obama’s teleprompter: $800

    Obama’s trip to Cairo/Middle East: $30,000,000 (?)

    Your reference to LOL-cats: Priceless.

  • Maureen

    Actually, Anchoress, reciting the Muslim call to prayer is very close to reciting the Muslim conversion phrase. It includes the words, “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah; I bear witness that Mohammed is God’s Messenger.”

    Now, Obama would probably say that he was quoting the call to prayer and that it didn’t count as conversion. But to the Muslim on the street, it generally is seen as counting, even if you don’t know what you’re saying when you say it.You are a Muslim forever, from that point on, and subject to Muslim laws.

    So this is a pretty darned stupid thing for Obama to do if he didn’t know that. If he did know that, he has just sworn to God and everybody Muslim that he is Muslim. And that means, to the Muslim on the street, that the US is now a Muslim country ruled by a Muslim ruler, and hence part of the Umma forever; and that any non-Muslim who tries to rule afterward is to be killed; and that if Obama does anything proclaiming himself to be Christian instead of Muslim, he is an apostate subject to the death sentence unless he is carrying out deception for Islam’s sake.

    Somewhere, the protocol folks are committing hari kari and apologizing to their Founding Fathers, because we are all in deep manure now.

  • Livia Fiordelisi

    Are you serious? You could listen to this morning’s speech and actually write this commentary? Sometimes it seems that we’re not only of different political opinions but separate species.

    [I am not the only person "left" or "right" who found the speech largely empty. He really didn't say much, if you read it. I always worry a little, when people start talking about other people with whom they happen to disagree as being of a "different species." That never ends well. Admin]

  • Maureen

    It’s possible, of course, that Obama only quoted the “Come to prayer!” part, or that he didn’t really quote it at all (in which case the article was edited for good reason). I haven’t actually seen the footage of the speech, and I don’t know enough Arabic to tell what he might have sung, anyway.

  • Gayle Miller

    An empty suit, blowing in any direction of the prevailing winds! That’s what the 53 million credulous dimwits elected to the presidency! Crikey!

  • tim maguire

    Livia, I just caught the last few minutes on NPR this morning and I found it the usual collection of Obama BS and naivete. But if, by using his middle name, he can improve our relations with the Islamic world (though I imagine he and I have different definitions of “improve”), then by all means use it.

  • Leopold Stotch

    Taft!!! WHT had a stache! John Bolton – 2012!

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  • John

    On the whole, this blog is a dissappointment. Ideological, shrill, self-righteous — not worthy of a serious journal like First Things, brings down the level of discourse.

  • Peter

    “I still don’t think Obama is a Muslim.”

    Okay, your choice.

    “And even if he is, so what?”

    Because he lied about it then. If he is then he practiced kitman/taquiyya and lied to the infidels.

    “There are lots of peaceable Muslims who find their religion hijacked by the global extremists.”

    Shucks, and I thought you had been paying attention. I guess not.

  • Bender

    Meanwhile, there is news that the Air France plane probably broke up in mid-air. I’m no expert, but that does not seem a likely result of a lightning strike and electrical failure.

    It would appear that something else would cause a plane to come apart in the middle of the air.

    But I would also expect Obama, et al., to totally downplay the possibility that it was a “man-made disaster” by followers of the religion of peace.

  • Gayle Miller

    The vanity of that trifling little mustache is part and parcel of this supremely shallow man!

  • Gayle Miller

    Note to John – if you find this blog disappointing, then you have no eye for quality! Sorry dear Elizabeth, my blood sugar is low and thus my patience with foolishness!

  • John

    I see plenty of quality — “on the whole” is what I said. Today’s post on the murder of the abortionist was good. Even this post has its good points. But I don’t see why Mrs. Scalia must descend to partisan shrillness that already has a home on and We don’t need that here. Compare this post on Obama’s to Rich Lowry’s.

    [Hi John - I think "shrill" is a bit of an overkill, don't you? I admit to having something of an Irish-temper, and when I'm in the mood to be forceful, I can be, as our friend Joe Marshall has said, "a glittering holy terror." But "shrill"? I don't know if that is the adjective I would use. I have no qualms with the president denouncing the murder of an abortionist, until he can't find the time or inclination to do the same for the murder of one of his troops. Why is that especially unreasonable? I am inclined to think that President Bush would have condemned both killings equally, would have recognized both killings as domestic terrorism, and I am disappointed in Obama's selectivity, and his inability to take his role as CIC seriously, beyond the photo-ops. This is something to be concerned about - you may agree - when Obama's Justice Department is calling off investigations into voter intimidation or his Department of Homeland Security is releasing reports with extremely broad definitions of "extremist behavior" for people with conservative leanings (I am more of a classical liberal, myself, but these days that falls under the "conservative" umbrella) while defining extreme behavior very narrowly for the left. I teased Obama about his mustache, because until very recently, we Americans were allowed and encouraged to tease all of our presidents (and yes, I teased Bush about his "strageries" and his "internets" too. If he'd have tried to raise a mustache while visiting Saudi Arabia, I'd have teased it.) Am I shrill? Honestly, I don't think so. But yes, I'm passionate. Seems you are too. Welcome! ;-) admin]

  • CV

    I have never been much interested in whether Obama is, or was, a Muslim.

    Generally speaking, if religion was that important to him (and Michelle) I think the family would have settled on a church (or mosque!) already for the sake of their daughters. It just does not appear to be much of a priority for the Obamas as a family.

    That said, if he were to “come out” as a Muslim at this point, then what would we make of the whole Rev. Wright situation and his past profession of Christian faith? The inconsistancy would be so striking that even his faithful press corps would have to take notice.

    One would think. But he has been given a pass in so many situations in which he previously said one thing, only to subsequently ignore it or do the complete opposite, that religion might not be all that different.

  • Livia Fiordelisi

    First time visiting this site, and last. Very frightening.

    [Really? Frightening? How confusing! I condemned the murder of George Tiller, made it clear that there is no justification for taking a life and teased about President Obama's raising a mustache. Oh, and I suggested his speech was rather empty. And posted about prayer. And suggested that perhaps your earlier suggestion that those who saw Obama's speech differently than you do were "of another species" is the sort of thinking that does not end well. I am pretty sure that George Tiller's murderer may have subscribed to that sort of "you're not human to me" thinking. I can think of many despots who have. And yet you're the one who calls me "frightening"? I must not understand the meaning of the word! ;-) -admin]

  • YogusBearus

    My my Anchoress. The quality/creativity of your critics has taken a hit. Where’s Joseph when we need him?

    [I like Joseph. He's an old friend. admin]

  • Dee

    I have a big problem with Obama saying he considered it part of his responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. Really? Since when has that been the responsibility of the POTUS? Is that why he waited so long to issue a statement about the muslim who killed one of Obama’s soldiers?

    Ten paragraphs later he stated it was his first duty as President to protect the American people. It was nice he included that in his speech, but it certainly didn’t come across as a first priority.

    On a positive note, I’m thankful he didn’t apologize for this great country as he did in Europe.

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  • Bender

    Give him time Dee.

    Will it ever occur to the Obamabots, many of whom I’m sure love this country, that perhaps Obama does not?

    No doubt, many of us have been in relationships where the other says to us, “I love you,” but then is continually trying to change everything about us. Where every statement is accompanied by a backhanded slap, which we don’t even recognize at first, but then begin to see it for the passive-aggression that it is. Where they insist that they have loved us as no other has, as no other could, but they reject everything about the way we really are. At some point, even the dullest of us realizes that they, in fact, do not love us, but, rather, have contempt for us.

    This constant call for “change” is just another way of saying “I hate the way things are,” this constant praising of what you have done, claiming that you have done things better than anyone else ever, is just another way of saying “the country and everyone in it sucked before I can on the scene.”

    Is Obama at heart Muslim? Or is he at heart a Marxist? Or a French revolutionary? Or a Peronista?

    Can’t he be all of the above? A hybrid of all that share this in common — a detest for Western ideals and Western history, and a desire for destroying the existing order so as to be rebuilt as some Utopia engineered by one who is smarter than everyone else?

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  • Rand Careaga

    It is surprising and gratifying in equal parts to see Right Blogistan continuing, half a year in, to distract itself with these puerile insinuations. When you tire of the “secret Muslim” meme, or for a snack between courses, might I suggest the “Citizen Grand Juries” video? You’ll find it the perfect complement to your recent diet.

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  • Sarah Rolph

    Don’t let the turkeys get you down, Anchoress. Most of us simply click to another site when we don’t like what we’re reading. People who find it necessary to leave a comment about how “frightening” a site is, insisting they won’t come back, are people who have been reached. Perhaps your words have made an impression that will have a positive effect in the future.

    My reading of your great blog over the years has influenced me to think in this way. I will never forget your post about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Pope. You have taught me to keep in mind that we don’t know everything and that things unfold in their own time in mysterious ways.

    Remember that most people never comment. Thousands of people gain strength, insight, and humor from you every day. We all need to hear it once in a while, so on behalf of these many thousands, I remind you: your writing is loved and appreciated!

  • Bob McCarty

    After Obama’s speech, I concluded that he had embraced the Muslim principle of Al-Takeyya.

  • Ignatz

    Can you give an actual example of President Obama “making a fuss” when people mentioned his middle name? Or are you projecting from the fact that his opponents used it as an epithet in the hopes of inciting such a fuss?

    [You must have forgotten the 2008 campaign already, and the Obama campaign's objection to anyone using his middle name? I project nothing. Regardless of why his opponents used it, he didn't like it then. Doesn't mind it now. Simple statement of fact. You have search engines. Look it up. admin]

  • Ignatz

    “Is Obama at heart Muslim? Or is he at heart a Marxist? Or a French revolutionary? Or a Peronista?

    Can’t he be all of the above? ”

    Umm – no, he can’t, OBVIOUSLY. Do you actually not know the definitions of terms that you use?

  • Ignatz

    “You must have forgotten the 2008 campaign already, and the Obama campaign’s objection to anyone using his middle name? ”

    Got a quote where he “makes a fuss” instead of the cavalier statement that I’ve “forgotten”?

    “Use a search engine”? You’re the one making the claim. Shouldn’t YOU be the one to find a citation?

    [No, why can't you? You seem to have some time on your hands, and I'm very busy and for some reason I am not getting emails alerting me to comments, so I additionally don't have much time to race back here to see if you've thrown a brilliant challenge my way! But if you insist: you remember this don't you? "We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid," Obama said at the fundraiser. "They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black? He’s got a feisty wife.” The preemptive strike that made McCain so terrified, he fired people who used "Hussein." And of course Michelle Obama said "the name Hussein is a fear-bomb". But now, it's okay. We can all use it. Peace. It's wonderful! And no, I'm not going to play with you all day.- admin]

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