Been missing my pearls?

Well, they may not be pearls…but if you’ve been missing my posts, you may have an outdated rss feed. It’s here:

Please update your records accordingly. I’ve missed your visits!

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  • Stephanie

    I got you!

  • Lacey

    Thank you for the link! I’ve missed you too!!

  • http://theanchoress Val

    Just found you…again. Missed you too!

  • kelleybee

    Finally a link that works….thanks. Pearls and diamonds, lady…we want ‘em all. We be greedy little folk.

  • jakeman

    Your pearls were a daily visit, Anchoress, but the new site monkeywrenched things in a pretty serious way. So, I’m giving it another shot–because you deserve it!

  • Gayle Miller

    You are the mainstay of my days. Especially right now when my health is somewhat “iffy”! Nothing major – just a bunch of annoying little stuff.

  • J Parrish

    Pearls? As in pearls before swine? So we’re swine now? I see how you do this …

    [Heh. Actually I was being self-deprecating. But that's funny! - admin]