The Suckling Press; Obama "sort of god" – UPDATED

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Evan Thomas, that bellwether of media obsequiousness, who once (accurately) predicted that the Democrat-loving press would give John Kerry “10 to 15% points” in his race fo the White House, has declared that President Obama is “sort of god”. Chris Matthews, who would suckle Obama’s manboobs, if only Obama would lactate for him, can be heard saying “yeah,” in the background.

I’ve always told you they thought Obama a godling. Now, they’ve admitted it.

Our press is not only not free, it is completely nuts; mad in its teen-fan lust, lost in the misty aphrodisiac of Obama’s power.

I don’t blame Obama for this. I blame an industry that has so insulated itself and is so lacking in diversity of thought or perspective that it has become an obscene parody of what the craft of journalism was meant to be. And I blame us, for allowing them to get away with it for so long that they could reach this point.

In the piece below, we looked at what I called “living wallpaper”. The press is a sort of “living wallpaper,” too. They’re all around us and you can’t escape them, not in a pub, an airport, a store; the gasbags of the press are yakking and expectorating and stealing all of our breathing air; they are full of sound and fury, indicating nothing. They serve up hours of “nothing.” They serve “nothing.” And they, the “nothings” of the suckling press, are completely dominant.

We are dominated by “nothings,” who run to to do the bidding of a man who does not respect them, can’t respect them, because who can respect a sycophant. Barack Obama is imperious Lady Catherine DeBurgh, and the press is the oafish, intellectually vapid, incurious Mr. Collins, bowing and agreeing, and silencing himself for the sake of her bare acceptance.

The geraniums and begonias we see above, contribute more to the world than our current press.

Even Vanity Fair understands that the press is nothing to the man they love, but a bunch of useful idiots.

Obama will suckle them while he must. Then he will eat them. And they’ll have it coming.

By the way, Evan Thomas? In 2007 he said it was the press’ job to bash the president.

Ed Driscoll takes a more in-depth look at the screaming teen fangirls of the Obama press.

Thomas is getting plenty of exposure for his worship. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has some thoughts and full-size video
National Review: The line between reality and parody blurs
Allahpundit: Notes that according to his suckling press, basically, “All of Obama’s (pbuh) flipflips are for the public good and never for political expediency. I guess the Bush-hate really did scramble their brains.
Dr. Sanity: Charts the madness
Confederate Yankee: Aims a little lower than I did
Ace: wonders about kneeling and stuff
Archbishop Chaput: Warns of the spirit of adulation surrounding Obama.
Powerline: Mock Thomas’ image of Obama “standing above the world”. Yeah. Worship me, pigs! Biden, peel me a grape!
Gordon Brown (Obama’s poodle): Remember in Leo Rosten’s Captain Newman, MD, the inmates of the asylum referred to it as “Psycho Beach”? Well…maybe..
Barack’s Teleprompter: Tweets, whadda they mean, “sorta”
MsPlaced Democrat: The Death of Journalism; they killed themselves while admitting they didn’t know him.
Bo: Even the poor dog is subject to their insanity
Satire?: Well, yes, this time.
Sphinx: Recent image (via)
The Vatican Press: gets pulled back from the brink! (H/T New Advent)
American Catholic: Obama the Hero of Normandy

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  • Rich Fader

    Hannibal Lecter preferred to eat the rude. But I think even the good doctor would balk at eating the American press corps.

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  • Todd

    “I don’t blame Obama for this. I blame an industry that has so insulated itself and is so lacking in diversity of thought or perspective that it has become an obscene parody of what the craft of journalism was meant to be.”

    Indeed. And we have to look no further than the blogosphere to see it in spades, on both the Right and the Left.

    It’s an adolescent indulgence, but I’d be cautious about throwing too many stones, as you’ve published the same uncritical admiration for the 43rd president.

    [Really? I've said Bush was "sort of god?" Did I ever suggest that if Bush flip-flopped it was never from political expediency, and always for the public good? I admit I admired (and admire) Bush 43 -sometimes I think I was stubborn about it, simply because the left was so deranged in their hate of him - but I also wished he would get rid of Rumsfeld 'way before he did, cringed over his spending and lost all patience with his own WH's inability to explain themselves or communicate ideas. And as I don't kick off or delete people who had a different opinion, as some blogs (left and right) do, and I do visit and occasionally link to left-wing blogs (and don't indulge in mocking them for their opinions) I don't know if you could fairly call me insulated. I suggest that Evans, and Matthews and their ilk have moved way beyond "adolescent indulgence" and into a sort of idol worship that is dangerous for the country. My little blog, after all - even with my Bush-positives - does not have the influence of Newsweek or NBC. For that matter, as all of the "mediating intelligences" in big-time-professional journalism keep telling us...bloggers are not journalists. Admin]

  • Old Line State Dad

    Todd, I don’t recall ever seeing Anchoress refer to President Bush as a diety figure. In fact, she has been known to criticize him from time to time. Calling someone a decent human being (as Anchoress repeatedly said of Bush 43) hardly merits as “uncritical admiration,” and is nowhere near what the press is doing with Obama. But of course you knew that. Nice to see that you are carrying on the fine liberal standard of honest debate. /sarcasm off

  • Sceptress

    Oh Anchoress, as a true P&P fan-atic! I love your Lady Catherine – Mr. Collins reference!

  • Jay Anderson

    Moral equivalency and “tu quoque” … Todd’s ubiquitous answer to every criticism of the left and their media sycophants.

  • B’ham

    This is not meant to be nitpicking, but it’s not “bellweather.” It’s bellwether, where wether is a castrated sheep or goat. The bell on the bellwether helped the flock know the location of the leader. That word is probably more suited to this story, hence my correction.

    [I never consider it rude when someone catches a blip; I appreciate the headsup admin]

  • Todd

    Far from being a tu quoque argument, I point out that the adulation of celebrity figures is a phenomenon of both the Left and the Right. It is part of our culture, and not endemic to present-day political ideologies.

    Point taken that you didn’t consider Mr Bush a god. Let me suggest that your admiration for him is/was “similar” not the same, as the president’s sycophants on the Left. And no doubt, there are those on the Left who will persist in silly hyperbole in the face of the irrational utterings of some on the Right, just as you do. See? Common ground.

    As for the media, they transcend ideology: they support what sells. When something fails to sell, it will be repackaged or discarded.

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  • Hobbiest

    in 2007, this was Evan Thomas’s response to a question about whether the media was being too hard on Goerge W, Bush:

    “Well, our job is to bash the president.”

    My how the jib description has changed.

  • L2P2

    Anchoress, take it to cable.

    I thought First Things was a religious magazine. Apparently not, to judge by your commentary.

  • lauran

    Obama, meet your future–Jim Jones.

  • Catherine

    I do blame Obama for this.

    If he had an ounce of humility or decency, he would have told his sycophants to shut up, and act like grown men and women.

    He hasn’t.

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  • newton

    “I do blame Obama for this.

    If he had an ounce of humility or decency, he would have told his sycophants to shut up, and act like grown men and women.

    He hasn’t.”

    Ditto. He could have stopped this stupidity at once a long time ago, but he not only hasn’t stopped it, but also has believed his own hype.

    He doesn’t seem to know about what happens to those who exhibit the sin of pride. You know – destruction and related things…

  • Hank

    In college I had a history instructor, who despite teaching the Middle Ages, often brought things back to the Nazi’s and the Holocost and what went wrong that brought this about. One day she was describing the Neurenburg Rallys which as a 16 year old she attended. The look in her eyes describing Hitler was that of a teeny bopper at a rock concert, or I would say now most of the attendies at a Obama rally or some of the press covering him.. I hope The President does not go that route, but I doubt there will be any break on his actions from his own camp.

    East Meets West: Obama in the Middle East

  • B’ham

    You’ve identified Mr. Thomas as a “bellweather”, but you’ve misspelled the word. It’s actually “bellwether”, where wether is the word for a castrated male sheep or goat. The wether with the bell was used to keep the flock together. Normally, a comment about something as trivial as a misspelling would be rude, but the correction seems most appropriate in this post.

  • Ken

    Between Evan Thomas’s recognition of Obama as “sort of god” and Michael Wolff’s insight into the “process” of the Obama press machine I keep hearing Psalms 2.12 in my head:

    Kiss the Son, lest he be angry
    and you be destroyed in your way,
    for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
    Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

  • Mike Walsh

    It’s still much too early for Obama’s inevitable fall. But which policy disaster, I wonder, will finally tip the balance? Which will send public approval irreversibly south? Which will precipitate a major public meltdown (the cool’s gotta crack sometime)? Which will define his legacy? And which will prove most lastingly malefic? So many bonbons present themselves for his delectation. Perhaps a more important question is: When will those he has so beguiled –press and populace– begin to notice that the water is up above their knees, the ship is sinking, and –hey, wait a minute—it’s taking them with it?

  • CalifGirlInMaine

    I also blame Obama. He could have stopped the adulation months ago, at least have spoken against it, when people began referring to him as a “messiah” — but he didn’t. I believe it has only fed his narcissism and megalomania.

    Now the adulation has reached the point of blasphemy. Lord, have mercy on us.

  • Ruth H

    When I see that photo I always thing of “What, me Worry?” from Mad magazine.

  • Catherine

    Well this made me throw up in my mouth a little bit:

    “Recently, I was at a boomer backyard barbecue in Boston.The males had Ivy League degrees and high incomes evident in subtle ways. The wives who were white had the perfect cheekbones and teeth that only generations of breeding and expensive maintenance can produce. The nonwhite wives had PhD’s instead.

    The host in a Yes We Can T-shirt sneezed. “Barack you!” said a preppie-looking man, and explained with a broad smile that it’s a new locution replacing “Bless you.”

    I walked up to the Obamapod and said, “I like your barackhlo line.”

    “It’s Barack you,” he said, with the typical linguistic obtuseness of the American born-and-bred, of which genus he turned out to be a prize specimen. A Harvard MD, native of North Carolina, smart and personable, he told me how he grew up in a genteel and racist home where only the N-word was used to refer to Afro-Americans. He also said that since Barack Obama’s election he was at last able to breathe….”

    [Edited to admit link here - admin]

  • Spry

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare the adoration of the press to teen lust. It’s not fair to the kids, I’m afraid. I’ve got two boys, 3 nieces, and a very close friend with 2 daughters whom I’m around all the time.

    They’re all the souls of constancy, forebearing, moderation and sobriety in comparsion to the press corps’ pangings for Obama. Evan Thomas, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams et al., they freak me out.

    Wow, this is sad to say!

  • Catherine


    Those kids are rare. Read the papers and you will find the kind of “lust” referred to, and it’s not pretty.

  • Sonja

    FABulouse, from a former newswoman with ABC, and blogger for

    Outstanding. Sonja Brown

  • ultraguy

    Mankind has tried to be like God since the garden. Thankfully, God came up with the solution for that, for those who are willing.

    What is more troubling is the recent boldness of the eternal being who triggered that mess and the virtual worship of his highly-placed followers.

  • Dee

    I agree with CalifGirlInMaine. Obama, as a professed Christian, should know better than to allow men to worship him. When St. John was visited by an angel in Revelation 22:8,9, and bowed in worship at the angel’s feet, was told, “See that you do not do that…Worship God.”

    It’s a very dangerous thing to idolize a man, and even far more dangerous when that man embraces it and encourages it.

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  • JB

    I think it was Chesterton who said: Those who don’t believe in God will believe in anything. Or words to that effect.

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  • the-gunslinger

    Naturally, I completely agree.

    However, I wanted, particularly, to say “bravo” for the P&P reference.

    So perfect. So deadly.

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