Off. Steven Tyrone Johns; Holocaust Hero – UPDATED

Don Surber says it’s a bad day to be an American.

Steven Tyrone Johns

Let us pray tonight, for the soul and the family of 39 year-old Officer Steven Tyrone Johns who has lost his life while helping to prevent a bloodbath by an elderly, anti-semitic, anti-Catholic, 9/11 truthing, sick, sick mind.

Surely when Officer Johns awoke this morning, he could not guess he would be the latest hero of the Holocaust, which we delude ourselves into thinking has ended. In truth, in too many parts of the world, and in too many hearts, the Holocaust lives; the idea of killing Jews lives. Time is a construct. Today, Officer Johns died liberating Auschwitz, he died liberating Buchenwald and Dachau. With his blood he said – once more, because it is clear it must still be said – “never again.”

There may have been Holocaust survivors at the museum, today, or the children of survivors. Surely they came to understand, as they witnessed today’s crisis, that the serpent’s whisper “you shall be like gods” has never abated since Creation, and that so long as humans can conceive of each other as “other things” or “separate species” or “not human,” then these genocides can happen again and again, particularly to the Jews. Evil will always try to destroy what God loves best.

It is being reported that the Jew-hating madman
who brought a gun to the Holocaust Museum is a former PT-boat captain, like John F. Kennedy. He was in fact, chock full of hate.

The shooter, James W. von Brunn, is an aberrant member of the greatest generation. His actions today – and apparently for a long time – have belied everything that made his generation heroic including their liberation of prisoners, of whole nations, from the oppressor’s boot, and the closing of those unholy prisons and ovens and chambers which could be created only in the darkest of hearts.

I know nothing about Officer Steven Tyrone Johns, but today he laid down his life for the sake of strangers, and in doing so he echoed all that is heroic and fine in humanity and in heaven; his huge sacrifice contradicted and defeated the million small, thoughtless acts of spite, malice and hate that contribute everyday to people treating each other like “things,” and which thus open ever-wider the door through which evil eventually walks. God bless him and his family.

A hero is as a hero does

Ed Morrissey looks at the shooter, the hero, the ideologies and the inevitable politicizing of this tragedy.

Confederate Yankee also has more

The Predictable Politicizing
Uh-oh, maybe not so fast on the politicizing: Shooter A registered Democrat
The shooter is “an equal opportunity hater, but the press says “right wing.” Of course.
Tom Maguire has More examples of same. I do hope they read this terrorist his Miranda rights.
the FBI says the Weekly Standard (conservative journal) may have been a target.
The Loft: Not all Crazies are Created Equal

Tick, tick, tick, the pressure on America

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  • Tioedong

    Actually, it sounds like he developed paranoid schizophrenia which exacerbated in his old age.I had an uncle who had a “nervous breakdown” during the war, and had all sorts of conspiracy ideas. But we didn’t encourage him.

    The difference is normal families would give him negative feed back so that he’d keep his delusions silent, and maybe even realize his opinions as a mental illness, so that they would increase his Haldol when he got agitated.

    Instead, it sounds like this man got into the “conspiracy ” groups and those bozos encouraged his delusions.

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  • MochaLite

    God be with the Johns family.

  • Sadie

    I pray the Lord will comfort the Johns family.
    I’m so sorry that this had to happen.
    I will never understand any of this how people
    can hate so much.
    God is love and we must love others if we
    are to have a world of peace and love for
    one another.
    God Bless you Mr. Johns.
    I’m so very sorry for this great loss of a
    great man.

  • michael reynolds

    That was some very fine writing.

  • zeze2008

    Did he have a family? Is there any way we can find out how to make contributions to help them out?

  • newton

    This is sad for me to say, but when my husband saw the news about that murderer on TV, he replied with these words: “That’s going to be my father someday.”

    His father (my father-in-law) is a racist. We have caught him saying a few times, “All those Blacks and Puerto Ricans are causing too much trouble here…” (And his daughter-in-law is Puerto Rican. Go figure.) He has said some nasty things about Jews also. (I can only imagine the day he finds out about my recently-found Sephardic Jewish ancestry. Yep, a Puerto Rican woman with African and Jewish ancestry. Boy, he’s going to be soooo happy… ahem…)

    Did I also tell you he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic? Oh yeah, Tiodeong. I believe it. I’m sure that guy is as well. The only difference between the two is in education levels. Contrary to my father-in-law, who dropped out of high school, that murderer probably took his Mensa thing way into pride territory. And then we find out about that murderer’s total hatred of Christianity. And George W. Bush. And the “neo-cons”. The Left will have a field day trying to pin this S.O.B.’s tail to our butts, but they won’t be able to reconcile these things at all. (Did I tell you my FIL has no soft-spot for Christianity either?)

    The FIL has tried suicide a couple of times. He has attacked his wife (my MIL) and his only child has had to fight back forcefully against him. He has said some bad things about interracial marriages before – twice and when he was on vacation here with us. My husband sent him packing home – twice.

    I can only imagine what the family of that man has endured – that is, if they have any decency in them to repudiate him and his beliefs for the longest time. My poor husband made sure that he is as far away from his own father as he possibly can be. Who can blame him? If I were the family of that murderer, I would have also been outathere a long time ago.

    Hey. Even though we shout to the four winds of the earth that this sorry excuse of a man deserves everything he gets from now on, that he hates Christians as much as he hates Jews, etc., they are going to pin this one on us. We’re the scapegoats, you see. We’re easy targets for the media and the Left. We better get ready.

  • Frank Zavisca

    PLEASE don’t buy the Leftist “spin” that this killer was
    “Right Wing”.

    How many “right wingers” have journalism credentials?

  • s1c

    I am saddened beyond belief, god bless this officers wife and family and may the lord be with them the rest of their lives.

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  • Saul Menowitz

    Tragic. But remember, another American – a soldier – recently was murdered on American soil by a domestic terrorist motivated by deep-seated hate and that tragedy received almost no news coverage. Compare the news coverage between these two sad events. That tells you everything.

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  • Janet

    I just had a meeting with a sales rep this morning who said she met Officer Johns on a trip to the Museum a few months ago and had a nice conversation with him, she said he was very helpful and full of information about the Museum. She has been heartsick since seeing his picture on the news. I can only imagine how his friends and family must be feeling. God bless all of them, and God bless Officer Johns.

  • Anglican Peggy

    Of course they are not only politicizing, they are also publicizing, this act as “right-wing” in service to the narrative that the “right-wing” is just as terroristic as any other group.

    I think this should have been nothing more than a sad local story even given the prominance of the museum. Rightfully it should have received no more than a mention on the national news, while it would have been covered more intensively by the local media. But instead its wall to wall on CNN because they have to establish the meme that homegrown “conservatives” are as dangerous as any foreign born terrorist. That way everything stays nice and neat within the lines of the relativist world view where nothing and no idea is any better or even different from any other.

    [As the shooter has been discovered to be a registered Democrat, they're going to have to work very hard to maintain that narrative. Expect them to double-up on it. Admin]

  • newton

    “As the shooter has been discovered to be a registered Democrat, they’re going to have to work very hard to maintain that narrative. Expect them to double-up on it.”

    It gets even better, my dear Anchoress: he was probably thinking about targeting the offices of The Weekly Standard. (Probably because of the “neo-cons” he hates so much.) The FBI found their address at his apartment and paid them a visit late yesterday afternoon to let them know.

  • EbayEpsilon

    “…and how can a man die better than facing fearful odds,
    For the ashes of his fathers,
    And the temples of his Gods?”
    –Thomas B. Macaulay (1800-1058) English essayist and poet.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Johns Family at this difficult time.

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