Palin's Pipeline Gets Last Laugh?

With the countless words being written about David Letterman’s foolish, boorish and uncalled for “jokes” about Sarah (“slutty flight attendant”) Palin and her daughter Bristol (who “did get knocked up” after all, and so deserves jokes implying she is promiscuous and a prostitute by the hypocritical puritans on the left), very little is being written about Sarah Palin’s pipeline.

Jim Geraghty tweeted it first and writes:

Back in March, I took a look at a Portfolio article on Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s plan for a natural-gas pipeline. Among the article’s criticisms of Palin was that she had effectively shut out the oil companies whose cooperation was necessary for completion of the project.

One of her defenders credited her plan for bringing “three of the four key players into alignment: the U.S. government, the Canadian government, and the state of Alaska,” adding, “the fourth player, the producers, are going to have to deal with that reality.”

Well, today TransCanada (the pipeline builders) and ExxonMobil (one of the producers) have reached an agreement to work together on an Alaska gas pipeline.

Not bad for a stoopit, back-woods, white-trash, snow-mobiling, moose-killing, “slutty flight-attendant-looking” hick who didn’t go to the right colleges and stubbornly wouldn’t abort her “retarded kid,” or force her sluttish, teenage daughter to “sensibly squish” her own baby (see comments here) and who didn’t have enough experience to be vice president, unlike the smart current veep (who disclosed his own safe-location) and who certainly was too stoopit and inexperienced to inhabit the Oval Office. Not bad for a “mayor of a small town” who once owned her own business, and then went on to run a state, unlike our current president, who has never run anything or met a payroll, and who – with typical Bushian American Obamian arrogance and unilateralism – appears to have moved the Uighurs (ahem – terrorists) to Bermuda without bothering to talk to the UK about it, once again treating one of our staunchest allies very badly, by means of his “smart diplomacy.”

Yeah, we sure dodged a bullet last November. Whew.

Meanwhile, as David Letterman uses up what is left of his life sneering at her, Sarah Palin is going to have the last laugh, while actually serving others and having done something with her time that will have lasting and positive effect for many.

Moe Lane says his pro-Letterman hate-mail is sounding shrill, hysterical and a little fearful. I have observed the same, myself.

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  • alexa kim

    Can you imagine if Letterman had made such a joke about Michelle Obama and her daughters? It is Letterman’s type of subtle, and insidious, chronic bigotry that now makes up the institutes of comedy, news and drama.

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  • YogusBearus

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Up is down, left is right.

  • Carol S.

    Wow. You do such an awesome job synthesizing everything down to such a nice, neat package!I knew I could come to your site to calm my fury over this incident.I already did something I have never done, I emailed respectful but disdainful letters to each of the sponsors that I use or have used. Already have heard back from Lexus-”sorry you got upset,we don’t control content”. Hey, at least they confirmed receipt and read my email.Thanks for all you do!

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  • fuster

    I sure hope that Palin takes up Letterman’s invitation to appear on his program.
    Not only would she get a chance to demonstrate her verbal dexterity, she would also have access to the same professionals who apply Letterman’s make-up.

  • TotaTua

    Anchoress is a wordsmith(ess) of the utmost talent. Able to parse verbiage without casting aspersions. For fun try reading what is written out loud, it trips off the tongue in merriment and is so sadly true.

  • fuster

    Not only was Dan Quayle an even worse choice than Palin, Quayle is so forgettable that Melissa couldn’t even remember how to spell his name.
    Of course, it might have just been a jocular reminder of Dan’s own disinclination to learn spelling.

  • fern st albert

    Thankyou for your insight on this vile attempt at sneering left humor. Rape fantasies may be chic with New York City comedians, but here in the hinterland unlawful sex with minors is frowned upon. Its called pedophilia. I have also started a writing campaign about Mr Dave and am emailing a list of sponsors. P @ G promises to contact me in the very near future. I would think it would be in the interest of ML Baseball to address this issue, along with Yankee management and Alex Rodriguez. If they remain silent, then they are enablers in this hateful slam at women and children. Makes you wonder if its safe for young women and children to walk the streets of the Big Apple. Love your blog.

  • Memphis Aggie

    I just love Sarah Palin: can’t wait ’til she’s president.

  • Patrick

    You got one thing wrong. The joke was NOT about her eighteen-year-old daughter, Bristol, no matter what David Letterman says. It was Willow, 14, who was at the game. Anyone who buys that it was about Bristol (who was nowhere near Yankee Stadium). Saying it was about Bristol is just his way of trying to prove he isn’t what he is: a perverted old man.

  • http://NONE Sam

    It was Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter Letterman was referring to, because she was the one with Sarah at the game…Sarah Palin made a very strong statement re: the Letterman slurs…he lived with a younger woman and she became pregnant by him …they married, but Letterman is pathetic and should get off the air. Others have been fired for milder statements…ARod should also be speaking against his name being used in this way…ALL women/mothers should be speaking out…Sarah Palin has courage and class…attributes sadly lacking in Letterman and the liberal media who ignored or defended his statments…sad…and frightening.

  • Gina

    Of course, it might have just been a jocular reminder of Dan’s own disinclination to learn spelling.

    Oh, now, don’t even get us started on all the examples we have of “smart power” in the Obama administration. We’ll be here all day.

    I wish that Obama and Biden will be forgettable, very soon. “Regrettable” is the term that actually comes to mind.

  • Gina

    P.S. I’m so glad that it wasn’t Piper Palin at the ballgame. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s run through the meat mill, too. Sasha and Malia Obama, not so much- and thank heaven for that.

  • fuster

    Gina, please go right ahead if you can find anyone as flat dumb as Quayle or Clouthier.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    It wasn’t just pervert Letterman with the sick joke. It had to be approved by his writers AND–since the show is taped–must have made it past the -apparently-dirty-old-men who check out shows to make sure they meet network (CBS) “standards.”
    What I find also dismaying is the liberal Democrats who have jumped to sicko Letterman’s defense.

  • fuster

    Well, Deke, I don’t think that telling tasteless jokes makes anyone a pervert.
    I’m sure that a righteous guy wouldn’t want to be slinging mud. One might get some on oneself.

  • trentk269

    Hey Fus, instead of doing the lefty troll subject changing thing, why don’t you just come clean and admit that a joke about a 14 year old girl getting knocked up by a ballplayer is disgusting and wrong? Of course, that is assumong that you think that it’s wrong, her mother being a Republican and all…

  • turfmann

    Thank you so much, Anchoress, for your writings. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat my daughters down in front of something that you have written or linked to in order to amplify something that my wife and I are trying to teach them.

    As to Sarah, the caricature that was created by the MSM during the campaign (does anyone doubt that a majority of those polled would respond that it was Sarah that said ‘I can see Russia from my house’ instead of Fey?) is slowly but surely receding.

    She was traveling last week not to solicit insults from has-been comedians, but rather to attend functions and negotiate agreements.

    But when insulted she pulls no punches when responding. She does not engage in the ad hominem that the left reflexively does, but rather to condemn the act and to offer forgiveness (listen to the Blitzer interview).

    She nailed the interview with Lauer. Some say that Matt was hostile toward her. Nonsense. She didn’t let him get away with anything. She was strong and clear in her arguments.

    As to her annoying accent and colloquialisms – yeah, they can sound, too, a bit like those nails on a chalkboard, those ruffled feathers, you ‘betcha.

    But I have no problem with that as I am sure no one in Anchorage would have any idea what I meant when I say ‘paaahhk the caaahh in haaaahhvud yaaaaahd’

  • fuster

    Hey Trent, why instead?
    The jokes were tasteless and wrong no matter which daughter was intended, but that doesn’t end the need of the rest of the citizenry to act reasonably or truthfully .

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