A pea too far…

Confederate Yankee has some fun giving a smackdown to Drudge for accusing the White House of faking their garden.

I am not entirely sure that’s what Drudge is doing. He calls it a “miracle grow” but I don’t know that he isn’t simply having fun with words. In any event, both Bob and Terresa at Noisy Room are quickly denouncing any suggestion of a “veggie-gate” which I think is wise. With some Sarah Palin supporters still protesting David Letterman, after Palin has accepted his apology, a loony conspiracy-theory about vegetables (are they radioactive, like the ones on Gilligan’s Island? Where small veggies dug up under cover of night, and beautiful, big veggies left in their places?) would not be particularly helpful.

Anyway, I’d like to think that the White House veggie garden is something that both left and right can support and even copy. It’s a good thing. You have to really work hard (and needlessly, or obsessively) to find something to dislike about it. I am sure, though, that someone, somewhere is fuming and thinking, “if Bush had done a garden, he’d have been mocked for it.”

Well, maybe. It’s possible that some affected with BDS would have been unable to find anything to praise in a White House garden under Laura Bush. But frankly, I wish the Bush’s had gardened. It’s a great idea and inspiring. You have to be really far-gone in derangement, left or right, to find a garden unpraiseworthy, simply because you don’t like a president.

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