I have the greatest readers on the net

Last week, at the request of a reader, I re-posted this post about John Quincy Adams. Today, in my mailbox, unexpectedly came a nifty box sent via the offices of First Things. A very kind reader had – out of the blue – generously sent me a copy of Paul Nagle’s yummy-looking John Quincy Adams; A Public Life, a Private Life.

To say I was flabbergasted would be putting it mildly. I, who have difficulty letting people “do” things for me, was stunned and very humbled, but also…charmed. I mean, how cool, how sweet! FT also forwarded a lovely letter from a reader congratulating me on coming over here. Again, so very kind.

Then I looked at my email and there two very generous donations to the site from one lady – a reader who has several times floored me with her thoughtfulness. I must write her a second thank you note, but I almost do not know what to say; my heart is so overloaded with gratitude (and I feel, frankly, so overpraised) that the words are coming less easily than you’d think. I can’t begin to tell you how humbling it is to think that people who don’t know me would be so very considerate, and so supportive of a site where the misses are as frequent as the hits, and I spend so much time dancing the taut wire of religion and politics, alternately shaking the fist and bowing the head. No wonder I fall so frequently!

I have joked that I wished I could bake a Christmas Stollen as do the Dominican Nuns, as a means of saying thank you to the benefactors of this site, but you really don’t want that of me. I am the messiest baker, and if I made you stollens in December, we’d still be finding powdered sugar in odd places the following May!

But do know that I ask blessings upon you daily, for the intentions of all who kindly donate to the site, for those of you who support it in prayer and to all of my kind – all of my incredibly kind, best-on-the-interwebz, very cool readers.

I thank you all with a very full and sincere heart.

And if you don’t mind, I am going to turn off comments on this particular post, because otherwise – I know you guys – you’ll just be too kind some more, and then I’ll get all antsy and stuff, as you know I do.

UPDATE: To the lady who sent me the letter (you have lovely penmanship, btw) please forgive me for having already managed to lose the envelope. I hope to find it and write back; if I do not, please know how very much I appreciate your encouragement! God bless you.

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