10 Questions WH Press Corps left unasked

10 Questions WH Press Corps left unasked June 24, 2009

From the Dept. of Everyday He Is On TV:

Yesterday’s O-presser was a little interesting. The White House seems to be doing what I predicted the other day; they’re suggesting that the so-so Cairo speech was the impetus for the popular uprising in Iran. Funny how that worked out. When the president finally figured out what was the right side to be on, then it was the side he’d always vociferously been on, and in fact, he caused the whole thing to happen. But the Weenee diplomacy is still on.

While the White House co-ordinated a question from the Huffington Post, even astonishing the press corps with their brazen stagecraft, here are some questions that the mostly fawning press did not ask the adolescent-angst-ridden POTUS:

1) You’re making a big noise in your anti-smoking bill, but what plans if any do you have to recoup the loss of tax revenues from tobacco? What sort of provisions will you be making, if any, to subsidize tobacco farmers?

2) Do you think the slow-but-steady flourishing of Democracy and Democratic principles in Iraq has anything at all to do with the fervor we see in in the streets of Iran, and do you have any thoughts in that brilliant head of yours about your predecessor’s passionate belief in the possibility of real (not sham) Democratic Arab nations and what they could mean to the world? Any chance at all that Bush’s moves in Iraq are now encouraging Iran? What about your troops in Afghanistan? Any word for them?

You keep talking about the deficit you inherited, but Congress allows or disallows spending and you voted for all of President Bush’s bills and have added a projected deficit of about 9 Trillion dollars to our future, do you have any projections on when or if you will ever stop spending money?

4) Where are the jobs that our enormous stimulus package was supposed to provide, and is a “jobless recovery” under Obama better than any “jobless recovery” we have ever seen before? When you cut spending on things like Missile Defense and then hear about unemployment rates in the private sector and NoKo aiming nukes at Hawaii, do you ever rethink your defense-spending cuts?

5) Why do you keep firing Inspectors General, without even adhering to the rules-for-firing same which you, yourself had a hand in writing during your brief time in the Senate? Do you think Inspector General Walpin is senile? Why did you try to get rid of him so quickly and so quietly? Will the next AmeriCorps Inspector General be named Sgt. Schultz? What about the sudden resignation of AmTrak’s Inspector General? Inspectors General are charged with making sure that that government monies are appropriately applied and accounted for; how is it under your administration they’re being ticked off one-by-one if they ask questions or, it seems, try to do their jobs? Are you guys thugs, after all?

6) Who is funding your healthcare astroturfing campaign and what do you think of the curious connection between ACORN and ACORN International’s changing its name?

7) Do you realize the remarkable amount of leeway the press gives you, and how we crucified President Bush for doing the things love to see you do?

Are you just outright lying to us? Really? Can you say anything without leaning on straw men?

9) While we in the MSM are all guffawing with you and oozing obsequiousness, you’re going to start regulating those bloggers, right? Good, because we hate those bloggers and their snotty, disrespectful questions. They need rights?

10) Can we shine your shoes? How’d you get to be so great? Call us! Love ya! Mean it!

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