Science Czars & Healthcare; When Life is devalued…UPDATED

President Obama’s plans are to appoint 32 Czars within his administration. These are people about whom Congress does not advise or consent, and about whom the press is conveniently incurious. So far, the press thinks they’re all just brilliant and they have no problem with a president appointing 32 Czars accountable only to him.

Whadda you think of that? You comfortable knowing that these “czars” escape serious but are given some rather potent power with little oversight?

I mean, come on…can you imagine if Bush had named 32 czars, while also “shredding the constitution” with all those policies Barack Obama is keeping place?

Can you imagine Bush naming almost three dozen czars while Michigan faced 15% unemployment, the deficit was topping a trillion bucks and a healthcare plan that no one who is being honest actually thinks is anything but a mirage was being shoved through congress, unread and undebated? And while Harriet Miers Sonia Sotomayor, who looks to be rather underwhelming, was being ushered to her seat on the SCOTUS? Would the press really be so quiet if this were going on under a different president? Would the left?

Would you?

They’re all interesting characters, so far as I can see. The energy czar hasn’t bothered to read the Cap and Trade Bill, but she’s you know…the Czar.

I don’t like it much. I know we’ve had a handful of “czars” in the past, but there has always been a sort of twinkly irony to the title – until now. Take a look at the damn list and ask yourself how you feel about seeing the word “czar” used without irony, over and over again, in reference to an American administration.

An Information Czar? A Pay Czar? A Copyright Czar? A Great Lakes Czar? An Urban Affairs Czar? Oh, look…a Terrorism/WMD Czar!

You feel good about it? I don’t. I see all those czars, and I know there are more where they came from, and that our nation is going to devolve into a sort of stagnant bureaucracy filled with connected elites on one side, handing out the goods, services and medicines, and the rest of us on the other side, putting our dreams away as we stand in line, hoping we will get what we need, and dreading the news that no…our sick grandmother is not worth saving. No, that third pregnancy is not allowed; too hard on the planet, based on these flawed and fraudulent and “fundamentally wrong” and flim-flamming hoo-hah and clearly “unsettled” sciences and lies that some have worked so diligently to sell.

Kinda wants to get me down on my knees, praying to a merciful God who should long ago have lost patience with us, and has never much liked others playing God for themselves.

Let’s start with a couple of prayer requests…Please pray for 6 year old Ethan, who has just been diagnosed with Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN) which is a rare genetic disorder. This disorder will slowly take away his ability to move, talk, see and think. Life expectancy is 20-30 yrs. I was asked to share this link to promote awareness.

Also, please keep 29 year old Liz in your prayers as she undergoes her treatment for a brain tumor.

Do you know, there are people in the world – and this won’t surprise you – who think that if a kid like Ethan is going to have a difficult life, he should be “spared” from it all by taking that life away from him, that doing so would be both “compassionate” and would help keep government coffers in the black? It does not matter to them that Ethan’s life is the life he has; they would not like that life, and so they think he should not have his life, either. Plus he is taking up room on the planet and costing money for a life that isn’t going to be productive enough “for the people.”

Do you know that there are people in the world who think a vibrant, beautiful 29 year old who has been given a poor prognosis should probably just be encouraged to take a few pills, lie down and die. That “easier” and “kinder” way is deemed by some to be more “sensible,” because they do not understand the value, meaning and mystery of suffering.

And heavens – they’re all so smart that if they don’t believe there is value or dignity to be found in our suffering, then there mustn’t be any!

The New York Times blares a headline, and they sound very excited, like Pravda announcing a new, glorious day: “Why We Must Ration Health Care”. That’s going to translate into “heathcare for Upper West Side Me and Mine, but not for Middle Class Yours and Thine” sooner than any of us realize. Obamacare hasn’t even been passed yet, but that’s a mere formality. In the heads of the elite press-progressives, they’re already there, and the rest are already deciding whose life is worth it, and whose is not.

“Bi-polar and over 50? Fat, Anemic and over 60? Didn’t go to Harvard and you have asthma? You’re just a plumber, and you need a valve replacement? Please go to the Edward G. Robinson Room, that’s right, the one with the big green door and the projector, the classical music and the red pill. No, the red pill! Thank you for serving your nation and “the people” by not putting up a fuss about staying alive.”

Here is a helpful video on rationing.

Bookworm expounds on the creepy, weird and troubling, “let’s just kill people and force abortions to save the earth” sorts that our president is naming as czars within his administration. Writes Bookworm:

People of goodwill have always envisioned a place in which everyone lives in harmony and material comfort. War is gone. Hunger is gone. Each community is a perfect amalgam of density and space, allowing for high functionality and rural aesthetics that flow effortlessly into each other. Heaven on earth.

The only problem with this whole Heaven on earth thing, of course, is those pesky humans. Humans are erratic. Some have the temerity to be born smart and some dumb; some are placid, some feisty; some strong, some weak; some submissive, some aggressive. Whole cultures are poisoned by these variables. The people who keep giving into their base human nature are making perfection impossible.

For many, the solution to these impossible humans has been a strong hand: Hitler promised perfection, as did Mussolini, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin. Humans — damn their imperfect hearts — could be corralled into virtue, and if corralling didn’t work, killing would suffice.

Given the effort it takes to force humans to be perfect, all of these Statists, without exception, realized that some humans simply weren’t worth the effort it would take to perfect them. They were in the way. How much better, then, simply to rid the world of them before they even became nascent. The was Margaret Sanger’s plan. Hitler liked that idea too. Through a combination of genocide (Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, etc.) and sterilization (the generic “unfit,” although quite a few, my uncle included, came in for genocide too), he was acting with the best will in the world. How else, after all, could he make the world a better place for his good Germans? And undoubtedly, if asked, he would have said, “What’s good for the Germans is good for the planet.”

Do read the whole thing.

And then, if you missed it, read this surprising piece.

More on Obama’s Creepy Science Czar. Not comforting.

Glenn Reynolds talks about the Hidden Costs of National Health Care, and it’s a terrific read.

Obama: Buck Up, America and take your medicine.


At Instapundit a debate as to whether or not this bill outlaws private insurance. It’s all a big guess, though, right? Since they’re not letting us see the bill, even though Obama promised we’d get all that sunshine and transparency, and five days to read things online before they’re voted on? Right? More here.

Ed Morrissey has more

Ann Althouse – who voted for Obama, by the way – wonders Why the Democrats won’t give us a chance to see the healthcare bill.

Blue Dog Dems:
may “bring Pelosi’s healthcare plan down”. It’s Obama’s plan. He’s the guy out there selling it.

Michelle Malkin
wonders: if the blue dogs have any bite, and she tells you who to call.

Jimmie Bise Jr: The People’s Glorious Healthcare

Jules Crittenden: Breaking America’s Healthcare to fix it. I wonder if Pelosi is going to be using the same coverage I’ll get?

Gateway Pundit: Video and lots of links

Mememorandum: has all the links. I’m gone for the rest of the day.

Maggie’s Farm: Says folks been played for suckers.

Push the healthcare through before the public finally clues in, and it’s too late!

Let me say this again – because some people seem unable to differentiate between “hate” of a man, and “well placed concern, maybe okay hate” of his suspect policies and the lack of any checks upon him by the press, or members of his own party – that I do not “hate” this president. But there is very little about his “lets not waste a crisis” presidency that I can support or trust. For some, my pointing out these things that make me uncomfortable is construed by them as “hate,” probably because that’s what they felt for the previous president so they can’t believe I can object this much and not hate. I can’t help what other people think, though. This is still America, and folks are free to think and believe whatever they like.

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  • Todd

    A few things …

    We already have for-profit corporations deciding who lives, who gets treated, and who dies. Personally, I’d like to see health care completely disconnected from a person’s employment. And if for-profits wanted to compete directly with not-for-profit health insurance, I’d like to see that, too. I’m not terribly happy with my lack of choices right now, nor do I think millions of us are happy with being fleeced by the system as it has been these past fifteen years or more. My attitude on the president’s plans are to wait and see.

    As for the czars, you may or may not have a point. As an avowed liberal, I have a problem with anything that disconnects from democracy. I don’t know that I need a “caesar” to be the president’s go-to person on some issue. On the other hand, I can appreciate that an executive doesn’t want to interface with a committee, so is the problem what he’s calling his contacts, or is the problem that Republicans are shut out of the process?

  • Ellen

    I don’t like the czars at all. Too much power in the hands of those who worship the bottom line.

  • dick


    Having the Caesars is removing part the cheks and balances which are there for a reason. I hate the current Congress and Senate and think most of them should be voted out of office but if they would do their job, then the checks and balances on the executive would work and we might just end up with some decent legislation. As it stands now, not a chance with this crew. They think legislation is an opportunity to ram through pet projects that get more money for the re-election coffers and a place to put earmarks.

    I think the Supremes should be shot (not literally) for not letting through term limits. With term limits we could at least maybe get a Cincinnatus type of person who goes to Washing, does what needs to be done and then goes home to his regular job.

    I do not want caesars there to shortcut the system. I want as many people there as possible to stop this insane crew who can’t let a crisis be wasted and think they need to tell us all what to do and how to live. I want us to get back to the system of equal opportunity, not equal results. I want this administration and Congress out of office as soon as possible.

  • RandyB

    It is… difficult… not to hate the man. He has willfully chosen these actions for his own aggrandizement and the aggrandizement of his allies, everyone else be damned. We are to hate that which is evil, and such unrepentant acts of evil cal into question whether it is enough to simply hate the evil acts.

    He is loved by God; Christ died for his sins. In this he is no different than we. Yet I cannot help but wonder if, after so many years spent rejecting God, falsely claiming the name of His Son, and willfully committing so much evil, if perhaps God has left that man to the condemnation he has brought upon himself, if the Holy Spirit has left that man and will bring no more conviction upon him, if the Son has “shaken the dust off of his sandals” and put that man out of His mind.

    I wonder…

  • vanderleun

    “For some, my pointing out these things that make me uncomfortable is construed by them as “hate,””

    For these, God has made the “Delete” key. Do not let them into your soul, they are demented and disturbed people with a mental disease. You cannot cure them but reading or engaging with them.

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  • Bender

    He has a rubber-stamp Congress, a suddenly hands-off judiciary, and a sycophantic press.

    And it is not enough.

    He must have absolute power, total authority, beyond even theoretical checks and restraints. There is a word for such maximum leaders, whose only limit on power is themselves. We’ve seen it before in human history, more than once, but few could have imagined that we, here in the “land of the free,” would ever willingly and enthusiastically put on the yoke of tyrannical dictatorship.

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  • Anthony

    There is a copy of the House bill — it is 1018 pages long. The question is whether the langugae cited makes private individual insurance illegal. It presumably would continue to allow employer provided group health and I supposed affinity group insurance.

    It is the Senate bill that seems MIA.

  • JuliB

    Are there any patron saints that we could request intercessionary prayer from based on the distressing topics?

    I am so overwhelmed at all the “change” that the only thing I can do is pray.

  • Tess

    Rent the movie “Equalibrium” with Christian Bale and Stephen Bean. It is an entertaining movie even if you don’t pay attention to the underlying theme. It is violent and depressing, but in the end some what triumphant. I see parallels even if Liberal reactions to Conservative beliefs have not reach that level of violence yet.

  • CV

    I hate, hate, hate his policies.

    Trying hard not to hate him, but it’s getting more and more difficult, frankly.

    This is what you get when you elect someone with absolutely no moral center. Say what you will about George W. Bush, the man had one.

  • Momma K

    We need to call congress on this health care bill
    The “Blue Dog Democrats” do not like the health care bill—which by the way on page 16 outlaws all private health care–Today I called them at the Capitol switchboard —# is 202-224-3121 and nicely asked them to vote against it:

    Reps. John Barrow (D-Ga.)
    Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.)
    Baron Hill (D-Ind.)
    Jim Matheson (D-Utah)
    Charlie Melancon (D-La.)
    Mike Ross (D-Ark.)
    Zack Space (D-Ohio)

    Here is the article showing how the bill will outlaw private heath care:

    Please let me know of anything else we can do —thanks, Momma K

  • Bender

    What if all we can do, what if the best thing for us to do, is simply to let it all crash and burn? (as it inevitably will)

    All of these intitiatives are and will be highly destructive of this country, as well as much of the world. But none of it is sustainable. None of it can or will work. The question is, what with everything being ruined, will the people affected — from seniors to the young — have the ability to undo it all? Will they see it for what it is and destroy the beast? Or will it be too late? Will things be smashed and broken beyond repair?

    When too many grandmas get aspirin or a morphine-push instead of a hip-replacement, when perfectly healthy young people are forced to fork over thousands of dollars for healthcare plans they neither need nor want, when some employees get fired so that employers can afford to pay increased costs to cover other employees, will these demographic groups — many of whom voted for Obama and are die-hard Democrats — will they do what needs to be done and tear down what they are responsible for creating, will they destroy the monster?

    In order for any of us to destroy the monster, will it be necessary for everyone to see the danger, will it be necessary to let it run rampant to cause destruction and grief everywhere?

  • Kris, in New England

    I am well and truly scared for the future of this great country. Obama and his minions seem determined to send us down a river of debt that will not end well.

    This healthcare fiasco is just the tip of it I’m sure. Which says alot.

    I recently had a hip replacement at the age of 45. I saw a surgeon and within 2 months had my much needed surgery to correct a congenital defect. Under Obamacare I may not have been able to get my surgery at all, let alone within 2 months. I may have been deferred because I’m too young – meaning I’d need an additional revision surgery in about 20 years. Why pay for two procedures when Obamacare could make me wait for another 10-15 years so they could maximize their profits at the expense of my mobility and quality of life.

    I weep for the future, I really do.

  • tim maguire

    One wonders what Rome would have done with 32 caesars. Had 31 civil wars, most likely. Then the Gauls and Persians scoop up the mouldering remains of the former Empire.

    But of course our czars aren’t czars at all. It’s just a nifty name that makes the president sound like he is taking [insert problem here] seriously. Which means, government being what it is, that he in fact is NOT taking it seriously.

    The growth in czars in the federal government mirrors the growth in “authorities” at the state level. Officially authorities (MTA and the Port Authority in my neighborhood) are an effort to insulate a big issue from political influence. Bring in some experts and give them some independence from the politicians.

    But the practical effect is that there is no accountability. They become rogue operations unanswerable to the public because no elected official is responsible for their actions.

  • Terrye


    I think government controlled health care will be an unmitigated disaster.

  • Terrye

    All these Czars make me think of some Byzantine court.

  • Terrye

    And btw Todd, the very idea that for profit and not for profit can compete is just bizarre. Obviously they can not and do not. But what happens when the state goes broke and the checks start to bounce?

    Oh silly me, just print more money. Profits? We don’t need no stinkin profits!

  • Todd

    “I think government controlled health care will be an unmitigated disaster.”

    I think the idea is getting control of medical insurance, and getting non-medical people out of it.

    “Obviously they can not and do not.”

    Unless you consider Catholic and evangelical churches. But maybe it can be posited they are kicking our non-profit butts.

    Seriously, there are medical establishments that are not-for-profit that are part of the bedrock of the Church’s care for the sick. Are you suggesting Catholic hospitals, and even our schools are wasting their time?

  • Obi’s Sister

    “This is still America, and folks are free to think and believe whatever they like.”

    For now….

  • Dee

    All this talk by Obama about having choices is deceptive. He speaks of people either keeping their current insurance or opting for the new and improved government sanctioned version.

    But there will be no choice when employers see their bottom lines being eroded by private insurance costs when they can purchase the happy government issue at a fraction of the cost.

    There’ll be no choice in the long run, I’ll stake my word on that.

  • Paul

    CONgress opposite of PROgress !

    If “hate bill”-obsessed Congress can’t protect Christians from “gays” as much as it wants to protect “gays” from Christians, will Congress be surprised if it can’t protect itself from most everyone? It’s little wonder that liberals want to make America gun-less! If “hate bills” are forced on captive Americans, they’ll still find ways to sneakily continue to “plant” Biblical messages everywhere. By doing so they’ll hasten God’s judgment on their oppressors as revealed in Proverbs 19:1. (See a related item titled “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.” on web engines.) Since Congress can’t seem to legislate “morality,” it’s making up for it by legislating “immorality”!

  • Mutnodjmet

    Hey JulieB: Per your question —

    Are there any patron saints that we could request intercessionary prayer from based on the distressing topics?

    May I suggest St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Things (e.g., sanity, reason, and the meaning of the US Constitution).

    (I humbly suggest this, as I am a RCIA student, and am learning the ropes — but I thought this might be a good pick).

  • Todd

    “There’ll be no choice in the long run, I’ll stake my word on that.”

    There’s no choice now. I can accept my employer’s insurance program or go without. Government-insured medical care works elsewhere, and given the lack of market-competitive alternatives that forbid unjust or immoral business practices, I don’t see the present system as having many advantages. The worst-case scenario you present give me the same choice I have today, minus having to pay shareholders a cut of my medical insurance expenses. Looks okay to me.

  • Miss Marple

    Actually, Todd, you do have other choices. You can open a medical savings account. You can buy a private medical insurance policy. You can join an HMO on your own and pay a monthly fee.
    You can talk to your employer about other insurance, which my husband did one year when the insurer for the small company he worked for jacked up its rates.

    Right now in America we have choices. If this bill passes, we will have none. I don’t want this for my grandchildren.

  • Dee


    We plenty of choices. The unjust or immoral business practices you speak of actually come from the lawyers and their malpractice suits. That alone has driven up medical costs so much so that many good doctors are leaving thriving practices because they can’t afford the malpractice insurance premiums.

    The other huge issue is having a government
    bureaucrat make life and death choices for you and your family, whilst the fat cats in politics and in the unions have their cushy insurance – paid for by us! No waiting lines for them.

    Government health care = rationed care. Why would our great country take this giant leap backwards in health care when the citizens of other countries with socialized medicine cross our borders daily to get private medical care? Are you really excited about the long waiting periods before treatment? The UK just published an article in the Daily Mail about rheumatoid arthritis patients having to wait NINE months before getting treatment – only by then it’s too late for it to be effective – the damage has been done.

    Are you not concerned about quality of life? Tell me how you will react if your loved one suffered excruciating pain daily for months on end but couldn’t be seen?

    The medical care in the U.S. may not be perfect but it’s the best in the world. Let’s not change that.

  • Terrye


    Catholic hospitals are not the federal government.

    I work in the field. I have worked for a health care agency for years. I deal with medicare, medicaid and veterans all the time.

    They do not pay on time, they are arbitrary and they do not compete, they rule.

    In the end more and more providers simply refuse to deal with medicare and medicaid. And veterans has a long history of screw ups.

    Taking control of medicine out of the hands of people who are actually in the business of health care and turning it over to a lot of civil servants who do not know a thing about health care…will not help. Look at California. The system there is bankrupt.

    Liberals need to do something right somewhere before they continue to try and cram their policies down the throats of consumers and providers who want nothing to do with their bright ideas.

  • Todd

    “Liberals need to do something right somewhere before they continue to try and cram their policies down the throats …”

    I see a lot of congressional and corporate resistance to medical insurance reform, so I doubt there will be much cramming. One of the issues of the 2008 election was reform in this area, and knowing that, the electorate still decided to reject the GOP and their lack of alternatives.

    I know full well about the problems of medicare and medicaid. I think there are ways to permit American potential to be the best in the world to get to a full flowering. But it would be a tall tale to say that American sin general get the best health care in the world. When rating the results of all people, not just the best-result scenario of the rich, we come out behind Canada and most of Europe, paying a significant chunk more than others.

  • Dee

    “When rating the results of all people, not just the best-result scenario of the rich, we come out behind Canada and most of Europe, paying a significant chunk more than others.”

    Where are your links or stats for your assertions? How can we be rated behind Canada when they’re busy crossing our borders to get good health care in America? My cousin-in-law is Canadian and don’t even get him started on their socialized health care system. People die waiting for heart/liver transplants, that is if they even got permission in the first place.

    Canadian and EU health care is no doubt just dandy for those who aren’t sick. But if there’s a health problem and a speedy diagnosis is needed, enduring the months upon months of waiting to see a specialist or waiting for tests could mean the difference between life and death.

  • Mr. H


    Aren’t they doing what the cabinet secretaries are supposed to be doing?

    Mr. H

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