Carrying the cross a bit too far

Over at FT’s Icons and Curiosities, they’ve run a bit amok. Jody Bottum has been attempting to re-decorate Sally’s Thomas’ Homeschooling house while working with a very narrow theme.

And here is where they’re at, now

You’ll be surprised. The horror.

Oh, the horror.

If you have any further ideas, let them know! They need help. Much help.

Sally’s homeschooling piece though, is thoughtful and excellent.

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  • MissJean

    Thank you for the link; it made me laugh! Because it’s true: You look for something and you can find it!

    One of my friends (a nonChristian) made the comment that I had crucifixes in almost every room. I had never thought about it, so we did a little survey. We discovered that I actually had Christian symbols in EVERY room, including the fish in the bathroom and the cross-shaped panels on the doors. :)

  • Gerry

    All I can add is … I give up. There is nothing to add. This post says it all.

  • Gerry

    Of course, I (didn’t) add to the wrong post … meant for “Obey”