Obey-mian Representative Democracy


I’ll say this for Life Under the Obama Regime, the inclusion of communist-inspired propaganda art has certainly upgraded and enlivened political expression. This is much more captivating (and substantive) than, for example, the played-out Bushian beheadings and vampires. (H/T)

Then there is the spreading Joker, which apparently has been collecting new captions

Art appreciation aside, does anyone remember the recent demonizing of corporate fellows who dared to take private jets to business meetings? Remember how they offended both the president and Maxine Waters, who was so overwhelmed by their evil she had to be calmed down during questioning? Remember how those private jets became emblematic of the larger problems of corporate greed and entitlement, how flying corporate jets was an earth-killer and a devilish misuse of revenue when bottom lines were going red and there were shareholders to answer to? Here we are, just a few months later, and Congress orders three earth-killing private jets, misusing revenue when bottom lines are red and there are taxpayers to answer to.

They don’t seem to care about that “answering to” part.

These elitists commissars are going to shame the rest of the country into mass transit and long lines, while they drive by us in their limos, making the power sign and telling us -between their bites of pate foie gras and sips of bubbly- to “keep it real” as they are driven to the airport to board their private jets. And there will be countless schlemiels who will stand there on the corner, applauding the elites as they ride by (or perhaps simply trying to keep their hands warm) before going home to write in their diaries (because their blogs are gone) “saw Emmanuel pass by in limo! He looked right at me and brought his thumb to his nose, like at the inauguration! The idiots around me gasped and grumbled, because they didn’t get it, but I got it, and I felt like such an insider!”

Speaking of blogs and computers, Linda Douglass, who used to be a reporter for ABC before she became an Obammunist Propagandist, tells us that there are some people out there “with a lot of time on their hands” who are using the President’s own words to spread lies and disinformation on the benevolent Health Care Solution currently being rhammed down our throats. She is urging the other people with a lot of time on their hands to report that first group of liars to the White House, so they can um…correct their thinking.

Anyone recall how, after 9/11 -after we’d been attacked in NYC and DC- the Bush Administration said: “If you see anything suspicious, you ought to report it,” causing conniptions on the left? How dare the Bushies ask people to snitch for security reasons! Now, for mere policy, that has become an acceptable, “if you see/hear anything disobedient, be the tattletale.”

Man, when they said “OBEY” they really meant it, didn’t they? (H/T)

Lots of double-standards, these days. Remember when Obama told his supporters to “get in the faces” of non-supporters? Remember when protests and demonstrations were patriotic and grass-roots efforts worthy of some notice and respect? Remember what fake, organized protests look like?

This morning the airwaves were all obediently echoing today’s DNC talking points: all the Town Hall protesters and Tea Party folk are “fake” protesters, who are “too well dressed” to be real protesters (no jeans or Che shirts, apparently) and all reminiscent of “those protesters back during Bush/Gore.”

They’re trying, of course, to hasten back memories of the bad-old-days when Bush did not steal the election (per the NY Times) and regular people would not countenance locked doors, closed shades and weird recounts. I think they should be careful about dredging up those days. Florida may have seen protests by Pale Men in Bermuda Shorts and Socks but Gore and the left did not exactly cover themselves in glory in 2000, either.

Here is a look at these well-dressed fake protesters.

It seems to me the Bushies handled dissent better than the Obamites. If you don’t believe me you might find this enlightening

And as to charges of fakery and David-Axelrod-Invented “astroturfing” (projection, anyone?) at the townhall meetings, I have yet to see anything confirming or proving the allegation that “the evil insurance companies are bussing these people in,” but I do see that Americans are eager to attend these town halls, which rather belies the charge. The fact that I know ordinary people who have attended some of these meetings – not because they’ve been “organized” or “bussed in” like ACORN protesters, but simply because they heard about a meeting and got off their duffs to attend – belies the DNC-approved-Chris-Matthews-embraced narrative,too, but I wouldn’t expect anecdotals to convince.

Hmmmm…I wonder if I will be expected to Obey and Inform on them like a good citizen?

Forwarding an email of his own, Obama rallies the troops by crying – once again – “this is our moment!”. Sort of like astroturfing or umm..attempting to manufacture support. Allahpundit notes the hypocrisy/creepiness factor

Meanwhile, Rep. Doggett is annoyed that the people who elected him to represent them dare be upset that he’s going to vote against their wishes. What do they think this is, after all? A representative democracy, or something?

Finally, I got a comment yesterday that I did not allow, since it broke the rules about threatening me with death. Let me just say that if you are desirous of “beating” me “to death,” you are not following the Obama Rules. You’re not supposed to flagellate me. You’re supposed to flag me, and my fishy facts, which are stubborn things.

Go. Inform. Obey.

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  • lzzrdgrrl

    Ideas fer your next Town Hall Protest? Well….. If they’re gonna diss you for your lack of style, you might as well give them something to work with :wink: …….

    uhm…. I’m thinkin’ for the gents. Ladies go look at the band and boarder pages XD …….

  • Ken

    Rich Casebolt, both sides on the healtch cate debate are “ideology-driven” — obviously. I think your comparison of the two bills is simplistic.

    Gail, no one argues that the Patriot Act somehow made this bill OK. The debate is about the tactics.

    Gina, “Bush was evil too” is not at all the kind of thing I say. Thank you for explaining where you are politically, but I continue to think alarm is a poor excuse for rudeness. The same points can be made politely.

    Sue, thanks for the definition. I think. I’m sorry I read that.

    Anchoress, either I’m being obtuse or disengenuous, or you guys are imputing the worst posible motives to your political opponents, whom you view as enemies. I might be all wrong here, but I’ve always interpreted Paul’s “love believes all things” as “love wants to believe the best about the other guy.” I really did try to give Bush and Co. the benefit if the doubt. I very much dislike the way Cheney hoarded power, but I don’t fault his motives. I don’t think it was because he was fundamentally greedy for power, which is what you guys always say about any leftwing idea that gives the government more power. And, no, I don’t fault Cornyn for asking for clarification.

    You guys chafe if I “preach” and I don’t blame you, and I don’t presume my own sin doesn’t stink in God’s eyes, but there are so many snarky posts here, I just think there’s a general lack of charity towards the Left, and — here’s my point — it seems to poison people’s interpretations of Obama’s motives and intentions. In the same way, you can’t bring yourself to belief I’m not using tactics, being passive-aggresive, etc. That’s just kinda sad. I come here looking for a conservative Christian perspective, because I think the country needs one, and what I see is usually indistinguishable for the angry conservatism I can hear on the radio. Call that preaching if you like; I’m just reporting what I see and telling you it disappoints me and, when I let it, makes me mad (my fault). But from my reception, polite as yours is, I do feel like I’m spoiling the party.

    Re: who called what fascist, maybe you’re right. I don’t read leftwing blogs, and I’ve only been watching cable news for a couple of years. Yes Obama is open to the charge of hypocrisy sometimes, if you want to apply it. I just expect politicians to act like politicians, which is to be even more inconsistent than the rest of us, but often with what they believe is our good in mind. The government asking what untruths are being told and who’s telling them — isn’t that part of how pols campaign for office? You’re presuming the worst about this administration, but I say Occam’s Razor: they can use the info to know what to rebut and where.

    [Ken, whoever said Christians can't be snarky? It would be lovely if we were all saints but then we really wouldn't need Christ, would we? DO you come here "looking for a conservative Christian perspective?" If so, why? To be honest, I'm not a conservative (as so many conservatives were quick to point out to me during several fights through the Bush years) - I am the JFK/Hubert Humphrey Classical Liberal that, as things have moved steadily leftward, is now defined as "conservative." Christians are like anyone else and they can get just as fed up and ansty as anyone else, and yeah, snarky. I have no problem with snark, btw, particularly if it is witty, which mine usually isn't very. Saying "I'm so disappointed" can be interpreted (perhaps you do not realize it) as a very passive-aggressive sort of statement. "I pass no judgment, but I'm sooooo disappointed." I think one of my Aunties used to do that! :-) I DO NOT assign 'the worst' motives to opposition - witness, I went out of my way to say I take people at their word until I learn otherwise. Actually, If I assumed "the worst" then I wouldn't have any left-wing commenters here, because I'd be busy kicking them out as happens on so many leftist sites and couple of the righty ones as well. If you've been watcing cable news for "a couple of years" you should have seen a bellyful of "fascist" ranting, already, and if you watch MSNBC at all, you certainly have. You'd also of course know what a teabagger was, too, so perhaps you don't want MSNBC. - admin]

  • newton

    “Ken also asserts that he has “never read Alinsky” and I will take that on its face, as well, although -as I have said- he does seem to have a prodigious grasp of Alinskian tactics, particularly the “use the enemies own rules against them” part, which is cunning, since no one can ever wholly and perfectly live out their rules, mission statements, ideals, ideologies or creeds. Every exchange with Ken does eventually wind down to his wagging a finger at our failings as Christians, and yes, it’s right out of the playbook. ”

    Anchoress, I have noticed that, too. That’s why in another thread, I called him on it, big time. It p!$$%@ me off that he was throwing “the rule book” right at us when he obviously has no grasp of what Christianity really is.

    It reminded me of the Saducees’ trick question to Jesus on the topic of the Resurrection. His Answer fits here: “Ye err, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God.”

    [I am not sure anyone has a perfect grasp of "what Christianity really is," which is why, sadly, we have so many branches of it! :-) -admin]

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  • Ken

    Newton, I’m not interested in arguing with you, but I am interested in what you thinks Christianity really is, since you think I’m missing it.

    Anchoress, I don’t come expecting saints or people who never get mad at their government, and I come looking for a CC perspective because that’s what kind of magazine First Things is. But, yeah, classical liberal is the new conservatism, I guess, or part of it. So you got into a few fights with the real right (I did the same with the secular Left). . . how’s your nose feel now?

    I’m sure my words can be read as passive-aggressiveness; on the other hand, it’s possible to be disappointed, to pass judgment on behavior but know good and well one has no right to pass judgment on people. I’ll bet you do it all the time.

    “I DO NOT assign ‘the worst’ motives to opposition – witness, I went out of my way to say I take people at their word until I learn otherwise. Actually, If I assumed “the worst” then I wouldn’t have any left-wing commenters here, because I’d be busy kicking them out as happens on so many leftist sites and couple of the righty ones as well.”

    There are folks here who apparently wish you would, but I’ll take you at your word. You’re pretty hard on Obama. though. I never expected to like or approve of everything thing he did in office, but I continue to see him as a good and decent man, no more hypocritical than anyone else trying to balance many goods, and certainly not the devious and arrogant caricature in those Joker and Inform-Obey posters you show.

    And MSNBC is the only cable station I get. It’s probably where I heard the word ‘teabagger.” But — not to be sarcastic — it isn’t where I learned it’s supposedly a double-entendre. Really now — they’re not exactly given to pornographic metaphors there. Are you folks sure you’re not imagining this one?

    ["You're pretty hard on Obama. though. I never expected to like or approve of everything thing he did in office, but I continue to see him as a good and decent man, no more hypocritical than anyone else trying to balance many goods, and certainly not the devious and arrogant caricature in those Joker and Inform-Obey posters you show." - Gee, I could have said the same things about Bush, word for word, except I never went to anyone else's site, when they were showing pics of Bush in all manner of indecent roles, to tell them, "boy, you're awfully hard on Bush, he's just trying to keep the country safe; he's a decent man." I was sort of of the opinion that a blogger was entitled to his or her opinion, like anyone else. When I think it's appropriate to defend Obama or give him the benefit of a doubt, I do - notice I said I thought he could "roll" with the Joker poster as Bush did. If you look back to the pre-election cycle and even immediately post election, I was fairer than most to Obama, but he has done nothing as president to convince me that he hasn't pulled a bait-and-switch on us. As I wrote, he could stop this growing tension between left and right on health care right now, if he wanted to, but instead he seems intent on ratcheting things up. "Tell us about casual conversations; organize! I'll send Union thugs!"

    And I wasn't the one who made the "obey" poster - there is a whole shop called the OBEY shop that sells Obama-loving propaganda. Beyond that I don't think it is "hard" on Obama to suggest that a president who wants informers and who seems to want everyone to just shut up and Obey to satirize him in just that way. This is politics; he's the president. If he (and his supporters) can't handle one-word satire based on their own political art, then they've got incredibly thin skins. I can't imagine how you'd react if (as happened on MSNBC) a newsreader referred to the president as "the monkey, there," as was done with Bush, so please, dry your tears, Ken. I'd say anything you see here is quite, quite different than putting devil's horns, or vampire fangs, or Hilter mustaches on him, as was done to Bush, or to portray him as a beast eating a human being. I think you like Obama better than I do, so maybe you're a little hyper-sensitive, because the stuff I post here is less-than-vicious. I didn't whine about the Devil horns on Bush, so maybe you could stop whining about people using Obama's own propaganda set-pieces against him, a little?

    Now, if MSNBC is the "only" cable news you get, and you had no idea that teabagger was pornographic, and you think we're all imagining it, then I guess you must have missed it when Anderson Cooper made a classic-non-apologyapology for the adolescent, sniggering behavior of MSNBC in starting the "teabagger" narrative, and I guess you didn't know what Rachel, David and the rest were giggling about when the went "teabagger" night after night?. They also went porno a few weeks ago talking a "pearl necklaces." I don't even WATCH tv, and I know about that, so I can't imagine how you do not know these things. -admin]

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  • Ken

    Anchoress, I’ll try to be brief, because I’m getting tired of this too.

    Of course bloggers are entitled to their opinions like anyone else, but when they enable comments, they’re asking for other people’s opinions about what they’ve written or written about. And you don’t like my “daily finger wagging,” but what are most off your comments about Obama? Granted that you’ve encourage peaceful protest, but then you call certain people on the other side thugs and link to a site that calls them goons. (Meanwhile, you ask Obama to sue for peace). Aren’t your words just as warlike (and aren’t you just as determined as they are, as if there were something wrong with that)? You repeat the unfounded insult that Obama and Co. “can’t handle” sarcasm, and write as if I complained that the caricature is vicious when I’ve only said it’s inacurate and its inaccuracy stems presuming the worst about Obama’s motives. You say you started out giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, but now you blame him for playing politics. Who doesn’t play politics in service of their ideals?