"Carrying Swastikas…"


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: “They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that…”.

Kevin Aylward says of Pelosi’s assertion: What a CROCK! You’ll want to read it, and then take a look at the “nazi thugs that have Pelosi so worried.

Barbara Boxer, D-CA: Townhall protesters are “too well dressed…” to be real.

Repeat after me:

The fascist is whoever is trying to shut you up, shut you down, dis-employ you, silence you, cripple you or marginalize you for the crime of daring to fall out of step with the party and the conventional wisdom. Beware of them.

Remember that when you see the White House and the DNC use Union Thugs to intimidate protesters into silence. As Allahpundit says, “Gee, what could go wrong”?

Clearly things are being ratcheted up; I saw a pdf last night (linked here) written by a left-wing blog and using incendiary themes that I found more than a little alarming. These people are using the language of war, and they are determined that their remaking of America will not be denied. Be safe, be smart, do not allow yourself to be baited into behavior that will play for the Obama-press and their cameras, and bring your own cameras, too!

Expect town hall meetings to be infiltrated by folks pretending to be from the right, and behaving in a nutty or radical way. Don’t let yourself be baited into behavior the media will use against you. Whatever you do, be safe. Remember Martin Luther King and his non-violent way; when Democrats like Bull Connor became aggressive towards him and his movement, it did not play well in the minds of Americans.

Why are the people in revolt?: Victor Davis Hanson explains.

How to dress like a REAL Grass-roots activist

“The Crushing of Dissent”. From April, but worth reading, again. “Crushing of Dissent” is a catchphrase from the Bush-era protests by the left, who manged to protest, send emails and have “casual conversations” about Bush policy (without having their remarks and emails forwarded to the White House for an as-yet undeclared purpose) and yet insisted that their dissent was being “crushed.” Can we say “projection“? I thought we could.

Byron York: “…the laws involved mean that the information obtained by the White House could not only be secret but permanent. A dissident database, in whatever precise form it ultimately takes, could be around for a long time to come.”

If you feel like your government has disdain for you, you’re not completely wrong.

Do you enjoy perusing: old books? Then you’d better buy them in a hurry. If you take away older books, you can help erase the past.

Top-down astroturfing. Top-down Manufacturing. Top-Down Marching Orders. Top-down orders

Obamacare: House fails to add “voluntary” to the end of life counseling section

Shut down “snitch central”

Lies and damned lies

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  • Joe Odegaard

    Perhaps if we had a big center political party the fringes would be marginalized and we would see fewer swastikas, etc etc.

    [Great idea, Joe, how do we do that? I'm game. -admin]

  • http://ejhill1925.wordpress.com/ EJ Hill

    Does the term “Reichstag Fire” mean anything to anyone else but me? These folks are looking for an excuse to put the hammer down and they just may set it up themselves.

  • newton

    “Does the term “Reichstag Fire” mean anything to anyone else but me? These folks are looking for an excuse to put the hammer down and they just may set it up themselves.”

    Or “The Great Fire of Rome”… You know what happened after that one.

  • YogusBearus

    It strikes me as odd that a party that controls congress and the administration appears so fearful. Is it possible they realize how shaky the house of cards they’ve built really is?

  • Joe Odegaard

    Well, Anchoress, I joined the Modern Whig Party

    [Edited to admit link. There is a very good tutorial on how to make links here -admin]

  • http://lowlytuber.blogspot.com tim maguire

    That’s funny, Joe. I thought about joining the Whigs a while back but paused to think about it and never followed through.

    The two major parties have succeeded in making it extremely difficult for third parties to gain any traction, but that in turn has led them to become so slothful that the time really seems to be right for a new party.

    I haven’t found anything objectionable about the Whigs yet. On the surface, they seem to be the right mix of moderate, right and left positions that I think would be attractive to a wide variety of people. But on the other hand, at their website I get the impression that they are a boutique party catering to former military. This may not be true, but it is the impression I get.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    I’m old enough to have marched around with and supported George McGovern for president with signs like “Power To The People.” But wow! when Dems don’t like the direction people are choosing they become the worst haters of the people.
    These wussy Dem Congressmen complaining about having to face loud, angry–but basically civil- constituents should go to college campuses where conservatives are regularly assaulted, attacked, have things thrown at them by liberal thugs. One news channel (Fox, of course) showed tapes of the two different type crowds for people to decide for themselves
    who are the more civilized.
    Yes, newton, I know exactly what you mean and it looks like you might be onto something.
    And AARP–what happened to them? They are supposed to be for us older folks. But 3 key advisors to Obama on health care have one time or another advocated pushing old people off the cliff. There must be some horrendous corruption or payoffs behind the scene to have ggotten AARP’s support for a plan that includes procedures for getting rid of the elderly to gain financial efficiencies.

  • Joe Odegaard

    Hi Tim, I joined & am not military, though my dad was 13th AAF.

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  • http://templeofmut.wordpress.com/ Mutnodjmet

    Dear Anchoress:

    I would like to remind your readers that a leftist plant staged a shot to try and tag Michelle Malkin as a Nazi-Tea-Bagger during the Denver Tea Party. To review this golden oldie of leftist projection, check these links:



  • Ken

    It stands to reason that some protestors have been directly encouraged by the insurance industry, and others have not. We also know that right wing talk radio hosts are hugely influential. I’d like to hear someone make a case for their basic fairness, their willingness to present all the relevant facts and arguments before arguing their cases, because some of you folks sound like you get your opinions directly from Limbaugh and Friends. You’re being duped. No Obama advisors are advocating euthanasia.

    Ain’t it fun bashing Lefties for the Lord? Righteous rage, the best game in town. Ever pray for these people, by the way?

    [Actually, Ken, I pray for President Obama and his family every single day and I know many who do. But I think I've tried to say it as nicely as possible, the daily finger wagging, "what kind of Christians are you," is really starting to cross the line. I for one don't even listen to LImbaugh unless I'm in the car, and even then half the time I prefer a cd. It's very easy to say the things you're saying but others will just as easily say "you get your opinions from Olbermann," who by no stretch of the imagination could be accused of presenting a "basic fairness." Some could say you're here, every day in a "righteous rage," too. And just so you know, daily scolds (which you admit to) are becoming VERY tiresome. -admin]

  • Gina

    I’m another who has never listened to more than ten minutes of a Rush Limbaugh show. So what if I did? The people listening exclusively to NPR, watching network news or CNN, and reading the AP are for the most part getting only one side of the story.

    Ken, these platitudes are paper-thin. Not to mention the fact that since the campaign we’ve heard plenty about how messianic Obama is. I was thinking today about that golden nugget that was circulating in the campaign: “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor.” Say what you will about the Romans, they were good governors. We could use a bit of governance and a lot less “community organizing” (the Chicago machine variety) just about now.

    As for no Obama advisors advocating euthanasia, I’d look again if I were you. This ghoul is the science czar. I assume you know the history of the progressive movement on medical ethics issues. One need only look at the abortion policy to see the value placed on the most vulnerable in society when their lives conflict with the wiseheads’ social planning.

  • http://www.toofewwitnesses.org Frank in Billerica

    Ultimate Victory

    A fundamental freedom was their primary target.

    The pagans (criminals) were triumphant in 1973.

    They then saw Americans too pre-occupied to care.

    Complete control of America was always the objective.

    Election of pagans was fruitfully provided by the pre-occupied.

    Pagans knew that ultimate victory was eventually theirs to have.

    Too late, Americans are finally beginning to understand the greater truth.

    Their personal freedom, not just their unborn, was the primary target.

    But pagan political power has achieved the (immoral) high ground.

    They are themselves, hostile toward constituents, answerable to no one.

    The loss of true patriotic vigilance has brought America to the precipice.

    Indifference to innocent life we created has rendered us indifferent, worthless.

    Pagan political power will ensure that a “crisis” completes their ultimate victory.

  • Ken

    Gina, I get my news from liberal and conservative sources. I’m also pro-life and so don’t like this administration’s abortion policies, but I also think Democrat policies in general evince more concern for pregnant women and for indigent women who do give birth.

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