"The narrative WILL be maintained…" -UPDATE

A terrific spiel by Bill Whittle – a nice history lesson and forbidden logic to boot. It’s 13 minutes long. Don’t miss it.

Don’t miss this: Another example of how narratives are maintained. But you know that’s one of my pet peeves, right – how the press reports on presidents with differing letters after their names?

Although I don’t hear “the recession is over”, anymore. Do you?

I don’t know how we’re supposed to believe in anything, trust anything or have faith in anything the government is doing when the press cannot be counted on to question them, hold them accountable or even, you know…make them the teensiest bit uncomfortable. I’d rather see a president put-upon, as Bush was, by a press that chastised him for daring to vacation (both in good times and in bad) and disbelieved everything, than see a president served softballs and hosannas, which can never be healthy, unless you’re a messiah. And even for Messiah, the hosanna’s eventually stopped. For Obama, they go on and on.

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