Create your own font!

I have no idea how to do this or if it’s good, but it looks fun!

I’d give it a shot if I could figure out how to use my new scanner! Anyone tried this yet?

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  • James Stephens

    I doubt anyone needs a font based on MY handwriting.

  • dry valleys

    I can’t afford a printer or a scanner, & even if I could I probably wouldn’t go to the effort of getting them :)

    But those who are not as poor & generally inert as me, I’d definitely encourage- sounds like some fascinating business. Now I want to know what you & your pals are like.

    My handwriting is very messy. One of the few things that really gets me angry (& frustrated) is when people mock it, which they do without fail whenever they see it.

    It is one reason why I like the internet so much- I prefer to be judged on the content of my words rather than presentation.

    Waiting for the first entries :)

  • Debbo

    Well, I got it to work. I tried it first in manuscript, but the letters didn’t connect. Then I tried printing it, which works better. Make sure you use a good black marker with a thin tip or it’ll be too light. It was fun and a good way to delay folding clothes! Not sure what I’ll do with it in the future…

  • kate camp

    My daughter is leaving for France in three weeks to teach English at a school in Bologne sur Mer and plans on writing a blog while she’s there. She downloaded the software and plans on using it for her blog. She loved it- thank you for sharing!

  • Robert

    Dang! I clicked through from the RSS feed thinking I was going to learn how to make a holy water stoup. My wife will like this though.