Feast of St. Gregory the Great – UPDATED

The Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ, (the great soap and hand creme nuns and best lipbalm evah) announce the arrival of another new postulant into their growing novitiate. Although Sr. Janlyn arrived to their house on the feastday of St. Dominic, they’ve announced her today, on the Feast of St. Gregory the Great.

This seems fitting, actually, since their new postulant is a trained vocalist who will add much to the nun’s daily chanting.

Since we credit St. Gregory the Great with the Gregorian Chant which still reverberates within cloister walls, if not so much in our churches, anymore, it all seems to tie-in together, nicely, doesn’t it?

And here are our friends, the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming (makers of the world’s best coffee, evah) to demonstrate some excellent chant (which you can also buy at their site)!

UPDATE: I almost forgot, the Summit Nuns have also gotten back seriously into publishing and have just released two new titles: Fast-Knit to Christ; Dominican Contemplative Nuns, a very enjoyable collection of essays and photographs surveying this hidden life of prayer, and the reissued, The Contemplative Life, by Fr. Thomas Philippe, OP. I have no had the time to read this yet -why do days run so fast- but you can take peeks of both books at the links.

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