Happy Labor Day!

As you gather with your families today, for one last cookout, enjoying your easily-purchased beer, cold-transported from the brewer, your propane grill -probably invented by someone who’d forgotten to buy the charcoal lighter fluid, some time in the past- texting on your phones and so forth, remember to be thankful; say a prayer for those who have less, particularly those people who dream of living the life you have while facing oppression in third-world countries, where their “president” is shutting down radio stations and romancing the despots and the despot-lovers.

Say a prayer for America, whose own president -eager to “remake” America- seems disinclined to lead, and appears to love the despots while supporting those who try to usurp their own constitutions.

And then feel badly for all the hard work you’ve put into your life, because now you realize you are either an evil bastard yourself -or you’re some stupid, exploited schmoe who has given your energy to some other evil bastard- because Michael Moore, the moral arbiter of the world, the exceedingly wealthy fellow who plays in the same stock market wherein you keep all of your 401K hopes (and who owned stock in Halliburton! Gasp!); the exceedingly wealthy fellow who lives on the Upper West Side in the most exclusive of neighborhoods while costuming himself as an eternally adolescent, baseball-cap-wearing, “man of the people;” the exceedingly wealthy fellow who knows as much about marketing as does Madison Avenue and as much about manipulation as Wall Street; the exceedingly wealthy man who flies private jets in order to hobnob with the “first world” monied swells who look down on you and me…well, he says Capitalism is evil. And must be wiped out.

“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil,” the two-hour movie concludes. “You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.”

Pay no attention to the fact
that when George W. Bush committed to helping the Iraqi people to become liberated from tyranny and eased into democracy, this same man, this very wealthy fellow, Mr. Moore, demonized him. Pay no attention to the fact that Mr. Moore has in the past praised the communist island from which people routinely risk their lives to flee toward America, freedom and democracy. Just go to your nearest movie theater and plunk down ten dollars or so, in order to be fed Moore’s manipulations while you feed his coffers.

And if all that makes you feel like throwing up, just remember to thank a capitalist for the toilet as you flush.

Everything really is an illusion, after all. We need to remember that.

Moore aside, try to relax and enjoy yourself. But really…say your prayers, too. Happy Labor Day.

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Webster has a terrific quote for Labor Day courtesy, once again, of the indispensable Magnificat Magazine

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  • dry valleys

    There can’t be many of us who want to overturn capitalism & replace it with something else- if you seriously imagine Obama, for example, is such a person I don’t know what to say to you.

    On about ameliorating the roughest edges of capitalism- what do you think Rerum Novarum, Centesimus Annus, etc. were meant to be? No, they didn’t support communism but they certainly didn’t support classical liberalism either.

    Classical liberalism surely is the pure application of Protestantism to politics- the autonomous rational individual making his own way towards a better life? That explains why they believed in souls communing directly with God & why they believed in people being unburdened by duties to others economically.

    You seem to like sneering, but it’s a bit more complicated than pouncing on Michael Moore, just like environmental issues are a bit more complicated than berating Al Gore & thinking that’s the end of the conversation.

    Yes, without capitalist entrepreneurs I wouldn’t have a job at all, etc. etc. But without a national minimum wage, without legislation for paid holidays, without various legislation I’d just be a drudge. Society has never found a way of doing without low-paid jobs & someone has to do them. You’ve got jobs which don’t make much money but are socially crucial, & then you’ve got people like city bankers who are the exact opposite.

    We all enjoy slagging people off but you surely know yourself that it’s not so simple as you’re making out.

  • http://www.firstcupsite.com Mary

    Gee, I guess we need to make a movie that says “Freedom is good”?

    I feel badly for folks in minimum wage jobs. Gee, investing in education can make all the difference. In this capitalist society, we all choose within the constraints at hand how to use our gifts to their best effect. Should corporate CEO’s make the money they do make? no. but until sharteholders get some sopine and demand limits on executiove compensation, we won;t see it.

  • Bobfan

    W.’s motive for going into Iraq was to liberate Iraqi’s, was it? That was the reason, not the tactic?

    Listen, I supported the war at the time based on what we were told of Saddam’s capabilities, and to this day I think the decision to invade was an honorable and defensible one.

    But no intelligent person believes what you wrote. You also know that democracy is not the only good end in this world, and that there were humane reasons for opposing the war despite the fact that it might eventually produce a democracy. You are seriously shading the truth — kind of like Michael Moore.

    [I have never said democracy was the only good in the world. I never said there were not humane reasons for opposing the war, (although I more than suspect that if only a president with a D after his name was running it, Moore would have approved - which is why we do not hear him or really anyone on the left currently complaining about humanity or the the drones in Afghanistan, especially since that was the so-called "better and more just" of the two actions) and lastly I am not shading the truth. If you look at the reasons the WH gave for going into Iraq, it was always more than WMD, and once we went in we had an obligation to NOT abandon those people as we had under GHWB -which (as I pointed out in my piece) was at one point for the left, a "bad" thing, abandoning them, until it became a good thing, if it meant beating up Bush. You can google the official WH releases enumerating the MANY reasons we went into Iraq, if you want to, and can anyone argue that once we were in there, once we'd deposed Saddam, we did not have an obligation to remain and help Iraq find its way into stability? You are - once again, putting words in my mouth that I never said, and I think I've already told you that I don't stand for that. You want to disagree, by all means, but don't say I've said what I have not said. Don't imply it; that way you will quickly wear out your welcome. I don't mistate you, I ask you not to misstate me. As I said before, you don't misquote me or distort my meaning on my own site. That's incredibly rude. -

  • Stephanie

    Mary- indeed, investing in education does makes all the difference- or did for me, until I lost my job. So I guess I should just be left to rot, no? Better me than thee, I guess. That is certainly the protestant capitalist belief.

    FYI- sometimes bad luck happens. it’s not, as your tone implies, that we’re lazy. I lost my job, though there were two of us consultant who were on the list b/c we didn’t have any clients. The one who kept her job? The boss’ wife- he gave her a client just before the layoffs were to start.

  • dry valleys

    Yes, the left always supported Afghanistan & I still do, as do most of my left-wing pals. You think President Gore wouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan after 9/11 if it had happened on his watch? No, he would have gone in & we would have supported him just as we supported Bush on this if nothing else.

    Most likely a Democrat wouldn’t have invaded Iraq. But for all that Saddam Hussein was a vile dictator, he was a secularist who had no connection to the theocrats. I am now leaning towards the idea that going in was a mistake. But I also think that as we are where we are we need to stay for some time to come. Yet, is it not a distraction from the still very much undecided struggle in Afghanistan?

    The way conservatives turn on foreign policy will be of great interest. It will not surprise me if they become the anti-war, isolationist party. I just wonder what will happen to the pundits who’ve staked everything on being more aggressive than Obama, under these circumstances.

    I never read a Michael Moore book. They aren’t to my liking as I am more a moderate Democrat* than a hardnut. But I flicked through one of them in a bookshop & I seem to recall that he actually praises Nader & is critical of the actual presidents & other worthies with D after their names, so he’s hardly going to be a party loyalist. He didn’t fawn over Clinton, & nor did I. Yes, yes, I would have voted for him twice but I fail to see why a fairly humdrum DLC fodder has become so revered.

    *If I was an American, that is.

    [People forget that the events leading up to the Iraq invasion involved two visits to the UN, tons of diplomacy, and most importantly the consent of the Congress, all the brave politicians who got up there before the microphone and talked about the word on Saddam from 1998 on, when Bill Clinton first said Saddam had WMD and that "regime change in Iraq" was the official policy of the US. They all got up - Hillary said that the Bush intel "corresponded with what we saw when we were in the WH" -Kennedy, Kerry, Albright, they all got up and said "Saddam's got WMD, he's had them for a while; he must be stopped." After 9/11, with that intel it would have been negligent of any president NOT to go into Iraq (where, btw, terrorists like the Achille Lauro hijackers were hiding out) and clean out what the whole world believed to be a dangerous stock pile. This can be argued til doomsday, but things did not happen in a vacuum and Bush did not go into Iraq without the support of the Democrats, no matter how much people want to forget that. The truth is, if Bush had had a D after his name, a great deal of rhetorical nonsense would never have occured in DC or in the press. - admin]

  • Bobfan

    No one said you said democracy is the only good in the world, or that there were no humane reasons for opposing the war. Try to follow an argument before you try rebutting it and if effect misstating what _I_ said. (Yeah, you don’t like tough language, except when your or one of your fans uses it against Democrats). What you did is imply that Moore is a hypocrite because although he publicly stands for democracy he didn’t act like it was the only good.

    > I more than suspect that if only a president with a D after his name was running it, Moore would have approved – which is why we do not hear him or really anyone on the left currently complaining about humanity or the the drones in Afghanistan, especially since that was the so-called “better and more just” of the two actions) <

    Agreed. I'm no fan of Moore's, or of the hard left, at all. I also agree that we had and have an obligation not to abandon the Iraqis now. But Moore argued that the Iraqis were too busy fighting us and fighting themselves to fight for democracy, and that under the circumstances we owed it to our troops to get out. Again, I disagree, but his position bears no resemblance to the hypocrisy you imply he's guilty of. I stand by my statement that everyone knows we invaded Iraq not out of a sort of international noblesse oblige, whatever the other official reasons were, but for defense and energy reasons. Saying that "George W. Bush committed to helping the Iraqi people to become liberated from tyranny and eased into democracy" without even mentioning the motive for doing that and allowing that Moore, while a proponent of democracy, opposed Bush on the oil issue, is shading the truth, although in your eagerness to bash a leftie (never a conservative fool that I can remember since I've been reading; and I know it's Labor Day, but is Michael Moore a serious threat to capitalism?), you probably didn't realize what you were doing.

    ["But no intelligent person believes what you wrote. You also know that democracy is not the only good end in this world, and that there were humane reasons for opposing the war despite the fact that it might eventually produce a democracy. You are seriously shading the truth — kind of like Michael Moore." ---
    Everything you wrote invited distortion. I'm going to stop responding to you, Bob, because your numerous posts take too much time, and I am tired of having my every response devolve into one of these confrontations. You're welcome to post here. Don't put words in my mouth. And try not to insult me, since you are a guest, and I don't say condescending things like "you probably didn't know what you were doing" to you.-admin]

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    If I may be allowed, I’d like to nip a little revisionist history in the bud, to wit: that the Left always supported the war in Afghanistan.

    The Winter of 2001/02 found me sitting in the cockpit of a C-130, crisscrossing the mountains of the Hindu Kush, with the HF Radio tuned to the BBC, listening to the usual leftist cant about how Afghanistan would prove to be “Another Viet Nam.” That the crowd’s complaint died before reaching a full-throated roar was only because the Taliban government was overthrown in a few weeks, with minimal casualties, and the mob moved on. Don’t believe me? Check the archives of the New York Times.

    Regarding Michael Moore’s assertion that Capitalism is an evil that must be replaced by democracy; it’s a meaningless statement – a tautology, in fact. Democracy is not itself an economic system, but developing Moore’s thought to its logical conclusion leads you inevitably to one: Free-Market Capitalism. A system where individuals are free to make their own choices of what career to path to follow, how to deploy their savings, what to buy, and how to live.

    A Cuban in Miami, a former refugee, told me a story of his first day of freedom. Some family members already here took him to the supermarket to get some essentials. Standing in the toiletries aisle he broke down in tears. “In Cuba we only have 1 kind of soap and 1 kind of toothpaste – if you can get it. Here you have a whole aisle of different choices. How do you know which one to buy?”

    Most of the rest of the world would love to have that problem. But they don’t. There are no choices they can make themselves.