I hate Ree Drummond

This woman is killing me.

I hate her hate her hate her.

I want that cake.

I am famous around here for not much liking cake.

I want that cake. I love milk. I love sweet milk. I love cream. I love all milk by-products. My middle name should be Leche. I could be Lizzie Leche.

I hate Ree Drummond. She eats this stuff and remains thin.

But, oh, My family loves Ree Drummond.

This horrible woman has a cookbook coming out in October, and I have already ordered mine and plan to give some as Christmas gifts.

She’s a menace.

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  • kelleybee

    now, now , now, dear A, love they neighbor!

    I agree however…..

  • http://www.erud-awakening.blogspot.com Gina

    She’s only slightly more menacing than you, Anchoress, who keep putting bugs in our ears to make these foully delicious things!

    I even, after vowing I wouldn’t, finally broke down and made the blue cheese steak. It is, from many perspectives, the perfect meal. I still can’t truly enjoy something with that much cholesterol (too much heart disease in my family taking people before their time), but on the other side of my brain, I can acknowledge it is a winner.

    This will no doubt be another of those things I keep finding myself thinking about until I have to make it! Gah!

  • dry valleys

    You can improve the health of the kitchen by using honey instead of refined sugars. I always eat a certain kind of honey made by honest English bees. :)

    I’d right be eating that as well. I only eat desert on special occasions so I don’t turn into a fat plumper. I remember saying this at a dinner party whilst gorging away at a cake the hostess had baked. She said she was glad I viewed her occasion as special :)

    On about cream. On the rare occasions when I have a cake I always choose a good one & pour some whipping cream on it. Also add some to your porridge, if you have any, for a nice taste. Have some creme brulee- lovely stuff.

    (Although I haven’t drunk milk in 7 years- I use stuff milled from oats that is actually really nice tasting- & have never liked cheese, so that keeps my fats down).

  • Tess

    I see this cake every time I turn around since I live in central Texas. Just to torture you further look up Dulce de Leche Cake. It is very similar only add chocolate.

  • http://maxedoutmama.blogspot.com MaxedOutMama

    Nobody can eat Tres Leches cake and remain thin. Nobody.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    You don’t really hate her you just meant to say you ate her delicious cake.

    Sorry but I had to stop after I saw all that white sugar going into the bowl. Now I know why God gave me a touch of Diabetes.

    I hear ya! Your pot belly is big enough! Right Victor? :)

  • MJ

    That cake looks absolutely sinful just like the other recipes you linked to. I’m looking forward to the publication of the new cookbook. Like you said, Anchoress, they will make great Christmas gifts!

  • http://www.justgrits.wordpress.com Obi’s Sister

    Well then, I won’t tell you my secret-weapon brownie recipe, ’cause I don’t want you to hate me, too.

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  • http://bugworks.wordpress.com Annie

    I’m trying P-Dub’s pancakes tomorrow, and her cheesy-bacon biscuits Sunday. I can feel my arteries clogging now in anticipation, but my goodness gracious! those recipes ALL sound and look delicious. Darn her, her photography and her recipes. :D

  • arizjlm

    You should try her prune cake – so delicious you won’t believe it!!

  • Marilee

    I love love love her. She has inspired me to cook again.

  • Myssi

    umm….I’m thinking that my boss REALLY needs this cake for her birthday lunch we’re throwing next week. She can’t possibly live without it….

  • Kurt

    That recipe and those pictures make me hate that I have issues with dairy foods… But if someone were to offer me some of that cake, I’d probably take some anyway and take my chances…

  • saveliberty

    I have learned that it is good not to be thin when you are very sick.

    Life is ours to be lived, so make the cake and enjoy it.

  • dry valleys

    I usually restrict my eating to below the level I’d reach if I indulged my appetite to the full. However, today I not only cycled but swam (in a lake!) so I thought I’d earned some white chocolate. It does taste a lot better when it’s rationed, because eating to excess every day would get boring.

    A kind of organic chocolate called Green & Blacks- I love it. They do a caramel flavour which is tremendous. I have got a book published by their company with recipes- including savoury ones. Well, think about it. We think of chocolate as sweet but that’s only because we eat rubbishy stuff adulterated with milk & sugar.

    Now, I eat versions with reduced milk & sugar but I’m far too European to do without them altogether. But dark chocolate, cooking chocolate can be used to excellent effect in savoury dishes. If you ever get curious you might like to explore how this can be done.

    [I dearly love Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and the other night I treated myself to one, making a point of chewing each bit 20 times, which is not easy. But it was very satisfying, that way...my whole mouth was full of the taste! admin]

  • Kat

    I beg of you Lizzie Leche to PLEASE stop reminding me of Ree and her evil but delicious recipes. I desperately need to lose 20 lbs and this makes it very tough indeed! P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  • AC Chickadee

    I’ve made Leche cake in the past using another recipe. (I hadn’t yet discovered Ree’s website). It is a wonderful cake and I recommend it very highly. You must be patient and pour the milk slowly so that the cake becomes saturated. I made Ree’s strawberry cake a couple of times this summer. Everyone who ate it loved it. It was sooooo good!

  • http://bugworks.wordpress.com Annie

    I reversed the order of my P-Dub trials this weekend. Making the cheesy/bacon/onion biscuits for dinner, and will do the pancakes tomorrow for breakfast. The biscuits smell marvelous as they’re baking right now. Can’t wait!

  • cathyf

    The ribeye with the blue cheese & onion sauce would be very nice if you used a thick cut 8oz steak, and then after it was cooked sliced it thin across the grain. You could probably get 3 servings out of it that way, especially if accompanied by a vegetable, salad, maybe some bread…

  • dry valleys
  • cathyf

    I’d like to take a few minutes off of this vitally important task of hating Ree, and make a small public service announcement…

    The Jesuits at Creighton have created an online retreat “for busy people” using the Spiritual Exercises. It runs 34 weeks, and can be started any time, but if you start this week (as in today) the whole retreat will follow the liturgical year. Here is a link to the retreat.