Headline questions

Saddest headline in my email today: George W. Bush was the last American President.

I’m in sort of a cranky mood, especially after getting this thing in my email a dozen times. Not the HA post, the vid. If you can watch it you’ve got a stronger stomach than I do. And if you want info on the UI behind it, Malkin has it. Ugh, and ugh.

So, I’ll start with this video, instead. Note the line: “These are bad Americans, and they’re putting our country at risk.”

Okay, I have questions.

Oil Discoveries Everywhere: Except in America, where they are not allowed, because exploring for oil and refining it might create jobs and make us energy independent and Obama, and the Democrats will not stand for it. Are they purposely working against America’s own interests?

An inadvertent revelation: Looks like Maybe Bill Ayers did write Dreams of my Father after all, or large parts of it. How many frauds has O perpetrated? Fake books, fake centrist bait-and-switch…a head fake or a fake head?

Obama doesn’t know anything about ACORN, too, and the press lets him lie? Why?

He could regain some momentum if he follows this advice, which he won’t. Is it because he knows everything?

Let’s see…Lots of people unhappy with Obama’s speech to UN. Krauthammer called it embarrassing and dangerous. I read that he’s heading the UN Security Council today and having great success. The UN hearts him, because he doesn’t challenge them to do anything they don’t want to do, or to mean what they say, unless it’s to say ‘America bad.’ I hope he stays there, passing meaningless resolutions. Maybe then we’ll survive this presidency, but I am not hopeful. Is he just dangerously naive? Or is Obama simply a gullible sap?

Or is Obama simply the product of our empty, self-esteem building culture?

I don’t think he’s a gullible sap. I think he likes sitting in the big chair and saying, “I am the King of the World.”

Is he contemptuous of the first amendment? Is there a Soros-Axelrod Axis? We don’t know. We don’t know anything about this guy in the White House.

Well, we do know he’s making the hippies dream come true.

Over at Hot Air: Oh look, Obama is adopting Bush’s indefinite detention program. If only he would cut taxes to create some jobs and bring in some tax revenue, like Bush did. That would be great. Remember, just the other day we noted that Bush managed to create jobs and bring in record-breaking tax revenue, even as carbon emissions dropped? Weren’t those terrible days?

Speaking of which, Jim Miller looked into that a bit further – uses a graph and concludes:

‘… it still appears that the Bush-Cheney administration was making some progress in reducing CO2 emissions, unlike the Clinton-Gore administration before it.

(Are there any “mainstream” journalists who know that Bush may have reduced CO2 emissions, or at least slowed their growth? Probably not.) “

How easily everyone forgot
the quarters of sustained growth under Bush. How easily people ignore the fact that Germany (and now Sweden) cut taxes to create jobs and pull themselves out of recession.

What happens when: there is no more Bush to blame? Revelation? Or revolution?

Beware the dear leader hiding in progressive bosoms?

Sacred Heart Poll: 89.3% say press helped Obama into office, and help support him still.

The Honduran Despot Obama Supports?
: He’s nuts. All the guys Obama likes are nuts.

First Paterson: This president likes to butt in to local elections

Speaking of Paterson, remember when he gleefully announced he’d have raised taxes sooner, if he’d known they would chase Limbaugh out of NY? Well, reality bites:

“You heard the mantra, ‘Tax the rich, tax the rich,’ ” Gov. David Paterson said Wednesday at a gathering of newspaper editors at an Associated Press event in Syracuse. “We’ve done that. We’ve probably lost jobs and driven people out of the state.”

You know, the Bush Tax Cuts expire in January. Immediate tax increases coming. Dems and President hungry for it. Pelosi actually looks ravenous. We’re in such trouble.

On lighter notes, because I can’t stand anymore, and the way things are going we may not have to:

Derek Jeter on keeping fit at 35.

Interesting read on Mainline Protestantism

Our favorite menacing cook, Ree Drummond becomes a star. Deserved.

It’s official: Water on the Moon

Finally: The Top Baby Names of 2019. Nonsensical projection. Well, why not?

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