Does Obama know who we are?

The cruelest, most violent Samurai in Japan decides he wants to become enlightened. He bursts into the home of an esteemed Zen Master and demands that the Master teach him how to become enlightened.

The Zen Master looks deeply into his eyes and says, “No. You are a dirty, vicious Samurai. I will not teach you.”

Enraged, the Samurai yanks out his sword and places it right at the Zen Master’s neck. He hollers, “Do you have any idea who I am? I am the cruelest Samurai in the world. I can cut your throat and not blink an eye.”

Without skipping a beat, the Master calmly responds, “Do you have any idea who I am? I can let you slit my throat and not blink an eye.”

The Samurai falls to his knees, sobbing, overcome by the presence of a man mightier than his sword.

I get the impression that President Obama would like very much to say to those Americans and traditional allies who are not falling for him, “Do you know who I am?”

I wish he would, because the response would be: “Do you know who you are?”

This piece by Robin of Berkeley, which includes the Zen story, describes an America that is holding its collective breath, and wondering just who it actually elected back in November of 2008.

One senses that the nation is not alone in wondering, that perhaps President Obama himself has no clue who he is, not as an American man, and not as The American President. For decades Obama has gotten by on elegance, a retiring demeanor and the ability to make people see their reflections in him. The first two are gifts; that last is a symptom of a vast emptiness, for a mirror may have width, but not depth.

If Barack Obama, who has made a great secret of his past, truly understood who he is, and who The American President is on the world stage, he would never have journeyed to Copenhagen to have his hat handed to him.

Raised off the mainland, living for a time as a “Jakarta street kid” in Indonesia (where, he told the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff -before the remark was scrubbed- that the Muslim call to prayer was “the prettiest sound,” in the world), Obama is an American President who is not particularly American in character or disposition. He seems not to really understand Americans, or their way -which is a way peculiar to the rest of the word, at once shallow and heroic, capable of great materialism and breathtaking self-sacrifice.

There is nothing wrong with thinking a call to prayer a beautiful thing, but someone thought Obama had revealed too much of himself in that remark, and so it has been stricken from the public record, like so much of Obama’s past. And a man without a past, like an amnesiac, is a man who knows nothing about himself, or the world in which he moves.

The American mind is a duality of sorts. A country founded by displaced nobles and built by the strongest and most resourceful commoners from around the globe, America’s can-do attitude is one that doesn’t mind looking out for the little guy, as long as his own share is a fair one, and his options are open. The American mind is constantly dreaming; even her most newly-arrived immigrants dream, because until very recently all dreams were pronounced “welcome,” and the greatest restrictions were the ones you put upon yourself, or allowed others to put upon you. The dreaming made us exceptional; the dreams made us indispensable.

Bot does Obama understand those dreams? If he does not, then in truth he does not understand the people he undertook to govern. He appears to have decided that “governing” could be accomplished with an endless campaign, meant to entertain a nation enthralled with hucksterism and side-shows; that notion betrays, in meaningful measure, a disdain for the people who placed their trust in him, with their vote.

If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.
— The Art of Warfare

Whether he meant to entertain or to rule like a monarch, Obama seems now petrified to actually lead. One senses that this unformed man is at war with himself; what to do – play to the handlers and their agenda, or cast them aside, grasp both sides of the podium, swallow hard, and play to history?

The Office of the Presidency can either make a man great,
or break him, but it will not allow him to coast and remain undefined.

But a lack of definition is what Obama has cultivated throughout adult life. From what little we know of his college days to his Inaugural speech, others have defined Obama for him, going mostly by what they saw – which was usually a reflection of themselves. He has kept himself safely tucked away, voting “present,” both early and often.

The forced definition of the American Presidency is sitting very uncomfortably with Barack Obama. There is nowhere to hide; there are no further personae to be invented and presented. The Jekyll and Hyde who has been singing endless encores of “This is the Moment” to America for nearly three years, has finally come upon a real moment, an authentic crossroad: he must now materialize into a defined entity with a known vector. Will that entity choose to define himself by a willingness to help a nation of free and energetic dreamers sustain the most exceptional and productive dream in history? Or will it choose to remain the poorly-marked outline of an aching, light-consuming void, delivering nothing but silence?

Until Barak Obama decides who he is, we cannot know him, and he cannot know America. And until he knows America, he cannot begin to understand the good-faith majority of us, who are longing not for a god, not for a king, but for a president worthy of our trust.

The voluntarily dissolved American press may be willing to throw the country away for the sake of protecting and hiding a single man whose glories they mistake for their own, but like Obama, his elitist minions do not know who we are.

They never have. Working from outdated templates, all the incurious press have ever known of us are the media-drawn caricatures that they, in their laziness, mistake for a genuine likeness.

But because they do not know us, in the end they will not be able to defeat us.

Q: “Do you know who we are? We are the government that can take away your liberty, your dreams, your very American-ness.”

A: If you knew who we were, you would know that is impossible.

Even if a thing looks like victory on the surface, an unknown opponent can never be defeated. One greater than we, and greater than this crew currently in power in the world, taught that long ago.

We Americans may not know President Obama, but we know ourselves; we know who we are. That gives us a distinct advantage over those in government know neither us, nor themselves.

Barack Obama, who has expressed ambivalence about the notion of victory, needs to first win the battle within himself, if he is to help America dare to shake off a threatening nightmare and begin, again, to dream.

If he can do that, he will be great. If he cannot, his own defeat will be a bitter, deep, personal and lasting thing.

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  • JessM

    Hi Anchoress – a lurker here who normally just reads and appreciates your reflective and well-formed thoughts.

    One variable that remains to be defined is the attitude and desires of the two generations behind the Boomers. For all intents and purposes, they are in the process of inheriting the American Dream. I suppose because of the vapidness of our education system, they also seem very Obama-esque to me – narcissistic, materialistic and rather shallow.

    I would otherwise agree that the nexus of the American people, that will-to-succeed and admirable perseverance are strong enough to withstand all these constant batterings to our nation. Unfortunately, I don’t see those qualities in Gen-X, -Y, -Z. (One startling exception happens to me our military; young guys and gals in their early 20s with old-fashioned American-forged spirit! Whither they come from still amazes me…)

    Don’t mean to be a downer, but still, in the scheme of things, young America is a “variable X”…jess

  • tomg51

    The man needs to start going to church.

    The concept of risk disappears when you know you are doing the right thing. Pray for guidance. Be true. Confidence in what must be done wins, not confidence in yourself.

  • MJ

    Anchoress, your thoughts are spot on!!

  • Gayle Miller

    Brilliantly reasoned and written, as always. I am humbled by your eloquence and thought processes, dear Anchoress. You are magnificent! And your thesis is absolutely correct!

  • Ella Montgomery


    You have always been the standard bearer for me as I seek how to move forward on issues like this as an American Catholic. I would also add, President Obama had been handed a tremendous gift and opportunity as we Americans were wanting and hoping for a president who was black to fully seize the opportunity to show us a great patriot, a great leader. Sadly, it may not be, I pray he will have an epiphany of genuine love to serve the people of this truly great free nation. And I pray that we the people will stand strong, not divided as the winds seem to blow through this time of war and uncertainty. This is a time of great testing I think for him and for us. I pray for God’s mercy.

  • Sissy Willis

    “But because they do not know us, in the end they will not be able to defeat us.”

    There is no there there.

  • Ella Montgomery

    I would also add, what happened in Chicago to he and Michelle, in Asian terms is called, “lost face”. That is major credibility he will probably never get back. It was done on the world stage, and the world saw it. Should be interesting how the Asian leaders proceed in their diplomacy,

  • Judith L

    I don’t know about the Y’s and Z’s, but as a mother of two Xers, I have more confidence in the Xers than most people seem to. One thing my children have an almost unerring detector for is phoniness. Neither fell for Obama.

    Thank you, Anchoress for giving clear expression to what many of us have suspected.

  • T


    For over 200 years, those who have bet against America have placed a losing bet.

    In this era of uncertainty when things look their bleakest, I believe that this is still true; and your comments above reinforce that view.

    There are no surprises here. During the campaign, Obama described himself as a blank slate upon which people saw what they intended to see. Those who wished to see a liberal saw a liberal, those who wished to see a moderate saw a moderate. One can not be both simultaneously, and his actions are proving that to be true; the only way one can stand for everything is to stand for nothing.

    Everyone is trying to figure out who Obama IS. Forget that. What is important is what Obama DOES; for that we have ample evidence. His policies are bad for the nation, but we’ve suffered through that before.

    I firmly believe that Obama’s presidency will implode over the next 3 years because of his absolute and unwarranted sense of moral superiority and his narcissim. Look to the past narcissists and see how they fared, Nero, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Mussolini and Idi Amin; there you will see Obama’s own future.

    You are correct in saying that he does not who who we (Americans) are; in fact he does not know what America IS. He will be hoist by his own petard most likely after the next terrorist attack, and unfortunately for us, it will be a very large petard, indeed.

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  • Ella Montgomery

    Sorry, scratch Chicago for above comment from me, I meant Copenhagen for the Olympic bid.


  • That One Girl aka Benders Cheerleader

    Q: “Do you know who we are? We are the government that can take away your liberty, your dreams, your very American-ness.”

    A: If you knew who we were, you would know that is impossible.

    I’m thinking that this probably held true for generations gone by; it seems to me that most people nowadays would give up their freedoms for their iPods, welfare checks, or whatever. These are the same people who would believe the above quote attributed to the government and land belly-up to keep whatever minimal comforts benevolent big brother would allow them to keep, and like it.

    This feeling of hopelessness is very disconcerting to me; even more so than waiting around, willing time to pass quickly with all the implications that entails, until the next damned round of elections.

  • Bender

    Who does he think he is? Moses, the Prophet, and the Messiah all mixed into one — the chosen one who has been anointed to change the world. There is a reason that his opponents describe him this way; they did not make it up out of whole cloth.

    Who is he really? He is some delusional, over-educated fool prancing around naked. Sure, with his audacity of hype he had some people fooled for a while, but now they see him for what he really is and his non-existent clothing.

    But now I also perceive he is beginning to suspect that he isn’t the divinely inspired chosen one after all, but is merely some over-aged college kid clinging to those hip bumper sticker cries for “social justice.” The problem is that he realized this out in the middle of the ocean while attempting to walk on water.

  • CV

    I hope and pray that our system of government can protect us against this ultimate empty suit of a president until his term (or God forbid, terms) is over. He’s already done an extraordinary amount of damage, and he hasn’t even been in place for a full year.

    In the past at least we had a mainstream media that was at least somewhat committed to honest coverage and in-depth reporting on whoever holds the office. Those days seem to be gone for good, for whatever reason, so we’re in some uncharted and dangerous territory here. It’s really hard to overstate the negative impact of our once curious and now inexplicably incurious press.

    Still, I have the sense that for many Obama voters, the bloom is off the rose to some extent.

    I plan to do my part in the next election by voting straight Republican (and I’m actually a center right independent and registered Dem!)
    until some sense of checks and balances are restored to the system.

  • T

    Bendeer writes:

    “But now I also perceive he is beginning to suspect that he isn’t the divinely inspired chosen one after all . . . .”

    I don’t think so. Things aren’t going well because we refuse to passively follow his lead. It’s OUR fault don’t you know? After all, in his mind, Obama knows best.

    Over at neo-necon, I just compared the Obama presidency to Wolf Blitzer’s appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy. Wolf went $4,000 in the hole. A commenter noted that one does not go that deeply into the hole because one does not know things. One goes that deeply into the hole because one THINKS one knows, but does not. The Obama presidency in a nutshell!

  • JB

    Maybe Bender is onto something with his walking on water image. I see O as Wylie Coyote hovering in mid air off the edge of the cliff, just before he crashes, with that shock of realization in his eyes.

  • Bender

    most people nowadays would give up their freedoms for their iPods, welfare checks, or whatever

    Obama is certainly betting on people being like the wise Cheerleader says. By now it must have struck even the most casual observer that there is one thing you almost NEVER hear President Teleprompter speak about — Freedom.

    Instead, what you repeatedly hear him promote is Security — government-provided material personal security. It is all about government giving the individual something, rather than government getting the hell out of the way so that the individual has the freedom to do it him- or herself.

    Many people — certainly those raised in the one-party autocracies of the hell-hole inner cities — have known nothing but this entitlement mentality their whole lives. They are all too eager to give up something that they have no use for and never use — their freedom (and especially the freedoms of others) — in exchange for a little more “free” material comfort.

  • That One Girl aka Benders Cheerleader

    audacity of hype

    I love that.

    **pom-pons** goooooo Bender!!!!

  • Bender

    Oh yes –

    Wyle E. Coyote, Super Genius.

    You know it’s coming, but it’s still hilariously funny, the time when Wyle E. is making some explosive-filled carrots on a shack, but Bugs moves the shack onto the railroad tracks. Wyle E. is chuckling to himself at his genius when he hears a train whistle. He turns around, looks out the window to see the train barreling down on him and he . . . (wait for it) . . . pulls down the window shade! I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  • T

    CV above writes:

    “In the past at least we had a mainstream media that was at least somewhat committed to honest coverage and in-depth reporting.”

    No we didn’t. That is the greatest myth of all. The media was never unbiased and fair. The media knowingly held back on reports about known diary of one of JFK’s paramours (sex and drugs). Look at what they wrote about Lincoln in the 19th century or Truman in the 1950s when he went head to head with the megalomaniacal but publicly beloved MacArthur. Look at the treatment (or lack thereof) of Teddy Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick, and note Walter Cronkite’s own admission that he slanted the news to try and bring a rapid end (think defeat and U.S. withdrawal) to the war in Viet Nam.

    The only difference bnetween then and now is that THEN, it was virtually impossible to expose media bias and because of that they were taken (undeservedly) at their word. Now with an instantaneous 24/7 news cycle available to anyone with a computer, we have the opportunity to actually SEE FOR OURSELVES how biased the press is and has always been.

    Only the accessibility to the evidence has changed!

  • Kris, in New England

    Obama is a classic narcissist – practicing his self-love to the detriment of all around him. Problem is, all around him are … us. Americans.

    I agree – he has no idea what this country is all about. I’ve always said that being American is hard work – it’s not just an ideology in a book. It’s beyond a way of life. It’s unique to the world as we know it – and Obama has no clue how to tap into it.

    Because he has rejected it his entire life.

  • Bender

    That should be — “making some explosive-filled carrots in a shack.”

    Operation: Rabbit is a classic.

    One positive thing about modern times — in the last 15 years or so, they have returned to some quality cartoons. There was a time there in the late 70s and 80s when cartoonland was a wasteland. Things have much improved, except that I’m very sorry to see Hank Hill go and the Simpsons is a mere ghost of its former great self.

  • T

    CV above writes that:

    “In the past at least we had a mainstream media that was at least somewhat committed to honest coverage and in-depth reporting.”

    This is simply ther greatest myth of all. The media withheld reports based on a known diary of one of JFK’s paramours (think sex and drugs here). Look at was was written in the 19th century about Abraham Lincoln, or in the 1950′s about Truman when he went head-to-head with the megalomaniacal, but publicly beloved, Douglas MacArthur. What about the coverage of Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick, or note Walter Cronkite’s own admission to slanting the news to bring a more rapid end (think withdrawal and U.S. defeat to the war in Viet Nam.

    No, the media has always been biased and has always tried to influence public opinion rather than objectively report the news. The difference is that formerly, there was no way to glean evidence to the contrary and media pronouncements were THOUGHT to be unbiased reporting. Now with the availability of international news by internet to anyone with a computer, the grimy media cesspool has been revealed for what it is.

  • Flexo

    Wyle E. Coyote, Super Genius.

    It’s “Wile E.” you poser, not “Wyle E.”

  • Andrew B

    What is so interesting about President Obama is what a bifurcated life he has led. Much has been made of his rootless early years, and that is true. What intrigues, however, is the second half of his life–the relentless, bullet-straight climb to world-striding success.

    That, not the fatherless youth, is what I believe is at the root of his failure as a leader.

    Since his late teens, everything that Barack Obama has touched has been blessed with quick and apparently effortless success. We don’t know what his grades were, but he got into top-flight schools. We don’t know that he wrote a word, but he got to be in charge of the most prestigious Law Review in America. He was elected to Illinois’ governement without any particular accomplishments, then parlayed this absence of a record into a US Senate seat. He did nothing to distinguish himself here, and so became President.

    In my own life, it is the failures, setbacks and hardships that have taught me and shaped me. Being laid off from my job on Christmas Eve gave me a dose of reality. Caring for my dying father gave me humility and a renewed faith. Being turned down for a job for which I was emminently qualified made me realize that there are no sure things in life.

    Barack Obama, at least in his public biography, has not experienced any of these setbacks or roadblocks. His character, for a man of almost 50, is remarkably unformed. I am actually one year younger than the President, but I look at him as if he is a cocky teenager. I want to say to him “Just wait until you’ve lived a little, Sonny!”

  • Hughie

    I can define Obama in a way that will make all of his actions make perfect sense if you are willing to look through the prism that defines him. Barak Obama is a communist. His mommy was a Commie, his daddy was a Commie, and all of the notable friends and mentors of his past were Commies. Now reconsider his speeches, his actions, and his campaign as the actions of a true believer, one that knows he must hide his real beliefs lest he be rejected by the electorate, and see if the man defies definition now.

  • EJHill

    During the late presidential campaign much was made of Senator McCain’s age. The Democrats, in their quest to reinvent the image of the JFK years, made much of their candidates youth and “vig-ah.”

    Kennedy’s failings, of course, seem to be lost to the national memory, replaced by wispy nostalgia and martyrdom.

    When our oldest president, Ronald Reagan, passed there was one phrase that echoed from the various eulogies and tributes, that when he entered the Oval Office in January 1981 he was “fully formed.” Here was a man who knew who he was and where he stood. He was driven by principles and the convictions of what he believed was right for his country, not dreams of changing the system to ensure his party a lasting majority.

  • T

    Andrew B, you see him correctly, he IS a cocky teenager.

  • http://disqus freelancer

    When all is said and done, Obama is the face of an unelected consortium bent on destroying our American republic. He has been groomed for the position he now holds and even if deposed by defeat in our next election they will have made tremendous inroads toward their various goals of destroying the US. They seek to destroy this ‘One nation under God’, our capitalism, and our freedoms that have made our country thrive. I appreciate that now Obama has been laid bare and the conclusion is that America will survive even this huge leftist temporary victory. I tell that to my children and others all the time. Americans are a distinct breed of survivors who possibly needed this lesson of treason unchallenged to again appreciate the virtue, value, of their American exceptionalism. Patriotism is on the rise, and just in time. I am sure of it.

  • Elaine

    I can’t help thinking that Obama knows exactly who he is and really does want to change our country in ways that most of us would never want. His past is guarded because I don’t think he would have gotten elected but for his smooth demeanor and centralist talk. I hate to be so cynical about this and I pray I am wrong but Obama wants what he wants with cap and trade, health care, etc. and I do not think he ever intended to fight the war in Afghanistan thus dragging his feet.

  • SamanthaSmith

    The Anchoress, you rock, as always.

    I also loved the original article you linked by Robin of Berkeley. She’s a therapist so her musings are very powerful. I’ve read her stuff at American Thinker before and find her brilliant.

  • exhelodrvr

    The people who voted for Obama last time, and those who sat out the last election because McCain wasn’t conservative enough, need our prayers, too. Pray that they will find a willingness to admit they made a mistake, and some common sense, and not just stubbornness.

  • Gail F

    Andrew B, that is a great comment. I am 45, but when I look at Obama I think he is much younger.

    I have never been able to fathom his appeal. Whatever he’s got, it doesn’t affect me. He’s never accomplished anything! At one time I did think he was smart, but then I noticed he never actually said anything (come to think of it, I guess when he was a candidate that was the smart thing to do).

    I think he’s a typical Chicago politician with a lot of charm, who made a Faustian bargain with the Democratic leadership (at least I hope only the Democratic leadership). He doesn’t make decisions because they make the decisions. He’s the face and gets the glory. If pushed, maybe he’ll have to make a decision on his own, and then we’ll find out what he’s made of. But until then, we’ll never know because he’s just putting on a show.

  • MJ

    Hughie, “The Manchurian Candidate” comes to mind.

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  • Nelly

    That link to the Nicholas Kristof interview in the NY Times with Obama’s “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth” comment actually does work — see here. So, I guess the scrub was temporary.

  • waltj

    I see real Jakarta street kids every day, and trust me on this, Obama was never one of them. He may have run with them at times, but I guar-an-tee he never became one of them. Early training for being a poseur, I suppose. As far as the Adhan being “beautiful”, well, again, as someone who has to listen to it five times a day, every day, beautiful is not how I’d describe it. Annoying. Irritating. Off-key. Over-amplified. All of the above. But not beautiful.

    Obama doesn’t understand Americans because he hasn’t spent any time with us. He has either been overseas, or with fellow elitists. He’s never gotten to know “real” Americans who love and truly understand their country, and now it shows. I think even Obama is starting to figure out he’s lost at sea. How he deals with this new-found insight will largely define his presidency.

  • Gayle Miller

    I continue to persist in my belief that the American people (you know – us Rubes in flyover country) will be and always have been the salvation of this wonderful nation of ours. We don’t buy into the claptrap of the politicians. In fact, we heartily reject many of their more outrageous schemes, such as their current drive to keep secret the content of the health care reform bill they are putting together. It’s interesting though – this stuff always does come out which makes me think some of our Rube-cousins are at work in the halls of power and are making sure the truth is evident!

    It’s Wednesday. Be of good cheer. The good Lord is protecting us yet again, though we frequently don’t deserve it.

  • Kris, in New England

    It’s “Wile E.” you poser, not “Wyle E.”

    It’s poseur, not poser… :-)

  • Ric Locke

    All great comments, all great observations. Conclusions I think are a little off base.

    Obama is a slacker. He reminds me of me. Gail F. has it right, and Andrew B. is a little off. Obama hasn’t had a “relentless, bullet-straight climb to world-striding success”. His time in Chicago has been as front man for the people who really did the work, a decorative Muppet who got the attention while the deal-makers did deals behind the scenes. He’s never actually met a challenge.

    You can tell by his behavior. When the going gets tough, the slack get going — anywhere but toward the job: to Copenhagen, or the beach with the kids, or…


  • John Bey

    You know Anchoress. I don’t know what you’ve become. Unfortunately I cannot read anymore of the hate that you’ve inspired up on your website. With that I will take my leave.

    [You found this hateful? I thought I was being sympathetic to him and ending on a hopeful note! How we receive things is interesting. Thanks for stopping by -admin]

  • Gayle Miller

    Methinks Mr. Bey is imbibing some KoolAid. I think we’ve all been quite kind to our president, who fails to govern and continues to campaign endlessly. Personally, I am delighted that we’re getting him “out of the way” – it was a landmark that we needed to achieve and now we have. And despite what some of his more deluded supporters have said, my dislike of his presidency is based on its incompetence and lack of clear focus and not on his ethnicity. Poor Barry, when you grow up you will realize the golden opportunity you were given and also how little you took advantage of it. I’ve been there myself and it’s not a fun place to be!

  • Linda

    Absolutely excellent! I have often thought that for someone who has reached adulthood, Obama was remarkably shallow and had so many uninformed and unformed areas in his life (“It’s above my pay grade”), that it was astonishing he could have risen so far. I wondered why more people didn’t see it as it was glaring to me. You really capture the emptiness behind the facade! Bravo!

  • Joseph Marshall

    I think the original of the Zen story is quite relevant to your repeated posts on this same theme:

    A samurai visited Zen Master Dogen and asked him to explain Heaven and Hell.

    The Master immediately barked, “What kind of a samurai are you!? You’ve a face like a beggar!”

    In a flash the samurai drew out his sword and was standing over the Master, sword held high, face flushed and distorted, and ready to strike.

    “That is Hell,” the Master calmly remarked.

    The samurai sheathed his sword, smiled and bowed.

    “And that is Heaven.” the Master concluded.

  • Maria

    Your observations about Americans, and what makes us different from others in the world, are quite accurate, I think. This has become more clear to me living abroad and missing that spirit – always thinking of ways to “make it better.” I’ll give you an example, my husband has gone to a glass shop several times to replace glass in our greenhouse broken by young sons’ footballs. Last time he asked the shopkeeper if he sold the brackets that hold the glass in place. He shook his head and replied, “If I had a pound for everyone that’s asked me that, I’d be a rich man.” DUH! So why don’t you carry them? It’s that extreme lack of imagination and energy to progress that makes me the miss the good ole USA.

  • Flexo

    It’s poseur, not poser

    It’s America, not France.
    Although, considering how France is putting us to shame these days, maybe that’s not such a bad thing anymore, n’est-ce pas? (or is that “ness pa”?)

  • SKAY

    My Senator is one of the Republicans trying to force Reid to put the healthcare billl online before they actually vote on it. He also wants the cost to the taxpayers to be posted before the vote.

    Rev. Wright preached Black Liberation Theology in the church that Obama belonged to for 20 years in Chicago. That explains some of Obama’s beliefs and perhaps why he has not joined a church in Washington yet.
    Obama has surrounded himself with a lot of people that he associated himself with in the past.(Consider the czars) They tell us who he is and it is not a pretty picture. The more you look into their past the more you see their ideology –and also Obama’s.

    I think Obama knows exactly who and what he is–he just thought that the rest of America would not figure it out soon enough.

  • kelleybee

    Mr. Obama does not care who we are, in my opinion. His only interest is enacting his agenda. Even if that means he is a one term wonder. As the pundits say, once the camels nose is under the tent, there is nothing we can do about it. And that is the aim. It is all about the camel’s nose. Do not underestimate him.

  • Bob McKenzie

    It’s poseur, not poser

    Take off, eh?

    It’s spelled “hoser.”