School Choice in DC; a no-brainer!

Take a few minutes to watch this excellent video from PJTV, focusing on the Obama administration’s ending a successful scholarship program that has allowed students to get out of the failing, miserable public schools in the District of Columbia (where more than $15,000 a year is spent, per student, with dismal results). The September 30 protest garnered little attention, but PJTV attended and asked good questions.

Pay attention to the former Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School (where Chelsea Clinton, went, and Malia and Sasha Obama currently attend), who seems utterly baffled as to why a program that is so clearly a good and necessary thing is so despised by the Democrat party, and ignored by a President who himself went to private schools on scholarship. Also, listen to Virginia Walden Ford, the Executive Director of DC Parents for School Choice; the lady who speaks as a mother and states it plainly: “…this is one of the few programs that is government funded that is working.”

When Bill and Hillary Clinton came to DC, they were not rich, like the Obama’s but they made the decision that Sidwell Friends, which costs about $30,000 per year, per student, was “right” for Chelsea. The Obama’s can afford it and have also decided that Sidwell is “right” for their daughters. And that is certainly their right. Why shouldn’t parents have a say in the most fundamental question of all -who will educate their children, and how?

But it is curious that these two families, who each make a great deal of noise about their “commitment” to the public schools and who are quick to say that throwing money at public schools is the unchanging answer to every social and educational problem, did not want to send their daughters to the public schools in DC. And they are not interested in securing for other parents the same fundamental right to choose who will educate their children, and how, that they have enjoyed.

This is a damn shame, I think. And it’s one more thing the press never inconveniently asks any Democrat about.

Do note, btw that the successful scholarship voucher program these people are trying to save was underwritten by President Bush. Bush helped kids out of crappy schools so they could perform to their potentialities.

Bush also saved millions of lives in Africa by insisting on funding AIDS-help and Malaria-help programs, not that we ever read about it. He also liberated tens of millions from tyranny, in Iraq, helping them to establish a democracy, with free speech, protection from rape rooms, a government that will not gas its own people. Code Pink, those clownish anti-war protesters, recently discovered that Afghani women and children go to school and enjoy more freedoms than they had, thanks to President Bush and the American armed forces. Code Pink are still clowns, and their positions make little sense, but they did see it, even if we never will.

And Obama, who is shutting down this program, doing nothing for the fledgling Democracies in the Middle East and assigning a bunch of dubious czars under him…he got a Nobel Prize, essentially for “not being George W. Bush.” Obama may not have lobbied for it, but he accepted the award and gave tacit approval of the Nobel committee’s unspoken but easily recognized swipe at the president who has done these things -helped underprivileged kids to get good educations, liberated people, helped women breathe freely.

Meanwhile Bush, even out of office, remains roundly and knee-jerkingly despised because illusions hold more sway than substance to a public enthralled by masters of misdirection in media, and because he is the easy scapegoat for cowards.

The world is certainly upside down. We’re “remaking” America.


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  • Gretchen

    Must one necessarily send one’s children to the public schools in order to be committed to their support? Seems to me a false argument. I don’t know of anyone who would voluntarily send their kids off to D.C. public schools. One can be committed to public schools without wanting to expose one’s children to the worst of them.

    The real issue, as was noted, is the determination to deprive others of school choice. Get to the bottom of that, and you’ll have your hands full–not just of education problems, but of freedom problems.

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  • galensmark

    These wretched people don’t want any part of ANYTHING they insist is best for OTHERS. Schools, health insurance, pensions, and public transportation. Also I would like to see a posting on the internet of the temperature in the white house, hour by hour, this winter. We’ll be cold trying to keep energy costs down and that’s before any cap and trade rubbish is enacted. What has become of this country?

  • Sissy Willis

    As I said in a retweet of your tweet about this excellent blogpost: DEMS WANT UNIONS WELL FED & MINORITIES POOR & STUPID.

    Meanwhile Obama Tsar/Czar Cass Sunstein says the U.S. should move in the direction of socialism, but the country’s “white majority” opposes welfare since such programs largely would benefit minorities

    Opposing socialism because of unintended consequences ~ generation after generation of fatherless welfare families ~ need not apply. Feeling good about themselves is where it’s at.

  • Myssi

    Isn’t it good to know that when all around you is an illusion, God the Father still holds you in His hand and has promised not to let go? All that is real in this world is grounded on Scripture. My marriage, my family, my hope all are secure in God through Christ who NEVER changes. Awesome, isn’t it?

  • dry valleys

    Were I to be a parent I would send my kids to an average/slightly above average state school. Most private schools, while they offer some opportunity to talented youngsters from poor backrgound, are one-class environments in which the priviliged reinforce each other, leading to lack of worthwhile life experience.

    I grew up in an area that was almost totally lower working/underclass so I went to a very low-attainment school. I only survived it because I had a better upbringing than most, a high level of natural intelligence & the fact that my uncle went to university, giving me a role model in life. I know a background like this can sink people without trace, who could be decent people but never get a chance. But the opposite, living in a priviliged bubble, is hardly better.

    I am pro-voluntary work because it encourages mixing. Any schools which genuinely extend opportunity will get my support- look at the system in Sweden, a left-wing country with high social mobility because they have thought fearlessly about their education system.

    On about vouchers. What do you think of a pupil premium?

    They are on about extra funding not only for those from low-income homes, but for various forms of disadvantage. Fascinatingly, living in a neighbourhood with a history of low attainment will be one of them- they will use MOSAIC. (On about MOSAIC USA here).

  • dymphna

    I grew up in DC. Trust me, nobody wants to send their kids to public school there.

  • SjB

    Magnificent post, even better than usual. :)

    I wish more people would understand what a strangle hold the Teacher’s Unions have on our schools and how that impacts our schools.

    I also wish more people understood how detrimental unions can become and how permeated the Democratic party is with union financial support and paybacks to the unions. They often work against the best interests and welfare of our nation as a whole.

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  • kelleybee

    I believe that DC schools are guilty of educational malpractice. Bush was in favor of vouchers therefore the Dems loath vouchers. The Dems are fundamentally racist. I have seen few Dem inner city school districts that are successful.

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