Welcome Gateway Pundit!

So, the big news ’round these parts, since I returned from my little getaway is that Gateway Pundit has joined the roster of First Things Blogs!

I don’t know any blogger who is more prolific, more passionate and more hard-working than Jim -and he keeps a busy eye on foreign news, too- so this is going to be a boon to the First Things site, and to First Things readers. More coming up about that in a bit, but first up, let’s give a big howdy to Gateway Pundit (whose link from Instapundit made me gasp; Biden says we’re in a depression?). Our new, bare-fisted blogger joins yours truly, and Spengler, Secondhand Smoke, Postmodern Conservative, First Thoughts and Evangel.

Gosh, I hope it doesn’t seem like conceit to say our blogging roster is looking pretty impressive! I’m in the company of my betters!

Welcome, Jim – And egad, this is troubling!

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