FT's expanding roster of bloggers

Recall that Jim Hoft has brought his two-fisted, highly successful blog, Gateway Pundit into the First Things fold.

There is yet another very energetic endeavor in the blogroll -check out Evangel, which (as its name suggests) may be of particular interest to my Evangelical friends who are interested in both the public square and relations between churches. I’m already arguing with someone. Sigh. You know how I am.

I thought we should take a quick look at all of the FT Blogs, just to stay familiar and on top of all that is available to you at this site, where hitting the blog pull-down on the homepage will bring you not only to this site, Gateway and Evangel, but also:

First Thoughts (Where Joe Carter is currently punning his cross-purpose with Antonin Scalia)
Spengler (Where today David says plainly, “What recovery?”
Secondhand Smoke (You’ll have to check it out)
Postmodern Conservative (My stop for late evening reading when I’ve had enough of everything and just want some common sense!)

Do check out the blogs; they certainly run the gamut, and that’s what makes First Things so interesting and invaluable – the vast and unique perspectives.

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  • Ellen

    I don’t like the Evangel blog and think it is a net negative for First things.. It is going to be nothing but people fighting over Catholics are Christians are not – that is the theme already, and it harms the First Things brand.

  • The_Anchoress

    Must be honest, Ellen, I do not intend to spend much time there, myself…I’m too Irish, and too ready to debate; it would eat up all of my working time! :-) However, I am completely aware that some people held their noses when I came on board, so…I think this little experiment will be interesting, if only to see how the Holy Spirit moves through it, as I am sure will happen.

  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier

    Warning about Secondhand Smoke: you will be angry if you read him long enough. Or heart-sick, take your pick. (Not a reason NOT to read, especially since there’s a lot of very important information, but I do try to avoid Mr. Smith if I’m having a really bad day!)

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Yes, dear Anchoress, we know how you are. You are, carefully hidden beneath your gentle and calm exterior, a Celtic warrior woman at heart! it’s one of the numerous things we love about you and the heck with the naysayers. They don’t have my brains or good taste, that’s for sure! You are magnificent and very much treasured. Let them stick that in their pipes and smoke it! (I’ve gotten a little more feisty since I quit smoking in April – wonder why?)

  • http://friarsfires.blogspot.com Brett

    I’m a nice, traditional-minded, theologically orthodox Methodist boy whose loved reading “First Things” for nearly 15 years. I kind of expect it to have a heavy Roman Catholic flavor, even though its contributors and subject matter have spanned wide ranges of the Judeo-Christian spectrum, and I don’t mind it a bit. I’ve rarely — as in almost never — seen articles within the magazine in which writers assert their commitments to their beliefs in such a way as to insult mine.

    I excitedly clicked on the Evangel link to see what kinds of interesting things might be brought up there. After reading the first page of posts and their comments, I swiftly left. A significant portion of the posters and an even more significant portion of the commenters seemed to be reading and typing from the very tiptop of Mt. Dudgeon and doing so with substantial chips on both shoulders. I don’t mind discussing disagreements with folks who think differently than I do. But life’s too short to argue with people who are acting like jerks, to read other people trying to argue with them or to read them arguing with each other.

    I’ll check it out again in six months or so to see if it’s settled down and shaken out some of the “I and people like me are more Christian than you and people like you” crowd.

  • http://friarsfires.blogspot.com Brett

    Obviously I should have typed “who’s been reading” above. My apologies.