FT's expanding roster of bloggers

Recall that Jim Hoft has brought his two-fisted, highly successful blog, Gateway Pundit into the First Things fold.

There is yet another very energetic endeavor in the blogroll -check out Evangel, which (as its name suggests) may be of particular interest to my Evangelical friends who are interested in both the public square and relations between churches. I’m already arguing with someone. Sigh. You know how I am.

I thought we should take a quick look at all of the FT Blogs, just to stay familiar and on top of all that is available to you at this site, where hitting the blog pull-down on the homepage will bring you not only to this site, Gateway and Evangel, but also:

First Thoughts (Where Joe Carter is currently punning his cross-purpose with Antonin Scalia)
Spengler (Where today David says plainly, “What recovery?”
Secondhand Smoke (You’ll have to check it out)
Postmodern Conservative (My stop for late evening reading when I’ve had enough of everything and just want some common sense!)

Do check out the blogs; they certainly run the gamut, and that’s what makes First Things so interesting and invaluable – the vast and unique perspectives.

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