Bang, Zoom! And other questions

Mark Shea, utterly disgusted with the press, and offended by the rank “truthiness” by which they and the government prefer to run, unleashes the dogs of hell:

One thing you can give our media Chattering Classes: They are utterly consistent. After Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on a roomful of defenseless people in Fort Hood, it was absolutely assured that we would immediately be told that this outrage had nothing to do with his Islamic faith and that it was not an act of terror. Then, as time went on and the bleedin’ obvious became bleedin’ obvious, we would spend all weekend enduring TV pundits scratching the $200 haircuts on their 88-cent heads and pondering the question of whether there might be some remote connection between Islamic belief and a guy who praises Muslim suicide bombers as heroes and martyrs, sits under the teaching of a Radical Islamic imam who praises his act of slaughter as heroic, uses his authority as a psychiatrist to proselytize vulnerable patients with Islamic agitprop, and dresses in traditional Muslim garb and shouts “Allahu akbar!” as he guns down his prey.

You’ll want to read the whole thing.

After you’ve read that, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air also gives you pithiness with a punch:

“…it reminds us that statism always comes with handcuffs, and those cuffs always get explained by either fairness or patriotism. In this case, Pelosi uses both.”

On Twitter last night someone asked (I don’t recall who), “why is it that we cannot have gay soldiers in our armed forces, but we can have Islamic Jihadists?”

Good question. Another good question is; how is it we’re allowed to take our time, be very deliberative and careful and thoughtful, when it comes to deciding whether to dig in or run in Afghanistan (and that’s a fair position to take, to a point; eventually a decision must be made, and the “present” vote put aside, unless you’re playing an entirely different game) but it is unthinkable that we be allowed to be very deliberative, careful and thoughtful about an extensive, sweeping health care reform that can literally upend the nation?

Yet another good question, and one that gets short-shrift: Why is Congress allowed to exempt itself from the very “urgent” healthcare reform they can’t wait to foist on to us?

Why is it that the press dramatically beat their craven breasts for “not asking enough questions” before Bush (and the US Congress) invaded Iraq, yet they refuse, utterly refuse, to ask any questions of President Obama…about anything?

Okay, they’re not “big” questions. But they’re important questions, and they are not being asked, because so much is being thrown our way, every single day, that people lose sight of the very important questions . . . or they feel overwhelmed and end up shutting down and watching Dancing With the Stars.

Do these three things have anything a sort of connect-the-dots quality, taken all-in-all? The rush to get healthcare “reform” legislated, the unprecedented, unbelievable, thuggish 5-year-retroactive purge of the federal bureaucracy, (and other abuses of power, and the upcoming “climate change” treaty that seems one million times more nefarious than Kyoto ever thought of being?

I dunno. Kind of seems a little like gears are turning and wheels are clicking into place in a manner which may explain why President Obama and the ghastly Mrs. Pelosi seem completely unconcerned about polls, or objections, and decidedly disinterested in what Americans are telling them they want or do not want.

Almost as if they believe that in their version of the “remade” America, future “elections” will be completely irrelevant to them or their political realities…coup, coup , catchoo?

The ending, of course, is the coup d’état. Believing that the rest of us, now disillusioned, are no longer clinging to romantic ideals of honor, or truth or nobility, these always-restless First Children, devoted to deconstruction, believe they are about to take down the presidency, the churches, the “old” government and even the “old” media. They expect to put into place something “brand new.” But believe me when I tell you what they are building is older than dirt. And up from it. Which is why they will need their fortresses. Castro lives in one, too.

They’ve been practicing all of this, by the way, perfecting the Art of the Painless Coup so thoroughly that most ordinary folks do not even realize what has occured.

Or, perhaps more properly, what is about to.

Reason is threatening us with bad photographs if we don’t help them out.

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  • Reason60

    I read the incriminating memo linked, regarding political appointees; I fail to see where it indicates that only Obama-supporting candidates will be selected. Maybe someone can show me where this differs from the policy previous, and why this is more suited to political purges, I might get on board.

    Your question on why congress exempts itself from the proposed health care reform intrigues me; one might ask why they also exempt themselves from the free market we hear is so efficient.
    Apparently traditional health insurance- paid for by someone else- is the preferred choice of our elected representatives.

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  • Bender

    I was going to respond to something to vent my thorough disgust with Obama, but you know what? No. I’m not going to (this time). Why aggravate and enrage myself?

  • EJHill

    I think Mark Steyn has it right. Washington policy these days is like setting your hair on fire and putting it out with a hammer.

  • Joe

    Peak Oil? Peak Obama.

  • ahem

    It is a coup, and you can see the financial reasoning in this post, “100% Taxation Key to Permanent Democrat Majority”. Via taxation, you penalize people fore earning a higher wage, thereby causing citizens to voluntarily remain poor. It creates a permanent underclass that will always vote Democrat.

    Oddly, Harvard economist, Greg Mankiw, has an illustrative post on the same them, with a real-life example: “The Poverty Trap.”

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  • Kris, in New England

    Anchoress – are you scared? Because I am. The things that are going on now in our country are beyond frightening to me. We are being taken in a direction – with little to no vetting – from which we should be shrinking in horror.

    When will people “get it”?

  • Bender

    When will people “get it”?

    Many will “get it” when it is too late. Many others will never get it. Many people run to hell insisting to themselves and the world that it is heaven.

    All too many people now are willfully blind. They don’t want to know the truth; they refuse to see the truth. Worse than merely covering their eyes, they have jammed their hands into their eye sockets and ripped their eyes out.

  • Doc

    Well put, Bender. A formulation I’ve used in the past is, For the Left, dead Americans are acceptable collateral damage in their quest for power.

    I believe this applies to both the war against militant Islam and the health care take-over.

    Regarding willful blindness or inconvenient truths, I know too many people who come from Democrat backgrounds who, when confronted with the hard Left shift of that party, refuse to consider the Dark Side (Republicans) as an alternative. They prefer to condemn both sides as equally corrupt or equally committed to the culture of death, and retreat to the bunker mentality or escape fantasies.

    Anchoress, nice post. Keep up the good work.

  • Bender

    dead Americans are acceptable collateral damage in their quest for power

    Gen. Casey, “What happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.”

    That is a disgusting remark from a military leader. Fourteen innocent human beings are dead, and an end to political correctness would be worse than that? The loss of 14 lives are worth the cost of PC diversity?

    Certainly dead Americans in Afghanistan are acceptable damage to them. It’s a return to, not only the good old days of Jimmy Carter, but the good old days of LBJ.

    Vile. Vile, vile human beings.

  • Bender

    As for trying KSM, et al. in civilian court –

    The attacks on 9/11 were ACTS OF WAR.

    Acts of war are NOT violations of civilian criminal law. The killing of people and destruction of property is entirely LEGAL as act of war. Even acts of war that constitute war crimes are just that WAR crimes, they are not civilian crimes.

    Put them on trial in civilian court and there is only one proper verdict — Not Guilty.

    These are war criminals. They should be tried before military tribunals, and they properly were being so tried before Eric Holder, counsel of record for these terrorists, stopped them. The proper forum is the military tribunal, where the evidence is overwhelming of war crimes and the proper verdict would be Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.

    Get ready for a circus.

  • Gayle Miller

    “. . . we would spend all weekend enduring TV pundits scratching the $200 haircuts on their 88-cent heads” may well be the single most entrancing descriptive phrase I have ever encountered!

    Thanks for making it available to us, dear friend.

  • ahem

    I would say expect more than a circus; it may actually pose a danger to the citizens of New York again. This is very badly advised.

  • doug in Colorado

    Why are we all surprised at this? The warning signs were there during the election…the Marxist Liberationist preacher, the aging hippy terrorist political allies, the Chicago dirty political practices, the “off the record” remarks about clinging to God and Guns, the verbiage in his books worshiping Saul Alinsky and describing his barely concealed anti-American animus…

    These items and more were willfully disregarded by the public and the press and politicians who should have known better because they didn’t want to be labeled “racist” or bigoted. The cynical pols like Biden decided to go along for the ride to get their own piece of the pie, and the press was the dog that didn’t bark in the night…

    Obama proved you can fool enough of the people enough of the time, and you can bribe, co-opt, coerce or silence enough in addition, in order to steal the prize. Once we undo the damage he’s done, it will be a long long time before America will trust a “man of color” with the White house…which is sad…color should not make a difference, but in this case it was used as a political weapon.

  • Western Chauvinist

    Hey Bender, You know the other reason the administration wants to try KSM in federal as opposed to military court? Because KSM will use the “torture” defense – and maybe even be released with “time served” as a result. But the real targets of the trial will be George Bush and Dick Cheney. The current administration will not rest until Bush and Cheney are dragged to the docket in chains. They will be American martyrs – two of the many victims of the banana republic of Obamination.

    I have to credit the “torture defense” insight to Michael Medved. I think he’s nailed it.