Obama, KSM Open Thread

Okay, you guys all seem to want to talk about it, and I am really tied up elsewhere, so I’ll do something I don’t think I’ve ever done and leave an open thread – you can yell and shout about this all you want, but I ask you simply keep to the basic comment guidelines.

A few links about this, if you haven’t seen them:

James Taranto: Obama’s Show Trials

The Boyz at HillBuzz who made an extraordinary apology to President Bush the other day, are rip-roaring mad about this, and are shouting “Justice for Jane!”, a friend of theirs who was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11. The guys say “Hillary would not have done this.”

I’d like to think that’s true -and one part of me thinks they’re right- but her husband did precisely this, in 1993, so…we really can’t know what Hillary would have done.

Rudy is expressing his anger here, with Cavuto, and notes all the ways a case could be thrown out or compromised.

I can only say I have some FDNY hero-friends (in the vein of this one) who would be glad to sit on that jury.

Ed Morrissey: What could possibly go wrong?

Yid With Lid says this is about trying Bush and Cheney.

Tom Maguire:
Now KSM is a “suspect”

Bookworm: The New American Godling

Melissa Clouthier: Dumb, dumb, dumb

American Enterprise: Why?

DJ Drummond: This needs Mil Justice

Kim Priestap: This has “terrible mistake” written all over it

Andy McCarthy: Sept 11? Worse than that!

Gabriel Malor: Bad Idea

Goldberg: The politics of Ft. Hood.

That reminds me, in flipping through the radio while I was driving I heard a news report (think it was ABC News) declaring that the low morale in Afghanistan is “complicated” by the Ft. Hood attacks. I’m not sure how. Sounds like ABC making more excuses for the president, to me.

Malkin: Kaboom!


Gateway: This will also make you sick

And: Iran’s Agent in the Obama Administration.

I’ll file this one under “Remaking America” I guess. You guys behave!

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