Democrats Channel Rhett Butler

For some reason, even though we did not host Thanksgiving here, and none of us overdid during the day (I even convinced my MIL to eliminate the pasta course) yesterday most of us around here were like zombies, unable to do much more than grunt at each other and read or nap.

In the later part of the afternoon, Buster convinced me to go out for a cup of coffee and a game of chess, but the fact that I beat him tells you that even he was not in his proper head. Zombieland was leftovers, books, King of the Hill, and I didn’t even give the news more than a passing glance because it was all so depressing; I could either dive into the headlines and produce the vulgar rant that would quickly build within me, or I could take a day off and try to bring a fresher mind to it, today.

I took the day off. My mind is no fresher. I look at the headlines and the vulgarity comes to the fore.

It becomes increasingly clear the Democrats have become the party that does not give a crap about what mainstream America thinks or wants. They have decided that owning both houses of congress and the White House means they do not have any particular responsibility toward fundamental ethics-in-governance, honesty, accountability or transparency. This goes beyond simply tsking, “imagine how they’d be screaming if Bush (or anyone with an R after their name) were doing this…”

The Democrat congress that promised to “drain the swamp” and usher in a new era of everything good and open and uncorrupted has proved that it does not actually give a crap about any of that.

Do you see an abuse of power in the President of the United States firing an Inspector General (and attempting to slander his mental capacities) in order to cover up a misuse of funds involving a sex scandal, and do you wonder why Congress is not investigating same?

Well the answer is the Democrats have absolute majorities in both houses, and they don’t give a crap that you see an abuse of power in the White House; the guy in the White House is a Democrat, so there is nothing to see. Shut up. “We are the majority,” say the Democrats, “and we don’t give a crap about it.”

Do you see something intrinsically corrupt and disoriented in a US President and Attorney General ignoring a clear case of voter intimidation in the last election, and in Congress’ silence on the issue? There is nothing to see. It was just a guy with a baton, who happened to be standing outside a polling place uttering innocuous words about putting the right man in office; if he intimidated anyone, they -the intimidated- must have issues. Shut up. “We are the majority,” say the Democrats, “and we don’t give a crap about it.”

If you are concerned that the Attorney General is overstepping himself when he declares that taxpayer money may be used to fund a dubious “community service” organization -one that the President promised would have a voice in shaping his policies, but which the Congress had already defunded due to its questionable practices– don’t bother taking it up with Mrs. Pelosi or Mr. Reid. There is nothing to see, here. Just shut up. Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid and their Democrats do not give a crap about it.

If you are concerned about a President naming dozens (nay, scores) of “czars” within his administration, like little politburo minions, all put into power without congressional oversight, and accountable only to the president? Well, it’s sweet that you care, but the Democrat congress is in the majority, and while some of its regal members make a point about being addressed by the title for which they have worked so hard, that superficial trapping and deference-due is all they’re looking for. They do not really care whether a Democrat president has sidestepped their oversight and neutered them. Shut up. The Democrat majority is preening, and they do not give a crap about czars and constitutional checks and balances just now.

If an inconvenient truth seems to be bearing down upon us
, and you believe the congress, which has been fervently embracing the lie for nearly a decade, needs to investigate how and why the lie gained so much credence and power over so much of our lives, well save your breath for your porridge. What story? What so-called “truth?” Can you google it? Is there a story? Do you see anyone in the press even writing about it? We just had dinner with Katie Couric at the White House, and she didn’t mention it! If it’s not even on the radar of the press, there what are you talking about? Whaaa? Climategate whaa? Never heard of it. We plan on force-feeding green policies deeply into the gut of American life, because we’re the people who are going to save the planet, and you’ll eat it and like it, because-its-good-for-you-shut-up. We Democrats are in the majority, and we do not give a crap if you have questions or if the science is unsettled, or even rigged, after all. There is a movement to further, and we do not give a crap if the whole thing is a lie.

If you simply want to understand why our current government is in such a rush to implement (or force) unpopular (and seriously unaffordable)policies onto America -even as our friends across the ocean are busily hammering up signs shouting “Here be Monsters,” and trying to warn us away from dangerous waters– well, it’s because shut up. The Democrats do not give a crap about your quaint wonderings.

In the headlines, I see an American president who does as he damn pleases and serves himself and his pals, before the American people. I see a congress that is comfortable living in full-scale betrayal of their own pre-election rhetoric, and rather contemptuous of the people it claims to rule serve and to protect; contemptuous of their values and contemptuous of their concerns, contemptuous of the very idea of exceptionalism, except for themselves.

Perhaps they reason that if the American people were stupid enough to believe them (and the press that abetted them in all their lies, in all their faked indignation about cronyism, partisanship, ethics, transparency and personal character) then they really do not have to care. Why should they -the glorious they– be held accountable to the easily duped?

If there are noisy, unsophisticated rubes ranting on about a full-scale betrayal of democratic values in America, the Democrats are not listening and have somewhere else to be; the limosines are waiting, the private jet engines are running, despite the planet-death, and the Democrats are on their way out the door, which has opened upon a misty darkness. They have their coats over their arms and as the America they helped to overindulge and spoil calls out, “but what are we doing, where are we going,” they look back only briefly, in deep disdain.

Frankly, my dears, they don’t give a crap.

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