My apologies

Two apologies:

1) Yes, the site is having difficulties today; it’s a drag. It’s a real pain in the neck trying to work with, too. I apologize for this; it’s not my fault. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

2) I have taken down the “When Good Children Go Bad” post for reworking. I was trying to be funny, but it seems (according to a reader and one of my kids) that I had drifted into “mean.”

I wasn’t trying to be “mean” -it’s not my way- I just wanted to give poor Myrna an escape, because she is so clearly in misery, in this joyless rendition here:

One favor, please: Until the site is workable again, please refrain from posting “naked” (or unembedded) url’s in the comments section. It has been taking me about 20 tries each to get them embedded with a site that is down more than its up, and my frustration level is climbing. Thanks.

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