Who do you trust?

Whom to trust? The public is angry at big finance on Wall Street, whose greed and recklessness helped to cause the panic that tore holes through retirement accounts. It is angrier at a big spending, big regulating government that started the mess with its warping of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (It is as if we asked a heroin dealer to help wean an addict off his habit.) The public was angry with Bush, and is becoming even angrier, more quickly with Obama.

The people wanted tight-fisted sobriety and smaller government as antidotes to Bush’s deficits and new entitlement programs—and got instead with Obama even more reckless spending, mega-deficits, and bigger, more inefficient government. They wanted a more articulate explanation of American foreign policy, and instead got it turned upside down

Victor Davis Hanson

This videoclip could be a metaphor for the US media and leadership, circa 2009, right down to the “being underwater” and the “stalled” and the “in the tank” parts. Except, of course, “remaking America” has pretty much stopped the laughter.

Once you’re done laughing check out Maxed Out Mama’s analysis of the brick wall we’re about to hit:

We are heading straight toward a brick wall; the entire government sector is supported by the private sector. All the promises and the fine rhetoric ignore the fact that the country simply cannot support its current government structure.

(H/T Melissa Clouthier, who has to re-assure a reader of hers that Yes, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” really is all about promoting gay sex to all age groups, with sometimes detailed instruction.)

To quote more Hanson:

When schools cannot guarantee that their graduates are literate, know basic math, and have some sense of being American—the rights and responsibilities of citizenship—then those, rich or poor, who seek government assistance and violate the protocols will grow, and those able to pay sufficient taxes for them and who follow the letter of the law will shrink.

More on the recovery that is not adding up.

Oh, well…we may not have jobs, or a competent president, or a functional government; our students may not be able to balance a checkbook, or tell you what our constitution says; we may have people in leadership who are corrupt and spiteful, but at least everyone will know about fisting, and whether it is better to spit or swallow.

And apparently everyone will soon work for the government. They’ll need to hire a lot of folks to effectively spy on twitter and facebook.

But I am not trying to scare you, or anything

Micromanaging the little stuff, while they fail on the big stuff.
Ace: Interesting if O/T

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  • http://americandigest.org vanderleun

    What’s not to love about that clip? Perfect in every way.

  • Fuquay Steve

    I’ve seen this administration referred as ‘The Reign of Error’. I am becoming convinced that the title should revert back to its original -’Reign of Terror’.

    The Catholic faith (as I am discovering) is a faith based on addition (what the Lord adds to our life (everything) and what we can do to add to others – based on the graces provided by God of faith, hope and charity) while the secular (O’Bama’s)world is more concerned about subraction (abortion, euthanasia, wealth envy). The peaceful resolution of this oppostites is not assured for God’s will be done. Our country needs prayers.

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  • http://www.erud-awakening.blogspot.com Gina

    Whom to trust? Not the public schools, to be sure. As if we needed any confirmation of this fact.

    [I have 5-6 emails from people correcting me, saying I should have written "Whom do you trust..." Which is fine, and normally I would have. But the show was called WHO do you trust! :-) -admin]

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  • T Harris

    After seeing John McCain talk on the Senate floor the other day I thought that he was going to put up his dukes and take a swing at a few Congressmen in the audience.

  • Mark L

    From The Stars Go Over The Lonely Ocean by Robinson Jeffers

    “The world’s in a bad way, my man,
    And bound to be worse before it mends;
    Better lie up in the mountain here
    Four or five centuries,
    While the stars go over the lonely ocean,”
    Said the old father of wild pigs,
    Plowing the fallow on Mal Paso Mountain.

    “Keep clear of the dupes that talk democracy
    And the dogs that talk revolution,
    Drunk with talk, liars and believers.
    I believe in my tusks.
    Long live freedom and damn the ideologies,”
    Said the gamey black-maned boar
    Tusking the turf on Mal Paso Mountain

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    On the proper usage of “who” and “whom” –

    Ryan: What I really want, honestly, Michael is for you to know it so that you can communicate it to the people here, to your clients, whomever.
    Michael: Oh okay.
    Ryan: What?
    Michael: It’s whoever, not whomever.
    Ryan: It’s whomever.
    Michael: No, whomever is never actually right.
    Jim Halpert: Nope, sometimes it’s right.
    Creed: Michael is right. It’s a made-up word used to trick students.
    Andy: No. Actually, whomever is the formal version of the word–
    Oscar: Obviously it’s a real word- but I don’t know how to use it correctly.
    Michael: [to camera] Not a native speaker.
    Kevin: I know what’s right. But I’m not gonna say. Because you’re all jerks who didn’t come see my band last night.
    Ryan: Do you really know which one is correct?
    Kevin: I don’t know.
    Pam: It’s whom when it’s the object of the sentence and who when as the subject.
    Phyllis: That sounds right.
    Michael: Well it sounds right but is it?
    Stanley: How did Ryan use it, as an object?
    Ryan: As an object.
    Kelly: Ryan used me as an object.
    Oscar: Is he right about that–
    Pam: How did he use it again?
    Toby: It was, Ryan wanted Michael, the subject, to explain the computer system, the object–
    Michael: Thank you!
    Toby: …to whomever, meaning us, the indirect object. Which is the, the correct usage of the word.
    Michael: No one, uh asked you anything ever so whomever’s name is Toby, why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull?

    I’m with Creed.

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Team Bender

    Oh, woe is I. Can’t we just look this stuff up?

    Since I never learned how to embed links, I’m borrowing this from someone named Robin – a grammar guru of sorts. Thanks, Robin…

    The general rule:

    he = who/whoever
    him = whom/whomever

    Whom is never used as the subject of a verb. It is the object form of a pronoun.

    Who is always used as the subject of the verb.

    Some examples: For whom did you vote?
    I voted for him. Therefore, whom is correct.

    With whom do you sail?
    I sail with him. Therefore, whom is correct.

    Whom should I ask about the discount?
    You should ask him about the discount.

    You may go with whomever you choose.
    I want to go with him.

    Who went to the circus?
    He went to the circus. Therefore, who is correct.

    We all know who won the game for the team.
    He won the game for the team, Therefore, who is correct.

    Corie knows who made the cake.
    He made the cake. Therefore, who is correct.

    Whoever said that you couldn’t dance?
    He said that I couldn’t dance.

  • waltj

    What has O ever done to inspire trust that he’s a man of his word, that he’ll say what he means and mean what he says, that he’ll do the right thing, even when nobody is looking and there aren’t any cameras around? Answer: nothing. His history is one of deception, insincerity, and self-centeredness, even more so than for most politicians.

  • J

    Around 40 years of age I came to the conclusion that people follow patterns. No matter how much a person my say they will be different, watch their patterns and they still follow the patterns. Several of my friends married alcoholics. When the alcoholics “reformed” they moved their addiction on to hyper housecleaning (and these were men). The dems are well known as big tax and spenders and weak on security…WELL KNOWN….this group is no different.

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Our president is infantile, incompetent and a dishonest narcissist. And yet, I keep hoping that the Holy Spirit is going to shine a light upon our President’s soul for the good of the American people and our future generations.

    Let us pray!

  • Alexandrag

    God. Advent, and I’m going all in now on Advent, because the DC kabuki theatre is 1. like watching a train wreck in the offing and being unable to do anything about it, and 2. a disorienting bit of nonsense that is like an endless rollercoaster ride but not at all fun. At least a real rollercoaster gives chills and thrills, then stops.