Pondering and Rating Obama

Okay, so we know that President Obama has given himself a “good, solid B+” on his first year in the presidency.

He also said he gives better gifts than he gets.

“I have given some good gifts — you get some nice stuff — here’s the general rule: I give nicer stuff than I get.”

Let’s put aside the fact that the “general rule” did not apply to the UK’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who received a a collection of DVD’s not formatted to Europe or to Elizabeth II, (an iPod). I mean, okay, it’s just a “general” rule, but I don’t know, something rubs me the wrong way about that whole sentence.

What sort of person declares that he gives nicer presents than he gets?

A very humble, generous sort of person, he would never mention it.

Is this evidence of something else? Of a person who feels perpetually cheated? I don’t know. I shrug and throw my hands up to heaven on this one. “I give better presents than I get,” is either meaningless or so fraught with ill-will, resentment and narcissism that I can’t wrap my head around it.

There there is this, and I can’t help but think it’s all connected:

President Obama also reminisced about a gift from the father he barely knew — a basketball his father gave on a visit from Kenya.

“It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized, ‘Actually, he gave me that basketball,’ “ he says. “I think there was some cause and effect there in terms of the degree to which I just ended up taking up the sport as a kid who didn’t know his dad.”

As with Bill Clinton, there is a genuine poignancy in the absent-father narrative of Barack Obama’s life, and Obama does not shy away from revealing the internalized grief he felt (and perhaps still feels) at his father’s seeming indifference. I wonder if the “coolness” and distance that we sense from the president is not a reflection of the distance he experienced from his father, or a manifestation of his internal coping skills.

Bill Clinton seems to have dealt with his step-father’s dysfunction and absence by perfecting the “hail fellow, well met” routine – ingratiating himself upon everyone both to hide his pain and get what he wanted. Perhaps Obama, turning inwardly protective, rather than outward, has kept himself so hidden for so long that he is not sure where there is, anymore. When you are living in a shell – or behind a mask – it’s easy to imagine you are somewhere when you are in fact, somewhere else.

And after listening to his angry rant today about “fatcat bankers” I realized our “cool, calm and collected” president is not so far removed from a demagogue. One false move and a mask can slip, no matter how taut the ribbons. And then, who knows what Obama will reveal, to himself, and to us?

Perhaps it is his personal, protective “disconnect” that has put him so astoundingly out-of-touch with the wants and needs of the people he seems intent on ruling, rather than serving. Being that out-of-touch might explain the B+ (A if he passes healthcare) that he gave himself.

Your thoughts?

What the deal with the “I give better presents than I get,” bit?

What does it mean?
Nothingburger; Showing off for Oprah
He’s being presidential
He thinks he is being diplomatic
He thinks he is great
He is a dissatisfied man
He is a resentful man
He is a dissatisfied child
He’ll never get over missing his father
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As to his grade? I don’t know if he is delusional or he’s just living in a better place than the rest of us, but I would not give him a B+

But I won’t tell you, yet, what grade I would give.

How about you?

How do you grade Obama?
A minus
B plus
B minus
C plus
C minus
D or lower
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About Elizabeth Scalia
  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Team Bender

    I hate to be so blunt, but, what a puke he is. A no-class, crass, insensitive, small, bitter puke. What a terrible, spiteful thing to say.


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  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    I tried and tried and thought and thought about whether there was anything good that this no class, insecure, non-presidential punk has accomplished that would justify even a C grade. Even one thing? I suppose if the object of the presidency is to crap all over the country, the Constitution, and all those who have gone before you, he would get an A+. But the presidency is about preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution and country, and everything he has done has been destructive of those objectives.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KnightOwl2006 Tempus Fugit

    The man is a typical, self-absorbed, left-wing baby boomer. The sun shines out his backside as far as he is concerned.

  • http://dailywoof.wordpress.com Kensington


    It’s a terrible thing to grow up fatherless, and I can’t help but be touched by those who’ve had to make the best of that. So, person to person, there are times when I’d like to give Barack Obama a hug and congratulate him on how far he’s come.

    But then he goes and does that “banker fatcats” nonsense, or he plotzes out that lousy line about the gifts, or he’s scratching the middle finger across his face.

    Or, you know, he’s trying to destroy the economy and the very foundations of the country for reasons not yet entirely apparent.

    And at times like that, I realize that we can’t afford to give him that hug. He’s in too powerful a position, and he’s doing too much damage with it. I don’t hate the man, nor do I wish him ill. I just want him to take his father issues somewhere else and stop being president.

    For all our sakes, including his.

    [I find myself feeling the same way. He is father-haunted and that is very poignant. As a human being, I want to console. But I begin to wonder if being father-haunted is part-and-parcel of all the ways he is deficient, and whether -as a president- he now has more room to indulge the darker part of that haunting. Over the past 30 years or so, we've seen a movement in some churches to wipe away the male pronouns, and to wipe the word "Father" out of worship because (as a very confused nun once told me) "so many people have serious "father" issues, and they cannot relate to God as father; it is painful."

    My response to her was that I was a prime example of a person with "serious" father issues, and that is why I took enormous comfort in having a "Father" in heaven -as opposed to some amorphous "Creator" - that having a Father in Heaven gave me the relationship I had been lacking on earth. She looked at me with wide-eyes and said, "I have never heard anyone say that, before."

    And, I guess, since I wasn't in the majority with the angry-victim-club, my feelings were simply dismissed. But my point is - if so many people do have father issues (and they do; abandonment, abuse...it exists in motherhood too, but the social narrative is all on the fathers) and we have had the heavenly personification of fatherhood reduced to a political incorrectness, and nothing more - then we look for the "Father" elsewhere. In government? It's all worrisome. I know I don't have it yet...but I am pondering. -admin]

  • Joe DeVet

    The simple answer is none of the above. The real answer is “the truth is not in him.”

    What can we say about the credibility of a guy giving himself a B+ after the year of failure he has produced?

  • Momma K

    This is a huge concern—Obama is so out of touch with reality–a B+–(really, unemployment is skyhigh, Iran is thumbing its nose at the world and arming itself with nuclear weapons, etc.)

    He is our Marie “Let them eat cake” Antionette; living large while the population suffers, increasing taxes and squandering our money on parties and useless programs.

    He surrounds himself with others just like him—not a hard working self made man among them. He has no idea what makes this county great and he is in a petty vindictive way deliberately trying to hurt the wealthy–ignorant that they create the jobs.

  • Elaine

    I feel ill at ease with Obama. We expect our President to handle problems with grace and dignity. Obama is always offending his own citizens – either wall street, insurance companies, President Bush, etc. to make his points. I don’t trust him to have my best interests at heart because I am worried he is going to screw up health care, tax us over the environment and bring terrorists to NYC for trial! Everyday there seems to be another surprise with him! Is his ideology so strong he doesn’t care who or what he damages to achieve it?

  • Ellen

    Sadly, I can’t think of anything that I can say in the President’s favor. His Czars chill my blood, his policies are going to keep my baby granddaughter in debt for the rest of her life.

    I am feeling quite depressed at times, so I cling to the Cross. I know that God will triumph, even over an administration that is trying to marginalize Him.

  • dave roth

    “Is his ideology so strong he doesn’t care who or what he damages to achieve it?”


  • http://primordialslack.blogspot.com Joan of Argghh!

    His problem? He’s an effin’ Chicago politician, which category is infra-human and outside of the spectrum of most visible people.

    So small, he’s invisible even to himself.

  • http://primordialslack.blogspot.com Joan of Argghh!

    Oh, and the “give better than he gets” idea is usually a phrase reserved for bragging rights after a bloody Chicago brawl.

    I think he accidentally channeled one of his agitprop moments of The Chicago Way.

  • waywardinn

    I’ve been watching “Kitchen Nightmares” on hulu for the first time these last few weeks. One of the things that strikes me about the few shows I have seen so far, is how much the major cause of each restaurant’s failure rests on the shoulders of the one person who thinks he is the most important person in the restaurant, and yet the video evidence in the course of the show, proves that he is usually the laziest, do-nothing; or weak; or actually downright counterproductive.

    And yet, there he is calmly facing the camera, telling you how important he is.

    My husband calls it “esteemia.” It’s self-esteem, based on nothing at all, and pumped into the person by those around him growing up.

  • Craig Payne

    He promised leftists he’d pull all troops back home. He told the rest of us his focus would be repairing the economy. Some of us knew he was lying even back then. Now the rest also know. (Well, a correction: His “strongly approve” rating is still around 81% among Democrats, the last I saw.)

    I don’t buy into the conspiracy theories surrounding President Obama. But honestly, does anyone have to buy into them? If the guy was actually actively trying to damage the country without being totally obvious about it (with the help of Congress), what would he do differently?

  • Doc

    The corporate media are his enablers. The job of a free press is to be the watchdog over powerful institutions, particularly government. I would love to give the MSM a collective shot of sodium pentethol, just to find out which of these sycophant clowns actually believe the nonsense they feed the public about this president, and which ones are aware of their deceit. A media that treated Obama the same way they would treat a Republican would absolutely crush the man.

  • Deedub84

    Welcome to the end-product of schools that focus on children’s self-esteem as an end in itself, not realizing that self-esteem can only truly be rooted in accomplishment in fact, not in theory. Note too in this regard the Nobel Peace Prize, not given for any real-world result; which for someone with a grounding in reality would have been politely refused pending actual real-world results.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Anchoress: You caught it, too:The “gift” comment was, perhaps, a more significant mirror to Obama’s soul than the “B plus” comment. It reminded me of The Grinch, before the heart grew.

  • http://westernchauvinist.blogspot.com Western Chauvinist

    I am in agreement with the comments so far. Excellent points. And I love “esteemia” – I’m going to borrow that from your husband waywardinn. Hope he doesn’t mind.

    But, I think you may have missed at least the “intended” meaning of his gift giving rule, Elizabeth. I think he was projecting his esteemia by conveying that his *goal* his to give better than he gets. This would be consistent with his narcissism and the splitting he constantly does with convenient targets. George W. being first and best among them, but dozens of other have been publicly thrown under the bus and I’m sure there are many more in his personal life we don’t even know about. He must be the good guy, the hero, so it doesn’t matter who (remember his own grandmother?) or how many must be besmirched.

    New constitutional amendment: All males aspiring to the presidency must provide evidence of a decent relationship with a decent father figure… and/or God.

  • DeLynn

    There is no way I can be at all objective enough to grade the president. I want to give him an F.

    I can, however, grade this post. It deserves an A. Thoughtful, insightful, clear.

    BHO is scary. Who, in their right mind, would say so publicly that they give better gifts than they get. That is a VERY odd comment to make–and gives quite an insight into this man.

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  • dry valleys

    Personally I actually think I do give better gifts than I get. I think about something that is close to what the recipient is already into, but they won’t actually have heard of yet- a fine balancing act.

    I don’t think Brown deserves anything, what with his obsession with placating City bankers, increasing state power over the individual, coming up with ill thought out schemes, & generally being as awful as possible.

    Perhaps, though, Obama was trying to avenge himself on Britain in general after being outraged by his meeting with David Camoron?

    Yes, the official sources say this never happened but still.

    You & your chums might like this about Bush. He comes off well. But that doesn’t really say anything positive about his actions in office.

    [The problem is not, of course, whether Gordon Brown or Elizabeth II (whom I like) DESERVE good gifts - they are only representatives. But as reps, the deserve our most excellent gifts because the UK deserves our most excellent gratitude. O has dissed our long-standing allies, cozied up to despots and so forth. Say what they want about Bush, when he left office, we had good-working relationships with most of the countries in the world. I know the narrative is, "the world hated us because of Bush." But I think really, that needs to be amended to - the worldwide press, Belgium, most of Scandanavia and parts of the ME hated us. Now...outside of Chavez...who loves us, anymore? -admin]

  • http://domestic-vocation.blogspot.com Christine the Soccer Mom

    I still say the real gift of that iPod is that it erases everything on it when it syncs with a new computer. Good-bye speeches!


    On a more serious note, the B+ comment was eye-rolling, but that comment on his prowess in gift-giving is just horrible! I cannot even imagine my eight year old saying such a thing! Aside from the self-centeredness of it, it smacks of someone who has no idea why you give gifts. Someone who speaks of his gifts in such a way is someone who believes the idea of giving a present is to look good to everyone who sees the gift-giving.

    He’s like the Pharisees and Scribes who made a big deal of how much they put in the tithe while putting down the widow’s mite. It’s really quite sad, as much of this man’s personality seems to be.

    And even if he DOES think his gifts TO someone are better than the ones he gets, how awful is it that he SAID that??? He seems to have no idea whatsoever what it means to be president, including that the whole world hears everything he says, including those people who put some thought into the gifts they gave him. (Another example was his “slam dunk” comments about getting a guilty and death penalty on the
    terrorist trials in NYC.)

    It’s as if he can’t imagine anyone not agreeing with him or liking him or what he has to say.

    And I wonder where he got THAT idea from?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Whatever one’s opinion of Bush, like him or dislike him, he’s no longer in office; Obama is.

    Sorry, Valleys; whether Brown deserves a nice gift or not, or whether Obama approves of this Cameron fellow or not, that’s no excuse for his snubbing such a longstanding ally as Britain.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Christine, yes, a lot of Obama’s remarks are quite disturbing, and seem to indicate an inflated ego. I especially found those “slam/dunk” comments re the NYC trial troubling, with some bad implications for the future of civil trials in America.

    And, again, Valleys, I have to say, if Obama was talking revenge against Britain for the (alleged) stupidity of one man, that strikes me as being incredibly petty, and vindictive. This isn’t the way a president should act.

  • dry valleys

    Well, I’m sure- I was just making a kind of joke really. Obviously protocol has to be observed whatever my views on the beneficiaries.

    That link about Bush wasn’t about his time in office, it’s about what he did after. It is quite positive really, especially given that it’s a left-wing publication that it was in. I thought people might be appreciating it.

  • http://!!!! kelleybee

    “Humility is the mother of all virtues; purity, charity and obedience. It is in being humble that our love becomes real, devoted and ardent. If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are. If you are blamed you will not be discouraged. If they call you a saint you will not put yourself on a pedestal.”

    - Mother Teresa

    I see how he has given himself a B+. He is almost perfect in remaking the USA in to his ideal of a socialist country: Dismissing Capitalism, making USA merely an equal among the nations of the world, elevating union bosses & cronies, and begin the grand redistribution of wealth. When you look at his time in office this way…I see a B+.

  • Jim Hicks

    I actually think we should give Obama a break on the gift remark. Mr. Obama knows he messed up with the gifts to the PM and the Queen. Whenever Obama attempts to be funny, he puts his foot in it. The remark during the campaign about Mrs. Reagan talking with the dead – an attempt at humor. During a debate with McCain he mentions when life begins in regards to abortion and says determining the start of life was “above his pay grade.” He meant only God can know that for certain. But he cannot mention God, so he makes the pay grade remark. Just trying to be funny. But he needs to learn a lesson my wife taught me years ago. If you cannot tell a joke, do not tell a joke. You will always mess up.

    The B+ grade? Actually, although I give him a much lower grade, he actually is a B+. He has taken over the auto industry, banking, and now he is set to take over a sixth of the American economy with health care “reform”. He set out to turn America into a socialist state and he is off to a flying start.

    His main failure has been the war. He promised to end it and can’t figure out how. So the left would not give him an “A”.

    When a person’s goal is to destroy a country and he does as much as Obama has in less than a year, I would say he has earned a B+.

  • Maureen

    A lot of politicians and business execs do try to give better than they get. It’s a sort of potlatch power and wealth thing. They love it when someone can’t possibly reciprocate fully. But I think that if that were really Obama’s character, he’d have been embarrassingly and stunningly generous in his gift-giving to foreign powers — especially ones he disliked or disrespected.

    He thinks he _should_ be that sort of person. Whether he _is_, or whether he only does that in his own family, is another question.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Valleys, I took a look at it; didn’t seem especially positive to me. Others here might appreciate it more.

    No matter. He’s out of office now. How he spends his retirement is his business.

    (Didn’t realize you were joking—sorry!)

    Maureen, yeah, Obama might think he’s that kind of person—but, of course, the only person who can actually judge such a thing is the gift-recipient, not the gift giver. This isn’t a judgment Obama can pass on himself.

    Myself, I’m disturbed by the fact he doesn’t celebrate Christmas (or Hannukah, or anything else, apparently), yet gives lavish dinner parties, and takes expensive trips. It might seem like a small thing, but cutting himself, and his family, off from ordinary human celebrations—while hanging on to the high life, and big spending—does suggest a snobbish, elitist, cutting-oneself-off attitude.

  • Jeffrey Quick

    It depends on what the President is being graded on. If it’s on how well he’s done what he was elected for, by the people who elected him, I think the B+ is actually fairly accurate. If it’s on being the leader of a free country, I’m not sure there’s a grade that applies. I mean, what were Harris and Klebold’s final grades from Columbine High?

  • http://disqus freelancer

    Perhaps Obama did not give himself an A+ because even he knows there are some politically consequential limits on pushing presidential propriety. His most important rating comes from his handlers who are in hog heaven with all of the national wealth that has been syphoned off in their direction in less than a year after putting him in office. Best investment the Sorros group ever made. Grade F- as a pro American president. Grade A+ as unabashed socialist president. In the gift department I see pearls for wifey and unemployment for the serfs. What a guy.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    During a debate with McCain he mentions when life begins in regards to abortion and says determining the start of life was “above his pay grade.”

    Not to jump all over you, Jim, but that is NOT what happened (despite most people getting it wrong all the time). The question was far broader than abortion, which makes his answer all that more pernicious.

    What was actually asked was, “at what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?

    The question was broad enough to encompass even a six-month-old infant, but Obama could not even stand up for human rights at that point.

  • http://www.erud-awakening.blogspot.com Gina

    He’s a narcissist. Clinical. We watched that bit about grading himself last night and it made me nauseous. He said something like “I inherited the worst set of circumstances of any President since Truman” or maybe it was Roosevelt. Anyway, I screamed at the TV: “What about 9/11?!!?!” The perpetual victimhood is another side of the perpetual messiah coin.

  • Mary

    He didn’t vote to protect born-alive infants. I suspect he may not have wanted to give a truthful answer.

  • http://proteinwisdom.com/pub dicentra

    Obama does not shy away from revealing the internalized grief he felt (and perhaps still feels) at his father’s seeming indifference.

    Not seeming; actual.

    And his mother piled on with the indifference by foisting the kid off on her parents and then tripping around the world, hardly visiting him thereafter.

    Perhaps Obama, turning inwardly protective, rather than outward, has kept himself so hidden for so long that he is not sure where there is, anymore. When you are living in a shell – or behind a mask – it’s easy to imagine you are somewhere when you are in fact, somewhere else.

    You’ve just described how a narcissistic personality disorder forms: a self-defense mechanism to extreme emotional trauma that is so tightly held that the person is no longer real — just a constructed mask to cover an extremely stunted, impoverished soul.

    To the point that there’s not really anyone home even though the porch light is on. And all the Christmas lights. And floodlights.

    All illusion, no substance.

    But don’t worry: once the personality disorder is in place, they feel no pain — it’s all inflicted on the rest of us.

  • NanB

    In Italy, President Berlusconi retorted to an angry crowd by saying he was good looking and a decent sort of chap. He was hit in the face with a statue after that remark. Another case of Esteemia.

  • Old Dad

    The gift comment strikes me as incredibly odd, especially for a politician. I suppose I can imagine doing the gift calculation. I suppose I can imagine an emotional response to a perceived slight, or to a perceived victory–I gave her an ipod but I got this cool desk. But I can’t imagine a mature adult ever speaking in public about something so inherently childish.

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  • http://bcscentral.info Gerry

    Next thing you know, a kid will be suspended from school and sent to a shrink for drawing Christ on the cross.

    Oh wait … forget about “next”.

  • Elizabeth K.

    I read elsewhere that the gift comment was made in the context of some bantering with his wife about who gave the nicest gifts. While I haven’t seen it yet, I can completely imagine this kind of conversation occurring between my husband and myself–and without the context and the tone, it’s hard to know if he was speaking generally, or if the “you” in the sentence is his wife, which changes the meaning completely, IMHO. As half of a couple who often shows love through snarkiness–I’m just sayin’, let’s wait and see the whole exchange!

  • Elizabeth K.

    Actually, here’s a short synopsis of the exchange I found on The Australian’s website:

    I’m sure some will still see it as narcissistic, etc., but personally this conversation happens in my house all the time:

    From the article:
    Michelle Obama jumped in. “What are you going to get me? You should feel pressure . . .”

    Mr Obama shot back: “I have given some good gifts – you get some nice stuff. Here’s the general rule: I give nicer stuff than I get.”

    “No way,” declared the first lady. “I gave you good gifts last year.”

    “Absolutely! Aw, come on, please,” Mr Obama said, citing the disparity in the Obama household between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. He pointed to a pearl necklace he had given his wife as a wedding anniversary present. Smiling, he said: “Who gave you this?”

    “We’re talking about Christmas,” Mrs Obama said. “Don’t become distracted.”

    [Allow me to state unequivocally that I think the Obama's have an enviable marriage and adorable kids. His marriage is -I think- Obama's salvation -admin]

  • SKAY

    Obama and his (thug)cronies have three years left to amass a great deal of power to march this country down the road to socialism and the transfer of wealth from those who earn it to -his friends-thanks to a Democrat Congress and a fawning left wing MSM.
    Soros has gotten exactly what he paid for.
    Bill Clinton told the Democrats to pass anything(healthcare bill) and then they can ammend it later–so
    taxpayer funded abortions will be back -it is all a game to these Democrats–they voted not to participate in it anyway since they are special. It is just for the rest of us.
    Apparently this horrendous bill has to pass in time for Obama’s State of the Union teleprompter speech.

    Next they will work on “legalizing” enough Democrat voters so that they can stay in power -at least by the time of the next presidential election.

    Saul Alinsky’s son commented about how pleased his father would be with the Democrat convention. It is obvious why.
    As an Alinsky socialist I would give Obama an A.
    As an American president ——-F.

  • CV

    When I heard the railing against the “fatcat bankers” on the 60 Minutes piece, my first thought was that it was a complete and total performance for his audience.

    (I also wondered why no one ever rails against the questionable lending practices for unqualified borrowers that helped topple Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but that’s another story.)

    One of my many problems with Obama is his apparent willingness to say and do whatever is necessary to achieve his aims. Also known as an utter lack of character.

    And have you ever noticed how often he says “I”? …”I didn’t get elected to help out a bunch of Wall Street fatcats…” it’s always I, I, I…

  • Michael

    I gave him a B+, based on his scale (as I think he ubnderstands it).

    Hos “job” is to destroy America. He has made an excellent start, but is not all the way there. Thus, a B+.

    He is being modest and humble in giving the grade. It’s only the first year. He truly believes he will complete the job and destroy America, but he will not take full credit until the job is done.

    I think he will complete the job too.

    If healthCare of any sort passes, it’s as good as done.

    America is very nearly “over”. It’s not Obama that is the prblem. He is doing what any committed marxist woudl do to the greatest free nation in history. The problem are the 66m people who voted for him. They traded their birthright for a bowl of porridge.

    It is not as if such things haven’t happened before. An era in history is nearly over, and we have our neighbors to blame. That’s the real hard part to take.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/shanasfo shana

    I just have to wonder why so few who do think we have ‘banker fatcats’ don’t consider the REAL fat cats – ie Congress and the President’s various governmental programs/offices/committees. They rob us of our freedom, our personal finance, our private property, our human rights and no one can say exactly for certain where all our tax money goes to the penny. So much of our tax money dropped into bloated, inefficient unaccounted-for wasteful bureaucracies, and the elected officials who give themselves raises, perks, benefits, all-expense paid vacations, huge retirment packages, cars, staff, fancy offices and even jet planes on taxpayer’s backs.

    When are we all gonna get so mad at these fatcat bozos that we say enough is enough?

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  • Jeffery

    C seems about right. The right’s newfound fidelity concerning deficits is disingenuous at best. Most economists agreed that the US needed a stimulus package to limit the effects of the looming great recession, and many felt the actual stimulus was not bold enough.

    But unless we address the basic issues with our financial markets we are doomed to repeat this crisis.

    He should have been more aggressive in securing real health care reform. We in the US pay 2 to 3 times more per person than do citizens of other industrialized nations but do not receive superior care and do not cover 10′s of millions of our citizens.

    Otherwise, he needs to continue repairing the damage inflicted on our nation during the past decade.

  • Gail F

    I don’t think the gift comment means anything. I’m sure it was made in the context of a very long interview with Oprah, hardly a normal occurrence, and was chosen to broadcast by the film editor. As for the B+ comment, what do you THINK he would say? He couldn’t give himself an A (too egotistical) or a C (either too humble or too honest, depending on your point of view). I can’t imagine any president saying anything else for a program being nationally televised. They were stupid questions. I watched about the first two minutes of the show and could not take the fake “friendly” conversation. This man is on television nearly every week, do you expect anything he says to be an honest answer? He is working on his “image,” which is all he has, considering that he has no accomplishments.

  • http://domestic-vocation.blogspot.com Christine the Soccer Mom

    In context, the gift quote makes much more sense. So I’ll concede that, especially since it seems to be much more a gentle jab at his wife. I, too, think they are a great couple, and in the interview I watched with them last year, I marveled at how great they are together. Really, they have some serious chemistry going on there.

    Gail has a point about the grade. A presidential answer, if you’ll indulge me here, would have been, “Honestly, that is for America to decide, not me. Any teacher knows you can’t grade your own term papers, you know?”

    His immaturity is certainly there, and dearest Anchoress has shown it repeatedly, but it seems the gift-giving comment is not one of those instances. And I admit I was wrong in thinking it was. What’s a shame is that we didn’t think it was so far off in left field for him to say a thing like that!

    Anyway, blessed Advent.

    [Even in context, though, in playful banter, it's an odd thing to say. I think if my husband said it to me, I'd wonder about it. Especially since he once "gifted" me with a new car stereo that was really meant for him! :-) -admin]