Two stupid, nasty women

I’m sorry, I’m just in no mood for foolishness today, and it’s made me a tad less diplomatic than I like to try to be.

But I must direct your attention to two stupid, nasty women. And, perhaps, one deluded man. No, two deluded men!

Martha Coakley: Evidence of Stupid:

Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’ she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that.

Um. Yes, stupid. It’s the best thing a politician running in Boston can do. Idiot.

The Boston Globe (not exactly a bastion of ethical, clean reportage) tells us this is Coakley “picking her targets carefully”.

As opposed to you know, letting one of your associates get physical, while you stand there and watch, which is evidence of being both nasty (or at least being callous) and -again- evidence of stupidity. My word, lady, that is not what is meant by “bully” pulpit!

So, there you have Martha Coakley: As nasty as Barbara Boxer; as stupid as Patty Murray. She’ll fit right in with the senate, if what we are looking for is “more of the same.”

More evidence of stupid

Stupid and staggeringly incompetent! I can’t even believe what I just read.

Gail Collins:, of the increasingly haphazard NY Times, makes my job easy by being stupid and nasty in one craptacular column, wherein she admits Coakley is a disaster, but gamely shows her non-biased, professional newsgal support for her, anyway by…going after Scott Brown’s kids. Because it’s what people like Collins do. So, stupid enough to back the stupid and nasty Coakley; nasty enough to bring kids into it, yet again. Your honor, I rest my case.

Deluded man #1: That would be President Obama who … oh, I’ll just let Ed explain it.

Deluded man #2: Newt Gingrich says he is top contender for 2012: Note to Newt; you’re not.

Honestly, I’m beginning to think everyone in public office is nuts, a majority of people in the media are nuts, and that yes, the voters are dangling off the Cliffs of Insanity, themselves.

Ed Driscoll has a huge roundup on Coakley, including the (paraphrased here) “maybe Catholics shouldn’t work in healthcare” soundbite.

Michelle Malkin says this is Coakley’s Marie Antoinette moment

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  • Winefred

    Not Newt Not Newt Not Newt Not

    Newt, thou shalt Not

    Newt Not — Nothing New in That

    No No No No

    Never Never Never Never Never (Shakespeare)

    Give it up –
    You’re smart enough to know it’s a No-Go, Newt,
    notwithstanding you were outstanding once but that was then, this is now, Old News Newt

    How Now Brown Cow?
    Scott Brown Wows NOW.

    Good Night, Sweet Newt.


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  • ECM

    I can’t really add anything that Winefred didn’t already cover (if not entirely succinctly).

  • newton

    Forget it, Newt. There’s only one newton! ;-)


    Coakley is not only clueless: she is unjust. The kind of person you don’t want as Attorney General in a state, let alone a United States Senator.

    Did you get to hear the interview with Gerald Amirault? You must. Poor man! Poor family! An innocent man caught on the worst of injustices. She could have done the right thing, but she wanted to feather her prosecutorial hat and let him chained to a wrongful conviction. If she can do that to one innocent person, how many more are waiting in the wings?

    That woman must be defeated. Are you listening, MA?

  • Obi’s Sister


  • luvewe

    I totally agree, but your comments still made me laugh out loud. It just sounded so much like me when I read these things. It really has turned into a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

  • Linda

    I LOVE your blog! Mostly because of your decidedly deep thoughts about things of faith that are near and dear to me, but occasionally when you go nuclear about the injustices of the world. (Like having to put up with ‘stupid, nasty’ people.) You made my day:)

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  • John

    I was at a conference back in the spring of 2000 where Gail Collins’ gave a speech that even managed to anger the head of the Associated Press’ Texas bureau (boiled down, it was basically, “The national press like the New York Times is going to say nasty and inaccurate things about Texas during the upcoming campaign because George W. Bush is your governor, and there’s nothing you can do about it but relax and enjoy it, like that crappy old Confucius rape joke.”). So Collins is at least going into her second decade of being stupid and nasty.

  • Gerry

    Coakley goes way beyond stupid here

  • Gerry

    URL above doesn’t seem to work – it’s


  • miriam

    Nobody could be stupider than Patty Murray. I first heard of her when she declared that Osama bin Laden was loved by the people because he built day care centers.

    Clueless, and not even knowing that there was a clue somewhere.

  • Elaine S.

    Here’s a possible silver lining in the electoral clouds — the latest Rasmussen poll shows Brown trailing Coakley by only TWO percentage points, and among respondents who say they definitely will vote, Brown is AHEAD by two points :-) He could win this thing IF his voters remain more committed and turn out in greater numbers than the Coakley voters. Even if he loses by 5 points or less, that would be a huge accomplishment for the GOP in a state as “blue” as Massachusetts.

  • Firehand

    Not Newt. No, nay never, no more. Among other things, after the way he tried to take over/take credit for the tea parties? Bleeping forget it.

    Reading about this, I can’t decide if Coakley is just so arrogant and stupid she can’t be bothered with thinking about the effect of what she says, or if she so expected this to be presented to her that she’s resentful and ticked off that she actually has to run for the office.

  • shanasfo

    Well, MA did vote for a Republican governor once, although Gov. Weld was only just barely an (R). I remember it well, because I was one of the happy NO KERRY for GOV voter.

    I also relish that election for another reason. I also gleefully voted against Ted Kennedy that same day.

    Ah, If only I lived there now so as to relive that glorious day with a vote for Brown as another vote ‘gainst Teddy err — mmm–

  • Ruth H

    I’m with Winifred on the Newt thing. His ego is as large as Obama’s.
    As for Coakley I cannot believe she can come up with something asinine every. single. day. Every time she appears arrogance rears its ugly head.
    And I’m just not trying to be nice about it.;D

  • Elaine S.

    “MA did vote for a Republican governor once, although Gov. Weld was only just barely an (R).”

    Did you forget Mitt Romney?

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  • Kelly Two

    Not to mention Republican Governor William Weld.

    Re: religious workers as ER personnel, the proposed amendment to a bill that Scott Brown proposed for this religious conscience clause also included a provision that the hospital find and transport the patient to a facility which would provide these services. Not good enough for some people.

    Does Martha not know that Catholics (nuns, especially) built and staffed dozens and dozens of hospitals in MA, and hundreds if not thousands across the nation? Perhaps Martha should stop for a moment and ponder why so many hospitals are named after saints.

    She’s run a completely lame, tone-deaf campaign. I pray every day for Scott to win, so we can break the stranglehold of liberal Democrats on Beacon Hill and in DC. Let the Kennedy/Kerry era be OVAH!

  • marybel

    FWIW, Wikipedia has Coakley’s religion listed as Roman Catholic. Mary Martha Coakley.

    “Perhaps Martha should stop for a moment and ponder why so many hospitals are named after saints. ”

    It might behoove Mary Martha to also ponder why on earth she was named after two such wondrous saints only to bring dishonor upon herself.

  • Susan in Seattle

    Yes, Patty Murray is as stupid as a mud fence.
    Her tagline years ago was, “I’m just a mom in tennis shoes.” That, she certainly is. The voters in my neck of the woods keep sending her back to the Senate though, so who is more stupid?!

  • Francis McLaughlin

    Perhaps readers will be interested in my letter below published in the West Roxbury Transcript yesterday.

    To the editor:

    I’ve been a registered Massachusetts Democrat for sixty years, and I’m voting for Scott Brown, and so are many of my family members, including my six siblings and many of the 50 plus family members of voting age in the next two generations. I’ve also contributed to Brown’s campaign and to two organizations endorsing him – the Coalition for Marriage and the Family and the Massachusetts Citizens for Life Federal Political Action Committee.

    Don’t dismiss me as one of those Reagan Democrats – I was enough of a long time New Deal, New Frontier and Great Society Democrat not to have voted for Ronald Reagan. But, I’ve had more than enough of those elected legislators in my party who march in lockstep with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and those people who hope to profit from the laboratory production and ultimate destruction of human beings by using them to obtain stem cells as raw material for production and research.

    The press reports that Scott Brown is pro-choice and supports Roe v. Wade. Nevertheless, at the level of practical politics Brown has supported those reasonable restrictions on abortion access that are compatible with the jurisprudence of Roe v. Wade. That is something, I’m sad to say the bulk of elected Massachusetts Democrats have been unwilling to do.

    I’m quite disappointed with the way in which the bulk of the Massachusetts Legislature and the Governor rolled over in support of the Goodridge decision in which the Supreme Judicial Court majority took over the legislative function of government and redefined marriage (which from time immemorial described a relationship based essentially on the sexual complementarity of male and female) as a relationship with no essential connection to sexual complementarity and the procreation of children. Although I hope I am wrong, I fear the substantive long term effects of decisions like Goodridge will be negative from the perspectives of religious liberty, the well being of the institution of natural marriage, and children. One immediate negative effect of Goodridge was the forcing out of the adoption business of Catholic Charities of Boston, an agency which pioneered in placement for adoption of hard to place children.

    For these reasons this Democrat supports Scott Brown. Perhaps other Massachusetts Democrats will vote as I will. Perhaps a Brown victory will serve as a wake-up call to Massachusetts Democrats, and the Democratic party nationally, to return to its roots (which it dramatically demonstrated it rejected when Governor Casey of Pennsylvania was denied a speaking role at the 1992 convention because he was not acceptable to NARAL) and support the most vulnerable of human beings and the strengthening of traditional families.

    Francis McLaughlin

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  • Sr_Lisa

    Thank you for this article! You’ve said the things that I’ve been wanting to say much better than I could have said it. God bless!