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Missing persons: Blogger Bookworm is sending out an SOS to other bloggers trying to alert people to this story about a couple who may be lost in the snows:

Ryan Barrett and his girlfriend, Viola Liu left on Saturday, January 16, at 2:00 p.m. to go camping with their three dogs (2 huskies & a lab) in his red 2005 Toyota Tacoma pick up truck (with shell.) They were scheduled to return home on Monday evening, January 18, 2010. We have not heard from them.

Bookworm has pictures at her site and a connection to this missing couple. More information can be found here. And of course, let us pray that everyone is safe, somewhere, and waiting out the snow in an area with no phone reception.

Oakland A’s minor-leaguer Grant Desme is leaving baseball for the priesthood:

“I’m doing well in baseball. But I had to get down to the bottom of things, to what was good in my life, what I wanted to do with my life. Baseball is a good thing, but that felt selfish of me when I felt that God was calling me more. It took awhile to trust that and open up to it and aim full steam toward him … I love the game, but I’m going to aspire to higher things.”

More on that here H/T to reader Frances

Pope to Priests: Go forth and blog! The Theology of technology? I’ve gone ahead and blog-rolled the Pope!

Sarah Palin campaigns for John McCain and some conservatives erupt, decrying the “politics as usual”. Considering Palin would still be a relative unknown in Alaska (and not a national player) were it not for McCain, seems to me it is only proper for her to give the man some support. But then I have never liked purity tests for either the right or the left. I’ll write more about that, later.

Realignment? Or, just, you know political expediency and rats running from a ship.

Yesterday was the annual March for Life
in Washington DC: Sr. Bernadette Reis has some thoughts on what the prolife movement needs. And here is a personal account of a marcher’s first time marching. Also, check this out.

Haiti: Team Rubicon is doing great stuff – and do read this piece about Br. Jim Boynton:

Jim, a friendly, hardworking, no-nonsense, compassionate and devout Jesuit Brother, has found himself in the midst of the Haitian crisis, and is also working with “Team Rubicon,”a group of “self-deployed” former Marines, soldiers and health care professionals. Here he speaks with BBC Worldwide about the nobility of the Haitian people. To BBC he tells this story of what he said to his home pastor before the earthquake: “I hope at some point I can get to a love for the Haitians that is not based in pity…For the last three days, I no longer have pity for them…I have love and admiration.”

Petit Goave gets some coverage. There are miracles in the tragedies, though. More here

Quote of the Day

Hillary Clinton: Opportunistic, expedient and less tone deaf than Obama

Remember the gorgeous pictures of snowflakes I posted here? Even in black and white I still see that more-than-mortal beauty And more here

48-Hour Blog Poll: if 2012 primaries were held today, who would you support?

The aughts were awesome!

Defending Benedict

A flurry of Bush Appreciation pieces were published over the week. You can actually Thank W here

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  • dry valleys

    I wrote out a massive comment but I forgot to enter my own name so it never got sent- silly person, eh? That’ll teach me to blog whilst drinking Pernod :)

    Main themes:

    1. Those who expected Palin to forge an identity seperate to McCain were always going to be disappointed. She isn’t a warrior for whatever cause you want her to support, she is in “politics” to make as much money as possible for Sarah Palin. Not such a bad motive, I’d like a few bob myself, but not one that should be mistaken for supporting Tea Partiers or whoever else needs a figurehead.

    2. There was also a big story about Obama confronting (or more likely ineffectually saing he was going to confront) finance. I did my bit by no longer banking with banker scum who were bailed out. They’ll not be seeing any more of my moiney. Oh, no, until the next bailout that is.

    But it was a big deal. Brown won’t do anything & nor will Camoron. You’d have tyhought that if the state got involved it would try making sure business as usual doesn’t recur.

    Aye, I’m a bit the worse for wear. But I have indicated a bit of this & that that actually seems to have got little coverage in America & such as it has was positive.

  • Andrew B

    I don’t get the complaints of most on the right about Palin’s endorsement of McCain. She gave her word to him and–here’s the only real shocker in modern politics–she intends to keep it.

    I voted for McCain while holding my nose, but I respect Sarah Palin now more than ever. Do we really need someone else in Washington who will disavow a promise because it has become somehow inconvenient? Would she be more admirable if she cut and run like a typical sail-trimming politician?

    God bless her for doing the right thing (ethically speaking, because I hope McCain loses) in a tough situation. Can anyone imagine that Barack Obama would support someone when that person was no longer able to provide some clear advantage?

  • http://www.stblogustine.blogspot.com Matt

    Thanks for the shout-out. The March For Life was great, even if the MSM coverage was pathetic.

  • cathyf

    Minor nit — that’s Brother Jim Boynton, SJ, in Haiti.

  • http://www.gesthemanegarden.blogspot.com Hislittlelamb

    the couple’s been found. His mom hired a private helicopter to comb the mountains looking for them. They were found 3 hours later. They were stranded from flooding.

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