What Does Obama Like About America?

We know all the things the Obama administration dislikes about America:
Banks, business, journalists who ask actual questions, investors, entrepreneurs, unintimidated voters, traditional alliances, military tribunals, Gitmo, the private sector, the middle class, cities that are still thriving, or trying not to turn into Detroit, people who make more than federal workers while working within the private sector, George W. Bush, transparency, capitalism and possibly the rights to free speech, the rights to dissent and tea partiers.

Also, in general, he doesn’t seem to like being president, much, and having to do more than look pretty, read the teleprompter spend money and blame Bush.

What does he like about America? As one sycophant in the WH press corp has asked, What “enchants” him? The question is worth asking as Obama seems to be declaring a war against suburbia. 77% of investors think our president is against business. Jobs? I guess we’ll all have to work for the government. It’s the only thing Obama seems to like.

It seems to me that Obama stopped enjoying being president
when the Ft. Hood massacre occurred, and Obama had to focus on something besides domestic legislation. His speech at Ft. Hood was alright, but his initial responses to it were less-than inspiring, and recent reports about the incident are less-than-reassuring. That the Obama government can put out a report on Fr. Hood that does not mention Islam or terrorism communicates that Obama is still very uncomfortable with Ft. Hood

Since that event, Obama has seemed prickly and generally in a bad mood. He looks, increasingly, like a man who wishes it would all just go away. His exposed disconnect is disconcerting, his spending habits are deplorable and his instincts about the war on terror seem, um, undeveloped. Whether it comes to who is and his not prosecuted in a court of law, Obama’s Justice Department is remarkably troubling, as is Obama’s odd suggestion that the Justice Department seems to work independently of him, and he has no control over Eric Holder’s decisions.

I mean, he only hired the guy.

Byron York writes:

It seems like a pretty simple question. Who made the decision to charge Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the accused terrorist arrested for trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet on Christmas Day, as an everyday criminal, as opposed to an enemy combatant?

After all, Abdulmutallab was trained by al Qaeda, equipped with an al Qaeda-made bomb, and dispatched by al Qaeda to bring down the airliner and its 278 passengers. Even though the Obama administration has mostly abandoned the term “war on terror,” the president himself has said clearly that the United States is at war with al Qaeda. So who decided to treat Abdulmutallab as a civilian, read him the Miranda warning, and provide him with a government-paid lawyer — giving him the right to remain silent and denying the United States potentially valuable intelligence that might have been gained by a military-style interrogation?

Writes the WaPo:

The Obama administration had three options: It could charge [Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab] in federal court. It could detain him as an enemy belligerent. Or it could hold him for prolonged questioning and later indict him, ensuring that nothing Mr. Abdulmutallab said during questioning was used against him in court.

It is now clear that the administration did not give serious thought to anything but Door No. 1. This was myopic, irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Ah, that Eric Holder,
the rogue AG who apparently does not communicate with his president!

Obama seems very content to keep his distance from his appointments, his legislators, his allies, and the nation he wants to govern, or at least that is the impression one gets. I am not the only one who thinks that Obama is not much liking being president

Maybe it’s me; maybe I can’t see any Obama speech as a good one these days. But today in Ohio, it seemed like the president was way off his game. But I thought he was defensive, prickly, almost indignant that he’s found himself in the tough spot that he’s in.

He began by talking about how much he didn’t like being in Washington, and apparently said something about the job being stifling. Sir, you spent two years trying to get this job.

One of his rallying cries as, “This is not about me!” Yes, Mr. President, but it’s about the decisions you make and the policies you’re trying to enact.

Now that the glory and adulation have passed, now that the pageant has ended, and the presidency has become a real job, requiring real maturity and a bit of real (not faux) open-mindedness, Obama seems unhappy with most Americans (except the unions) and the feeling of unhappiness and distrust is quite mutual.

Obama is not an optimist; in his incoherence, he cannot passably communicate his love of country (or countrymen) with reliability. He reminds me of Jimmy Carter, with less bitterness but more malaise.

We need better than this, and we deserve better than this. We need a president who seems to understand who Americans are. We need a president who wants to be the president, and not the prince. We need a president who seem to actually like his country.

We need a president who…well…actually…we need a president.

What? Too much? Too over the top? Come on, some people make a very good living by opining in just that way!

Fausta asks: What Does Obama Want?

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  • http://RadioPatriot.wordpress.com Andrea Shea King

    Great piece, Anchoress.

    Here’s what I think… Obama wasn’t so much elected to the job as he was “selected” by the power elite who control the world’s finances and fervently desire to move us into a NWO.

    And just as Obama was “selected” by the powers that be behind the curtain, so were the people who “serve” with him. The fact that Holder, Rahm, Axelrod et al come from the same Chicago cesspool is a convenience. The kingmakers knew where to find their puppets.

    Now they’ve placed them in their various roles to implement the “grand design”, and move the progressive agenda forward.

    I’m pretty sure they thought they’d get it through in record time, expecting that Americans would continue their apathetic somnolence.

    Back to my point: Holder doesn’t report to Obama anymore that Obama reports to the people who elected him. They all report to the ones that brung them to the dance. Obama appears disconnected from them because he is. He ain’t da boss. The ones pulling his strings are.


  • Gloria

    At his recent townhall in Ohio, Obama made it clear that he doesn’t like being in Washington, doesn’t like his job there. I suggest that Obama doesn’t like being President because it’s a job and a job requires work.

    Obama never really had a real job before. Community organizing involved nothing more than talking with people. Obama never provided a list of actual accomplishments from his community organizing days, and he accomplished nothing when he was in the Illinois legislature. When he lectured at the University of Chicago, that’s all he did–he did not publish articles the way a normal professor would have done. In the White House, he did not work with his staff to write up health care or cap and trade legislation that would be acceptable to him–he delegated those tasks to Pelosi and Reid instead.

    Obama doesn’t like work; he doesn’t know how to work. He likes to chat with people. You’re right–”we need a president.”

  • DrD

    I think Andrea is dead on the money. The Won was selected for the job by the puppet masters, and now that he has served their role for him, he is bored with the job. Gloria is entirely correct in pointing out that he never had a job before, and this is what makes it so stunning that the American people were lulled into electing him to the highest office in the land. It is like the majority of the nation were sound asleep!

    Fortunately, there are signs that the nation is waking up. We have to pray that it is in time to revive before the puppet master drop the curtain on the NWO and we are all made slaves. The thing that seems to be helping us most at this time is their very arrogance, something that traditionally has not played well with Americans. We must hope that their blindness continues so that it serves to prod our people awake.

    The process in Europe has gone along much the same lines, but they are well ahead of the US. It was the desire for the US to “catch up” with Europe that has backfired. Europe has not had such a beneficial discontinuity, but rather the slow, progressive (double meaning intended) decay of their society. Remember that Europe was once strongly Christian; today, Europe is only faintly Christian, just the slightest residue, while the muzlims are surging. We should thank God for their arrogance of the communists in our government and the wake up it has given us!

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    in general, he doesn’t seem to like being president, much, and having to do more than look pretty, read the teleprompter and blame Bush. . . . Obama has seemed prickly and generally in a bad mood. He looks, increasingly, like a man who wishes it would all just go away.

    Yes, it is quite a long fall, when one who thought that he was like a god, having eaten that fruit, has his eyes opened and he discovers that he is not. In terror, he runs away and tries to hide from reality. He get annoyed when reality intrudes nonetheless. And he thereafter finds that his life is not a paradise, but one filled with drudgery. Being god is not what he thought it was going to be like.

  • Judith L

    A home run, Anchoress.

    Remember when the O’s had lived in the White House a few short days and they felt the need to “escape” to read stories to D.C. school children? There was a photo of them looking at the children as if asking the children for help. A chill went down my spine when I saw it. The “style” they have brought to the WH is disturbingly like celebs who must stay entertained to keep boredom at bay.

  • Elaine

    I am hoping and praying that Obama will begin to see and hear what the American people are saying to him and change course pronto. What I am really afraid of is that he will continue to see only his way and put us all in a real pickle. I think even worse than health care is his attitude towards terrorism. I just can’t believe he will go through with that trial in NYC. If that goes ahead I am afraid it will be a disaster for the country and for his presidency.

  • MJ

    An absolute home run, dear Anchoress!!

    Your post is not over the top. These past few days Obama has been like a petulant child. He isn’t getting his way and, lately, this “being President” gig is way too much work for someone who, in recent history, hasn’t really worked like most Americans.

    I question whether he really knows how angry the American people are with his policies. In listening to his recent rhetoric, he seems oblivious to that anger. Let’s just keep on pushing those unpopular policies!!

    I pray the American people do not doze off again. Our liberty and freedom is too important.

  • DeLynn

    Anchoress, the others are right on the money–this post is (unfortunately!) a home run.

    I suspect Obama likes America because it gave him the opportunity to be the president in spite of being very unqualified. He also probably likes the fact that he was able to become a wealthy man in America. Other than that, I don’t think there is much that he likes about our country.

    I think your comment of several weeks ago that Obama really wanted to be a king, not a president, hit the nail on the head. Being president is way too much work.

    This is all quite disturbing. We are only 25% done with his administration. We have a LONG way to go.

  • Scott Jerome

    That’s a very good question, Anchoress.

    I think that what Obama loves about America is the ability to dream. America is a land where dreams can come true.
    I think he’s a romantic who has always had a private image in his heart of a hero rising up out of the underclass who would topple the king and bring perfect harmony to all the land.

  • Scott Jerome

    Oh…I forgot to mention one thing about Obama’s dream.
    It’s the same dream that Benito Mussolini had.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Does Obama appreciate America for having elected him, does he like America as the land of opportunity?

    Not. One. Bit.

    Obama comes from the neo-Marxist school of “justice.” He only took what already belonged to him, what was owed to him. His entire being is about settling scores, getting “even,” “taking on” this group, “going after” that group, fighting this person, taking down that person, all in the name of fill-in-the-blank justice — social justice, economic justice, racial justice, gender justice, etc.

    He comes from the school of “everything in the world is crap” and needs to be changed and reinvented because God obviously did a lousy job of it and he thinks that he can do better.

  • David

    I do not think that Obama’s psyche permits him to “see himself as others see him.”

    He seems to have the guiding narcissism that drove the “stern parent” leaders in history who were so destructive. How this will play out in our representative democracy is hard to know, but I don’t think his motivation to spank the naughty citizens will have much drawing power from here on out.

  • Susan in Seattle

    Indeed, yes, “we need a president.”
    You must be feeling better ! ; – )

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Reading this account of the underwear bomber’s “interrogation” is mind-boggling.

    The FBI questioning lasted all of 50 minutes, and that was while he was being medically treated for his burns. The rest of the “interrogation” consisted of statements he made while in the ambulance and statements he made to the treating physician at the hospital. That’s it. And it is likely that NONE OF IT will be admissible in court.

  • pam

    You really have a way with words…my thoughts are just jumbled in my head they would never come out making any sense. I really admire you and have for a long time…that being said I know you would not want to mislead people. You said that “77% of Americans think our president is against business.” Actually it is 77% of investors think he is against business.

    Thank you for all you do. I love all things Catholic and all things political…you cover it all.

    [Good catch, thanks- I was writing too fast -admin]

  • fred lapides

    and just what did you say when Bush had the shoe bomber tried in a civil court and the guy got a life sentence? where you outraged then? Nah…

    silly stuff here.
    look at any decent poll and you will find that the president is hardly disliked…he rating are still decent, and has won support from large segments of the public and our friends overseas.

    the GOP still has no substantive policies. Do they insist still up “the free market”? That is, deregulate all things so we can implode the economy again?

    The banks like him; he bailed them out, as did Bush.

  • Jude

    The president has shown his contempt for the country via the recent banking fiasco, which is a direct result of (punishment for) the Massachusetts election of Mr. Brown.

    His contempt is palpable by the frustration he must be feeling that the ‘rest of us’ just don’t understand what this is all about. That if we only understood what was at stake and how smart he and his posse were, then we would all fall in lock-step.

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  • AC Chickadee

    I felt a renewed confidence in my country when Brown won. He’s not really a Conservative, but he seems decent and capable – two qualities sorely missing in most politicians in Washington. After Obama was elected, my only hope was that we are too independent in this great country to put up with him and his agenda. I hope I’m right.

  • Sadie

    It seem to me that this sort of article is just the flip side of the adulation Obama received from his many acolytes during the 2008 campaign. Where he could not fail to please now he only disappoints.

    Many people on both sides of the political spectrum invested irrational expectations in Obama while he was running for President. They chose to see in him that which they could only hope would be there. And now we think we see him more clearly. We think he seems sullen and unhappy. But maybe we see him that way because we had decided he would be the wellspring of our hope and inspiration and so must necessarily be the source of our present anxiety and fears.

    Do we really believe that the President doesn’t love America? Do we think he doesn’t want the best for his country and his people? He may not have the right ideas or lacks the ability to accomplish anything beneficial but it seems unfair to conclude that he wouldn’t wish it to be otherwise.

    It has to be a terrible burden, to be the cause of so much disappointment. If it seems that he doesn’t like us very much maybe this the reason why.

    [And yet President Bush was openly reviled throughout his presidency by the press, the opposition and even some in his own party; one never had the sense that he "didn't like us very much" because being president was hard, and we were disappointed. In fact, even when his helicopter was leaving DC and the idiots on the ground were singing "hey, hey, hey, goodbye" one never thought for a second that Bush did not like us. -admin]

  • Jennifer

    Not too much at all, Anchoress. Right on the money, actually. I’m so thrilled to read it, to have someone actually say it.

    Obama has always been a spoiled, indulged, placated, pampered elitist snob. He has never been a leader or a servant of the people.

  • http://striderweb.com/ Stephen R

    Andrea said: “Obama wasn’t so much elected to the job as he was “selected” by the power elite….”

    Actually, I think the Powers What Is wanted Hillary. I think they put Obama out there to get him some face time, and to start grooming him for a later “real” run; and they were caught by surprise when the D voters gave it to Obama. What the hell do they do now? They’d played the cards, and it was too late to pull him out. Now they’re stuck with him.

  • http://striderweb.com/ Stephen R

    Sadie says: “Do we really believe that the President doesn’t love America? Do we think he doesn’t want the best for his country and his people?”

    Well… I personally think that he doesn’t like what the country is — he loves the image of what he thinks he can make it.

    He is a socialist, and this country is not a socialist country. He wants “what’s best” in the sense that he wants it to become a socialist country, because that’s what he believes is best. The fact that that is not what Americans overall want, and that’s not what this country is, is just an obstacle to be overcome in the process of making it “better”.

  • Joe DeVet

    “We deserve better than this.”?

    No, “we” don’t. “We” elected a man who was easily identified as an empty bag of wind at best, and an evil, pro-abortion far-left Alinsky style radical at worst. The latter is being borne out as his presidency unfolds. But all this was predictable enough during the campaign (though I admit the toxic policies are coming faster and furiouser than I feared.)

    However, “we” could not muster enough sense to see past the Messiah disguise. Or perhaps it’s just that “we” were fast asleep. “We” seemed not to be able to discern between voting for a president and voting for the latest American Idol.

    Maybe you and I deserve better. After all, “I” didn’t vote for this fraud, and I suspect you didn’t either. But “we” did, and for that reason “we” deserve every bit of it.

  • Sadie

    “[And yet President Bush was openly reviled throughout his presidency by the press, the opposition and even some in his own party... one never thought for a second that Bush did not like us. -admin]”

    No one ever invested in Bush the expectations so many people did in Obama. There is no comparison at all. For the most part Bush couldn’t disappoint because there wasn’t that much expected of him. Even now, those who hate him the most always did hate him, and those who liked him wished things had turned out better in his second term but aren’t all that surprised by some of his mistakes. We didn’t see Bush as a magical figure, nobody did.

    If millions of people think you are magic it must be hard not to get sucked into the hype and it must be really hard not to seem a little bitter when people start to turn on you because you weren’t the mystical light-worker, the One, the Answer to everyone’s problems.

    Obama is failing as a President. This isn’t a surprise to those who realized that no one human being could ever meet the outrageous expectations people had of him. He might still be considered a disappointment even if people had had Bush-sized expectations of him. But if the expectations had been at that level would there really be this kind of reaction about his dismal performance? Maybe he wouldn’t be coming across so defensive and a little hostile. Maybe he wouldn’t have a reason to feel that way.

    I think we’d all be better off if we expected a lot less from Obama. This would give him a chance to surprise us. As Bush 43 and other Presidents did now and again.

  • Michael

    Obama never wanted to “be” President. He wanted to be “elected”. He wanted to run. He wanted the adoring crowds, the fame, the international acclaim, etc. But not the actual job.

    How could he have? He doesn’t like America, so it must be terribly hard for him to go to work cheerfully or at least with a good attitude.

    Now that the legislative agenda he had to keep him lightly amused is finished, he has only three years of misery to look forward to. His best case is if he gets thorugh and avoids total embarrassment.

    It could be a very, very rough three years for the nation. He may go depressive (if he isn’t already there). He may lash out. He may be unpredictable. He may go insular. He may go a lot of ways and most of them not good.

    He’d do best to be quiet for several months unless there is an emergency. He said yesterday what he should do – nothing. I think he was pleading for a way out by sounding as if he was going to do the opposite. Rule of thumb: anyone who says they are going to fight, fight, fight, fight about 50 times is probably wishing like anything to not fight at all but to get away.

    How did we elect this man?

  • http://westernchauvinist.blogspot.com Western Chauvinist

    “We need a president who seem to actually like his country.”

    Yes – well, some of us knew from the very beginning that he didn’t like his country very much. The hubby and I were just watching Brett Baier’s documentary, Obama in His Own Words where they showed his announcement of his candidacy. He said right then, and many times subsequently in the campaign that he wanted to “transform” America. You don’t say that about a country you think is fundamentally good and decent – or even likable. Can you imagine him saying this about his wife? “I love Michelle, but I want to transform her.”

    Michael Medved commented on Friday how Obama is similar to Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter et al. He called them “negative activist” presidents, I think. Meaning, the more critical the people became of them, the more convinced they became they were doing the right thing. So they “doubled down” on their efforts. I expect the worst from Obama. I think the more criticism he gets, the more racist and stupid we’ll become to him. And he’ll become more embittered and hostile to the people he’s supposed to be leading. For whatever my two cents are worth, I expect things to get a lot worse.

  • http://westernchauvinist.blogspot.com Western Chauvinist

    Oh – and just let me add, I’d be very happy to be wrong about this. If he started triangulating like Bill Clinton, it would be the best thing for his presidency and the country. Let us pray.

  • CJ

    #23–Ellie Light, is that you?

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    and just what did you say when Bush had the shoe bomber tried in a civil court and the guy got a life sentence? where you outraged then? Nah…

    So, fred, you are saying that Bush was wrong? You are saying that he should have simply sent Richard Reid to Gitmo (even though I do not believe Gitmo was even established yet as a holding place for terrorists, the attempted shoe bombing having occurred on December 22, 2001)?

    Actually, I agree. Although I don’t have any express recollection of what I thought at the time, it was very likely to treat every captured enemy as an enemy combatant.

    As for the Anchoress, fred, I don’t know that she even had a blog back in December 2001, so your sniveling little snark really doesn’t even make sense in that regard.

  • Donal

    fred lapidies you wrote “and just what did you say when Bush had the shoe bomber tried in a civil court and the guy got a life sentence? where you outraged then? Nah…”

    You are wrong. The guy was charged in an Iraqi criminal court for assault and was sentenced to three years which was later reduced to one year. Next time I’d suggest you ask someone if they are outraged about something that actually happened otherwise its you who ends up looking quite silly.

  • Rock

    You forgot trucks, christian values, Christmas, bibles and guns. It is not what he likes, but more like why does he hate America. His wife statement that his being elected was the first time she was proud to be an American is the telling indicator in his attitude. Americans going world wide to help people around the world after natural disasters, corrupt government and a laundry list of other ills fills her with no pride? That plays well to the average American.

  • Jude

    I don’t know which polls you are looking at Fred, but the ones I watch have Obama’s approval rating steadily dropping and his job approval at under 45%. I guess I might be stupid, but I don’t think that means the people still like him. in fact, we are getting close to where everyone is going to deny having voted for him.

    As for our friends overseas – he and our country were made laughingstocks by his silly-assed bowing to foreign leaders.

  • soozie

    And what’s up with the Ahmadinejad look, going tieless?

  • Ellen

    I don’t know if Obama likes this country. In my heart, I fear he doesn’t. Father Wade asked us to begin some extra prayers or spiritual readings during Ordinary Time. I’ve decided to pray the old Leonine Prayers every day for my country.

  • expat

    Fred Lapides: The average person abroad (at least in Europe gets a very edited view of American politics. The media I see (mostly German) seem to take their info from presidential press releases, Hollywood types like Clooney and Penn, and lede paragraphs in the NYT. The coverage is similar to that for Michael Jackson and Madonna. Whether Obama is popular among these people is no measure of his worth. The people who know what is going on are all shaking their heads about him and making contingency arrangements. I bet a few wish now that they had had the guts to stand up for some of Bush’s policies.

    Believe me, support for Obama is as shallow as it is broad.

  • Jim Hicks

    This is probably the best political column you have written. Most of the comments are also dead-on.

    Republicans, upsettingly, were part of the plan by not nominating an electable candidate. This is the same approach they took against Clinton in 1996. I am inclined to think the power brokers wanted Hillary, with perhaps Obama as VP. Then some (we really do not know who) started to pump big money into the Obama campaign. Once they saw the media starting to get a “thrill up their legs” the power brokers switched sides to Obama.

    Finally, America is waking up. Now we will start sending more Scott Browns to Washington!

    [Scott Brown was a very good candidate; I would caution against building him up as much more than that, until you see him at work. I'm sure within weeks we're going to start hearing him called a RINO or a CINO by the "pure" Conservatives, who still think there is some "perfect" politician out there. There isn't. When you say the GOP did not nominate an electable candidate, you must remember that "the base" refused to get behind anyone because no one was "pure" enough. Mitt was too this, Rudy was too that, Huckabee was too the other thing. I know the GOP likes to say that the press chose McCain for them, but the truth is the GOP refused to settle on anyone, because their purity test has become all-consuming, and no one can meet it. The Reagan of 1980 could not have met it. He'd be accused of supporting "shamnesty."-admin]

  • Khanski

    Somehow this does not seem to be surprising. Long before the 2008 election, voices were raised about his qualifications. These were dismissed as raciest, bigoted, etc. Where were the critical questions to him? Outside of a VERY FEW news outlets, HE was the candidate of HOPE & CHANGE.

    One has to wonder why so-called educated people had not the common sense to even question this bubble. More damning is what kind of educational system produced those who lack common sense judgment & critical thinking.

    Sadly, so many of Glenn Beck’s predictions are coming true.


    As with many of the previous commenters, I think that Obama was put into the presidency by the power brokers-whoever they are. I think he was sold on the idea by telling him he could have the adulation, the perks, the glory and the fame, and he bought it. Now that their plans are being met with resistance, and he is being “sent” out to campaign and defend their positions, he feels that he was lied to. Work was not part of the bargain that he made. But, to them, he is expendible. They would actually prefer him to take the blame, and be replaced, and he knows it. He made a Faustian deal, and is regretting it, and he is looking for a way out. That is, in my mind, the only explanation for him having so little “hands on” with so many policies (including decisions made by Holder), and yet having to defend those positions. And I think he is rebelling.
    When there was a discussion about whether or not he would go to Massachusettes, a democrat strategist said how difficult a challenge it is to get him to an event-in terms of security, etc. It made him sound like a product. I think that is how he feels about now.

  • SKAY

    Great post. Great points.

    Obama said in a radio interview(it is on tape)-before running for President–that he had some problems with the Constitution. He did not like the fact that it enumerated all of the things that the government could not do to you–BUT–did not state the things that the government would do FOR you.

    That told me that either he did not have a fundamental understanding of American history or what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are all about–or he rejects them.

    Obama’s past and his associations told us exactly who he was and what his ideology is. No wonder the MSM tried to hide it.

    I remember reading that at some point during the election process,Soros decided to back Obama rather than Hillary. Both had Alinsky leanings so it would be interesting to know the real reason he made that decision.
    We know why he supports pro abortion Catholic groups.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    If Scott Brown starts acting like Arlen Specter or the Maine girls, constantly attempting to blackmail conservatives before stabbing them in the back, using his moderation as a club, as a bargaining chip with which to whore himself to whoever gives him things, rather than authentically and sincerely wanting to do what he said he was going to do, then you’re damn right the conservatives are going to turn on him, as well they should.

    The big tent is all well and good if the big tenters were willing to stay in the tent — but they all too frequently run out of the tent into the Dems camp. Well, screw that. No more. We are done with that kind of big tenter.

    If they want to use conservatives in order to get elected, then they are going to have to go along with the conservatives when the going gets tough. The big tent might be big, but make no mistake, it is a CONSERVATIVE tent.

  • newton

    What does Obama like about America?

    To answer this, I might have to steal a quote from Dwight Eisenhower, when someone asked him what Nixon’s contribution was to his administration’s policies: “If you give me a week, I might think of one.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Salt Lick

    We need a president who…well…actually…we need a president.

    I’ve begun to wonder if we can not only get by, but prosper, with one who’s stymied by gridlock. We’re better, more creative, and hard-working than our government.

  • http://www.theredhunter.com Tom the Redhunter

    The only think Obama – either of them – like about America is that it voted him president.

    Otherwise, as several commenters have pointed out, he doesn’t like us very much. Too many people clinging to their God and guns instead of the government.

    Where from here? As you say, Obama has ceased to enjoy being president. The question is whether he can turn things around for himself.

    Don’t count him out. Bill Clinton rebounded from 1994 magnificently and trounced the GOP in 1996.

    But if Obama continues to fail, he’ll turn on America. His contempt for us will become obvious, and soon he won’t even hide it. It won’t be a pretty thing to watch, especially with so much at stake here and around the world.

  • http://www.actsoftheapostasy.blogspot.com LarryD

    This is an excellent commentary.

    I think what Obama likes about America is the chance he has to make it into a bigger Venezuela.

  • Allison

    No, Obama wanted to become president. He’s *finished* with the job he set out to do: become president.

    Being president is okay with him. It’s the *doing the presidency* that he doesn’t like. He likes the adulation. He likes the jet setting around the world and getting the opportunity to insult Western European rulers. He likes going to get a hamburger with the Secret Service in tow. He likes going to basketball games and getting good seats.

    He doesn’t like *doing* the work.

    And honestly, we don’t need a president as much as we need a strong opposition that can clobber the president.

    We need a party in charge of Congress that can stop the domestic spending, stop the idiocy of the stimulus, health care, cap n trade, etc. We need a party that will force the DoJ to not charge enemy combatants in federal court as common criminals. One that will repeal CPSIA, pay down deficits with repaid TARP, etc. All we need for any of that is a competent Republican party in charge of two houses.

    It is probably too much to expect.

    Obama has never liked America. He intended to rule over its decline, which he believes is best for everyone.

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  • Barbara

    He’s tired, he’s angry, he’s frustrated, he’s surprised – eeeuw! Does he think he’s on Oprah or Dr. Phil ALL the time?
    Suck it up, man up, fella – George Bush’s manly reticence and discretion are looking better and better. What a wussy whiner – so unattractive, so unAmerican.
    I’m voting for a tea partier who’ll promise me not to share their feelings with me.

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