Little Black Book of Violence

Over at PJTV, Dr. Helen talks to Lawrence Kane about his book, The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting.
I had seen this book recommended at Instapundit last year, and put a copy of it into my son Buster’s Christmas stocking.

Watch Dr. Helen’s enjoyable chat with Kane, which I enjoyed and think you will, too.

After watching the video, I gave Buster a call. He says he is almost halfway through the book and likes it quite a lot. “It goes out of its way to deglamorize fighting and discourage the reader by being very upfront in warning about personal risk but it’s also very practical about being aware, and how to avoid a situation. But the book recognizes that sometimes you have to fight, and it is smart about that. The authors are martial arts masters, so they know their stuff; it’s a good read.”

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