Benedict on Living like Prophets

It occurs to me that I have fallen away from my ideal of Fridays being days reserved only for postings on faith. While my first post of the day followed through, I have since (of course) stepped back into the puddle of politics.

But I just read this on a break, and liked it a lot -from Benedictus, Day by Day With Pope Benedict XVI once again:

We can indeed recognize something of God’s plan. This knowledge goes beyond that of my personal fate and my individual path. By its light we can look back on history as a whole and see that this is not a random process but a road that leads to a particular goal. We can come to know an inner logic, the logic of God, within apparently chance happening. Even if this does not enable us to predict what is going to happen at this or that point, nonetheless we may develop a certain sensitivity for the dangers contained in certain things – and for the hopes that are in others. A sense of the future develops, in that I see what destroys the future – because it is contrary to the inner logic of the road – and what, on the other hand, leads onward – because it opens the positive doors and corresponds to the inner design of the whole. To that extent, the ability to diagnose the future can develop. It’s the same with the prophets. They are not to be understood as seers, but as voices who understand time from God’s point of view and can therefore warn us against what is destructive -and, on the other hand, show us the right road forward.

God and the World; A Conversation With Peter Seewald

I do love this beautifully wrought little book, Benedictus.

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