Priceless Obamacare Moment – UPDATE

Over at Instapundit. So good, I must recap it in full:

BEHIND THE CURVE: White House: When Will the GOP Post Their Health Care Bill On The Web?

Republicans: “Our health-care alternative — the full text of the legislation — has been available at for months, which President Obama knows, since he discussed it with us in Baltimore a few weeks ago.”
Posted at by Glenn Reynolds at 8:26 am

I’ve never seen a president with a staff so lazily unconcerned with dotting i’s and crossing t’s or, you know, able to do basic research. But then, Obama is not at all careful about with whom he surrounds himself.

A bit more on Obamacare and the President’s plan:

Well, it can’t be scored, so he won’t be able to go to the “summit” this week and tell the GOP that he can prove any of his dollar-and-cents assertions or cost controls.

Keith Hennessey: doesn’t seem to like it much and wonders about “blame-shifting exit strategies.”

But here is the question: Can a story and a sentence this simple become the catalyst that upends the whole thing?

I wonder…

Obama not in the mood for advice

Meanwhile, AJ Strata’s head is on another page, entirely.

UPDATE: The unending drama of it all!

Heading for the exits
Obamacare would cover these, of course
Yoo and Bybee and ethics vs Holder’s DOJ ethics
Holder stonewalls
The armed community organizers

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  • Jeanne

    Absolutely priceless Obama care moment. And yet the major media just looks the other way. Any other president would have been just RAKED over the coals for those types of remarks, even if made by his or her staff.

  • dicentra

    “I’ve never seen a president with a staff so lazily unconcerned with dotting i’s and crossing t’s or, you know, able to do basic research.”

    You seem to be laboring under the illusion that accuracy or being factual is the point of the exercise.

    It is not. Alinsky taught that the functional definition of “true” is “useful.” Narcissists such as Obama and his admin use language not to tell the truth but to manipulate other people.

    They know damn good and well about the GOP alternative, but pointing it out to the public is not useful to them.

    So they say what IS useful: no more and no less.

  • Ellen

    “It’s my health, it’s my choice”. The GOP should get this out ASAP and repeat it over and over and over again.

  • Manny L.

    I completely agree. This administration is about the most incompetant I’ve ever seen, and it’s not just Obama and his measely two years of experience as Senator. it’s the whole administration. That statement is priceless and a new low for the Obamacare. Would the media not cover for Obama, this should be across everyone’s TV.

    I still have no idea why the administration is still pursuing healthcare. Scott Brown’s election was as close to a referendum on the issue as possible. The only thing I can think of is that the Democrats need to motivate their liberal base or the President will sink into the 30′s for job approval. I find it hard to believe that they really expect anything to become law at this point. it’s all political show.

  • chinotex

    That’s not a bill! How can a bill only be 219 pages long! Come back when you have something that’s at least 1000 pages! /sarcasm

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Obama knew that the Republicans had their alternative out on the web. He’s counting on the uneducated to only read what he’s saying and believe it. If he repeats a lie enough times, people will believe it.

  • Bender

    Can a story and a sentence this simple become the catalyst that upends the whole thing?

    Yes, but one can understand why those on our side might be reluctant to play the Roe card. Once we start citing that as constitutional authority for keeping government out of healthcare, then we get all tangled up in a mess that would be difficult to get out of.

  • P Buchta

    The GOP bill allows the insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.
    GOP Health Care Bill won’t Prevent Insurance Companies From Denying Sick People. This means that if a person get chronically ill there is a good chance that they will lose everything they own to pay their medical costs. Does anyone here really consider the GOP Healthcare plan a viable plan for middle class americans? It appears to me to protect the insurance companies more than anything else.

  • Bender

    Not to be a cold, heartless, son of a bitch, but to insure against a pre-existing condition is an oxymoron. Insurance, by definition, is coverage of future risk of loss, not certain present and future loss.

    Auto insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing collision damage. Fire insurance companies deny coverage on a house that is already burning. That is the nature of insurance.

    Coverage of pre-existing health conditions is not “insurance,” it is welfare. To go to a carrier and say, “I have a health condition that costs $10,000 a month to treat, and I demand that you pay those costs in exchange for my paying you a $500 monthly premium” is not insurance, it is at worst theft, and at best charity, from the other people paying into the system.

    I know that we have become an entitlement society, but it is that attitude of “I am entitled, I have a right to have you pay my bills,” that has largely gotten where we are today — on the verge of bankruptcy.

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  • J

    I think their attitude comes from their firm belief that they are in office to rule us, not govern.

  • Doc

    Spot-on comment, dicentra. Obama and his corporate media enablers blow through the truth like a rural stop sign. They expect the voters to cower at accusations of racism and vote Obama back in in 2012 in order to avoid those accusations.

  • P Buchta

    Certainly with justice, must come mercy. I cannot see denying coverage for pre-existing conditions or denial of coverage to someone who has worked all of their lives and has paid their fair due to the government.

  • Doc

    PB, what makes you think government will enhance the prospects of either justice or mercy?