Lies and liars – UPDATE

I’ve cribbed the video, but after watching it, do go read Ed Morrissey’s whole piece. They lie and lie. And they may get away with it, too.

The reason they may get away with it, even with boldface lying like this, is because they are assisting in strenghtening the resistance of the world, that there may be no breach by which to “open up space for God’s life to pass through.”

Am I actually suggesting that at this point The Pelosi and The President are -knowingly or unknowingly, actively or passively, take your pick- serving a culture of death and darkness? Yeah. I guess I am. I’ve never seen more comfortable liars than these, and their faithful enablers in the press.

UPDATE: The Chicago Way

Light and Darkness; the choice and The Challenge and the Light (Both from Advent)

The Art of the Painless Coup

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  • Bender

    and their faithful enablers in the press

    Unfortunately, this includes too many in the progressive Catholic blogosphere, e.g. Commonweal, which, as expected, and as predicted back when the Stupak Amendment was passed, is pushing for ObamaCare even with pro-abortion provisions.

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  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    Linked to you, Anchoress (here:link), and was surprised to find some troll coming to comment on molester priests, plus calling Nancy a “Catholic Soccer Mom” (title of my second, more political blog).

    Honestly, I’m a bit worn out today, and maybe I’ll respond in some way tomorrow, but perhaps one of your readers might want to stop by and talk sense. (If my agnostic troll is even still reading.)

    Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to come by and have a rational discussion.

    [yeah, I get hatertrolls too. I just ignore them -admin]

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  • Manny L.

    It is so infuriating. The whole thing, the whole damn 2500 pages, the lies, the deceptions, the payoffs, the deaf ear to the American people, the shoving it down our throats. I feel so powerless. I feel like writing graffiti all over the subways: STOP THE HEALTHCARE BILL. STOP THE SOCIALISM.

    And if it should pass, I want to buy a bullhorn and drive around the neighbor shouting, “REPEAL THE BILL, REPEAL THE BILL.”

  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    Thanks for the advice. I was dog-tired when I read it, and was thinking it over during dinner. I decided that I’d ignore it since it didn’t address anything in the post.

    But I appreciate your advice on it. Thanks for reinforcing my decision.

    God bless!

  • Bender

    The idea that the threat of reconciliation is just a ploy increasingly has merit. All this talk of, let’s pass the Senate bill and then fix it, more and more looks like a lie. Sure, they will pass the pro-abortion Senate bill, but then they will go on vacation and then say, oh, we can’t deal with this anymore, we have to shift our focus to jobs. And it will never be “fixed.”

    Of course, we would never have been in this position if those stupid lame-brain Republicans in the House had not passed the Stupak Amendment in the first place. Number one, the amendment didn’t last two seconds in the Senate and, number two, passage of the amendment is what gave the House enough votes to pass its bill. Had the idiot Republicans not stupidly done that, the House bill likely would have gone down to defeat and it never would have been brought up in the Senate.

  • Lori

    Hate to be picky, but those actually weren’t GKC’s last words. Maybe they were his last published words? According to Joseph Pearce, his last words were on waking from sleep during his final illness. He said to his wife, “Hello, my darling,” and to his secretary Dorothy (whom he and Frances loved like a daughter) “Hello, my dear.”

  • Lori

    Ah – it seems there’s some controversy over GKC’s actual last words. His first biographer, Maisie Ward, has them as you’ve given them, while Mr. Pearce, his most recent chronicler, has them otherwise.

    In the end, it matters not – he would surely stand behind both sayings!

  • Manny L.

    “The idea that the threat of reconciliation is just a ploy increasingly has merit.” -Bender

    I wonder whether these guys are even smart enough to lay out a strategy. At every turn whatever they have done has been disasterous. There’s no coordination. The House writes one bill, the Senate writes another, then Reid has to write a third version; one day the President makes a speech, another day he holds a joint session of Congress, another he has a televised discussion with both parties. One day the president announces it will be through reconciliation, the next it seems like they realized they don’t need it. What should have been passed last July keeps stumbling at every turn through lack of coordination. I’ve come to the conclusion these guys are playing it by the seat of their pants.

  • susan

    When 50% of America’s single largest denomination of devout-like Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Sullivan sold their soul for a few measly pieces of silvered Government Health-care the Union never once considered the serpent’s evil poison they allowed inside their Church?

    The only comfort found in this betrayal is the faith in God’s word he will clean out the inside of THAT filthy cup.

  • Tempus_Fugit

    I hope a lot of well meaning Catholics won’t be duped and take this bill at face value. It may be called “health care” but it’s about government power and loss of individual liberty. There are plenty of other sensible ways to bring down the costs of medical services without turning the whole operation to Big Brother.

  • Doc

    I fear that Bart Stupak is about to prove me right that there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat. I just wish American bishops cared more about that fact than they appear to care about amnesty for illegal aliens, “social justice” issues, tax raises for welfare spending, and other aspects of the Democrat Party platform.

    Bender, if it wasn’t for Republicans supporting the Stupak Amendment, we’d have had ObamaCare last year, signed, sealed and delivered.

  • Gayle Miller

    They lie when the truth would serve them better! What’s up with that? Reflex?

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  • greta

    How many times has Barry and his team been captured on you tube with complete lies in regard to issue after issue? As Rove pointed out very well with the idiot Lauer Bush did not lie on WMD any more than the 70 or so democrats that ran out talking about the WMD and yet the media, faced with factual evidence, ran with the lie. It is no longer bias in the media, it is outright lies and distortion of fact for the sole purpose of carrying the democrat lies along. If America is to survive as a free democratic republic, it relies on having a fourth estate that pursues truth and shows the liar and hypocrite for what they are. Now they are the liars and the hypocrites. Thank God there is talk radio, the blogs, and you tube. Isn’t it interesting that the old radio medium used by FDR so effectively has played such a big part in stopping the FDR party from total control of content.

  • Doc

    Gayle, they lie because the truth would not serve them better. The truth would drive a stake through the heart of their agenda and they know it. So they lie. They get away with it only because the corporate media permits them to get away with it.

  • Joe DeVet

    Tempus: “I hope that many well-meaning…”

    How can they avoid making this grave mistake? The USCCB has campaigned for years for socialized medicine. They are rejecting the current bill only because of abortion funding and lack of conscience protection. But they have signaled their wholehearted support if these are corrected–overlooking the serious life issue of passive and direct euthanasia which ANY such bill will surely entail.

    I predict also, that even if they get their bill without abortion funding and with language supporting conscience rights, in the end both of these will go away as well–in “corrective” legislation after the fact, or in simple executive decisions on how to put the legislation into practice. They need to remember the fools and liars to whom they are willing to give power over our health care! The truth is not in these people, and they will happily double-cross the bishops. Then their half-hearted opposition to specific features of this bill will all come to naught.

    Blind guides!

  • DaveW

    The whole thing has been a lie from the start. This has never been about delivering health care to people or reforming the way health care is delivered. It’s all about nationalizing 20% of the economy and what political gain can be extracted from that.

    The lies started at the very beginning and most people didn’t – and still don’t – see the way the issue has been framed on a house of lies. I’ll give a couple of examples.

    The basic reason we are told health care needs to be reformed is that costs are projected to rise as a percentage of GNP over the next several decades. But if you look up the tables on projected growth you’ll see the Medicare, for example, is projected to grow by 5% over the next 20 years. 5%, that’s it. That could easily be addressed by a combination of increased premiums paid by beneficiaries and a small increase in Medicare taxes and some other minor tweaks.

    But even leaving that aside, what should we be spending our money on? What’s more important? If we as a nation spend 25% of our GNP on health care why is that a bad thing? Our economy generates almost twice the GNP per capita of socialist economies in Europe, what should we be spending that money on? Video games, $1,000 cell phones? Why not health care?

    But we’ve never even had a discussion about that, we skipped right over debating the fundamental idea of a “crises” in health care.

    Then there’s the argument I see a lot, that we spend too much on health care for people in the last years of their lives. You’ve heard this argument, we spend XYZ% of our health care dollars in the last XYZ months of life. But that will be the case no matter what we do. People get old, they get sick and die. No matter how you deal with health care, short of simply barring people over a certain age access to doctors, we are going to spend more on health care on older people than on the relatively young.

    Of a piece with this lie is Obama’s story about his grandmother’s hip surgery. He used that as an example of abuse in the system, the story is his grandmother had hip replacement surgery 2 weeks before her death. He tossed that out as an example of waste in the system. Obviously if we knew grandma was going to die next week we wouldn’t want to put her through hip surgery today. But the fact is we DON’T KNOW when grandma will die. If we’re going to deny care for that reason we’re going to leave a lot of people in misery.

    The whole thing is a house of lies built on a foundation of lies in the hope that people aren’t paying attention. The abortion part is just ONE of the lies, though it is a particularly evil example.

  • JTaylor

    You hit on what really scares me, that is the ease of lying, the casual nature in which the truth is plundered.

  • Manny L.

    Excellent points DaveW. I’ve made similar arguments. If the consumer as a participant freely chooses to spend money on healthcare, so what? That’s freedom to choose. In Europe the free market has been curtailed, and so they are not free to choose. That’s why their costs are lower. Is freedom to choose (and that includes the ready availability of equipement and specialists to perform services in a timely manner) a bad thing? Obviously the free market says no.