Putz, Putsch? – UPDATED

The King is a Fink by Parker & Hart

As Harriet the Spy’s father would say: “what a finking thing to do!”

What a finking way to treat a visiting head of state who has always been a staunch ally.




Breathtakingly rude, willfully insulting


Bookworm asks: Has their ever been a more ungracious man in the White House?


What an appalling Putz.

Sounds like putsch, a little, doesn’t it.

There, I’ve broken my own rule about referring to the American President in respectful tones, due to my respect for the office.

The King is a Fink. Anyone who can treat the visiting head of a loyal and important ally in such a manner -while supposedly “representing the people” of our nation- deserves our scorn and contempt.

Hey, how come Obama feels America has not right to tell other nations what to do, except when it comes to Israel?

Spengler: Obamalypse for Israel

Call what I am feeling today “patriotic dissent.” It is -we have been told- the very highest form of patriotism, after all.

The current holder of the office doesn’t respect my nation or the wishes of its people. He does not respect this nation’s traditional allies. I suspect that the current holder of the office does not respect that office as much as I do. If he did, he would not work out of it like a dictator or a thug.

Yes, I’m in a bad mood. It’s from all the Bad Medicine.

I’m also getting more than a little tired of the over-the-top hysterics and hyperventilating dramatics -and cries of “we’re being threatened and hated by cro-magnons I want to crush“- by the same people who either supported, laughed at, ignored or defended this sort of stuff, or told people to “lighten up” over it.

That was then, and this is now, or something.

Violence is to be abhorred. Threats of violence are to be abhorred, always. That should go without saying.

It should always go without saying. Shouldn’t it?

So, where were all these trembling willows a few years ago? What do they think of this? Where is their outrage over this? Hey, let’s throw charges of “racism” around recklessly, this doesn’t matter, right? (Language warning; you are warned)

But hey, if you can make a few bucks off of badly executed political theater, or make a little political hay, then it’s all good, right? Who cares what harm it brings to the country, if in the end it serves the political ends. right?

It’s sickening. I cannot believe what is happening to my country. We all suspected we were in trouble, with Obama, but it’s worse than we realized. I can’t believe how easy it was to pull America down.

All it took was a bait-and-switch in the presidential election, and a couple of “elected public servants” with the appetites for power, and the stomachs for sustained ruthlessness.

And of course, the unending help of the controlling, “useful idiot” media, who will change headlines when they are told to, and report what they’re told to, even when the Seinfeld Spit Scene was more compelling!

UPDATE: Over at NRO, Michael Fumento tries to alert the president to the fact that he is rhetoricizing under a misapprehension.. To which I could not help but respond to Fumento: “Lad, save yer breath for yer porridge; he doesn’t care. Frustrating as it is, you can write and write, and it won’t matter because he does. not. care. They do not care what the majority of Americans think.

It is unprecedented.”


“you can’t trample on people’s rights” and then expect them to just shut up and take it. But the Dems expect just that.

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