In theory, it should be this easy…

…but we’ve been told for too long that without “nuance” (which too often becomes doublespeak) a politician can’t exhibit sophistication of mind. And somehow, sophistication has been linked to competence. I think it’s a false link.

H/T Allahpundit who also has a transcribed excerpt of an exchange between Christie and a public school teacher. Nuanced, it was not.

I am all for good teachers being well-paid, but I also think tenure needs to be re-examined and perhaps re-defined. There has to be an easier way to remove poor-but-tenured teachers to make room for people who actually want to be in the classroom. When my Elder Son was in the 6th grade (13 years ago?) his teacher (Masters Degree in Education) was making $110,000 per year and getting ready to retire with one of the most generous full-benefits pensions I’ve ever heard of. He’d been phoning it in for years, and that last year was a complete waste for his students. Teachers making $110,000 a year (and I know that is an exception; Long Island pays its teachers very well) ought to be outstanding. All students deserve more than bored teachers cruising on autopilot.

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