Chris Christie on Teacher's Unions

John McCain only wishes he could have talked this straight:

H/T Allahpundit

My best friend is a high school Social Studies teacher, and she is a great one. She is creative and curious and she brings out the creativity and curiosity of her students. She’s hot for primary source documents, and she tries to meld historic and current events as springboards for her classes in economics, political science and the rest. She asks her students questions that force them to consider both sides of an issue, and she nurtures real critical thinking skills. Her students go online to “grade” her and they are all positive; most of them say she is the best teacher they’ve ever had. Occasionally they come back to tell her what a long-term difference she has ended up making in their lives.

She was born to be a teacher, and will tell you that it is her calling.

But between the out-of-control why-isn’t-my-child-getting-an-A-from-you parents and the constant pressure to conform to the political and opinion promptings of an intimidating union (to which she felt literally compelled to join, if she wanted to be considered for tenure) by the end of every year, she is completely fried.

I’m going to send her that video.

I bet she’ll cry from sheer gratitude, that someone understands how trapped so many teachers feel.

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