Chris Christie on Teacher's Unions

John McCain only wishes he could have talked this straight:

H/T Allahpundit

My best friend is a high school Social Studies teacher, and she is a great one. She is creative and curious and she brings out the creativity and curiosity of her students. She’s hot for primary source documents, and she tries to meld historic and current events as springboards for her classes in economics, political science and the rest. She asks her students questions that force them to consider both sides of an issue, and she nurtures real critical thinking skills. Her students go online to “grade” her and they are all positive; most of them say she is the best teacher they’ve ever had. Occasionally they come back to tell her what a long-term difference she has ended up making in their lives.

She was born to be a teacher, and will tell you that it is her calling.

But between the out-of-control why-isn’t-my-child-getting-an-A-from-you parents and the constant pressure to conform to the political and opinion promptings of an intimidating union (to which she felt literally compelled to join, if she wanted to be considered for tenure) by the end of every year, she is completely fried.

I’m going to send her that video.

I bet she’ll cry from sheer gratitude, that someone understands how trapped so many teachers feel.

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  • nan

    I’m afraid for Chris Christie. He sounds like what I want in a politician. Therefore, that makes him the target of the old “money, power” corruption powers that be. Can any politician escape being tainted in the long run?

  • Chris B

    I’m not a big one for “man-crushes” but I think I have one.
    We need this man in DC.

  • CV

    Everytime I see Chris Christie in a videoclip, I am more and more impressed.

    When he opens his mouth, I hear sincerity (unlike our commander in chief).

    I’m sure many have tried, and will try, to take this guy down, but he looks like he is up for the fight.


  • Sissy Willis

    Authenticity. So rare in a politician.

    Your essay about your friend is a little gem.

  • Ellen

    Chris Christie is the real thing. I admire him more than I can say, and the same goes for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. They aren’t afraid to take on entrenched interests. Love ‘em!

  • Eowyn

    I almost don’t want this man to run for POTUS; the job he is doing in NJ is too important.

    We need more governors with backbone; people are willing to vote with their feet, but they need to have people (okay, states) to vote for and move to.

    And the east coast needs people like him.

    Sadly, I don’t think, as POTUS he could have the same impact federally that he can have in this state.

  • Susan

    This made my day! May his tribe increase! We need oodles of men and women like him holding elected offices!

  • Mz Mary

    Your dear friend, the Social Studies teacher, must start blogging as a mentor for the Soc.S. teachers that are either overwhelmed or have been indoctrinated by their college professors.

  • Maggie45

    Please pray for him. As one who used to live in NJ and was involved for many, many years with a union, I can just imagine the hate being directed at him right now. I’m very serious. It is good to know, though, that if you leave the union now you only have to pay 85% of the dues. I had to pay 100% when I did. But truly, I am serious about praying for him.

  • Momma K

    Love him, Pray for him!!!

    I agree, the unions are out of control, but also so are the parents. My oldest is 22, my youngest is 10 and in these 12 years I have seen such a rise in competitive parents living vicariously through their children. THEIR kids MUST have all A’s, must be on the top baseball/football teams, must be chosen as class president/prom queen etc. If their little “Buford” isn’t chosen, they storm the school and threaten everything under the sun—and the schools comply.

    And all the kids witness this and take notes.

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  • P. Buchta

    I totally agree with him. Government unions have become too powerful. They’ve extruded a huge toll on the residents and home owners of New Jersey through increased wages, but more importantly through increased retirement benefits. It’s time to give them a 401k plan like the private sector. This way there is no extended drain on the system. I tend to shutter everytime I think about California’s problems regarding their retirement benefits.

  • DeLynn


  • Elaine

    This is the guy I can get excited about as a potential Presidential candidate. If he can stand up to all the abuse he will take because he stands his ground that is what we need in a leader. Someone strong will need to come in and clean up the mess that the Obama administration is creating and it is going to take guts because he will have to say “no” to a lot of people who have not been said “no” to for a very long time. He is certainly getting that experience now!

  • Judith L

    I keep saying that Christie is what we hoped for when we elected Arnie in CA. I would love to have a chance to vote for Christie for prez. And, perhaps, someday I shall. But I understand that he has said pretty firmly that he’s not interested in 2012. I would vote for him if he ran, but I love the idea that he means to actually serve his whole term. It’s a shame that it is so rare to see an office holder who speaks so clearly and keeps his word. We need more like him.

  • Terrye

    I like this man.

  • MJ

    Wonderful clip!! We certainly do have to pray for Governor Christie. The attack ads on the Philly TV stations are unbelievable.

    I have 2 daughters who teach in Catholic schools and, obviously, they do so for the love of teaching not the money. Public schools as we have known them are becoming a thing of the past. Teachers’ Unions and their liberal agendas throughout the country are killing public education.

  • Sandra

    I want to teach, I want to help kids GET over that hurdle between “concrete” principles (1+1=2) and into the step building process for higher mathematics (a^2+b^2=c^2).
    Problem is all the crap that is “required” and much of it “required by unions” to even get my foot in the doorway.
    Going through the “non-traditional route” after a military career is enough to have me seriously consider going into “dog training” than “teaching.”
    Having more people like Gov. Christie around, might change that for me.

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  • goddessoftheclassroom

    For a teachers’ union to state that its first priority is the students is disingenuous at best; its first priority is protecting its members. I feel compelled to point out that not all states’ teacher unions are the same, nor do they all have the same power & influence over the educational agenda.

    I think Virginia is still a right to work state. When I taught there in the late 80s, my school district demanded that all teachers work a set number of hours taking tickets at sporting events for no compensation. That had nothing to do with education, but we teachers had no recourse.

    I really don’t know the details of the New Jersey system, but here in Pennsylvania it is the school district’s local association that negotiates the teachers’ contract with the local school board. Frankly, I despise the NEA, and I know that some of my dues support it, but I belong to my union because it provides liability insurance should I be sued and the contract protects me from the whims of administrators and school board members.

    HOWEVER, my biggest complaint (one that I am trying to address with my association) is protecting or even covering for poor teachers instead of holding them accountable and maintaining the standards of our profession.

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  • LiveFreeMarkets

    I would crawl through the snow to vote for this guy — please run for President

    the reason his message hits with so many people — is it simply is the “Truth”

    and solutions to our problems are easily fixed –

    simply stop living the lie –and live the truth -

    walls come down in a day — everything can change and change rapidly

    Free Markets = Highest Standard of Living – and that is a universal truth –

    socialism = a much lower standard of living -

    and only by a accumulating massive debt — can that day of reckoning be held off — but, it will come for a socialist

    Greeks are now being asked to live the lifestyle of their political beliefs — the debt binge is over

    they will now suffer the lifestyle of a socialist –

    Greece is dominated by Unions, socialized medicine, VAT Tax — you name it – they have it – and now that they can’t borrow – they will receive the lifestyle of that political belief – the lie is being revealed to them

  • Kl

    Just think how great Christie would be if only he used a teleprompter like Dear Reader. He is amazing. No notes, no speech. He just does it. This is why great prosectors often make great political leaders.

  • idiotsfollowfanaticleaders

    this guy is dangerous…he is hurting education and teachers……it takes a blink of an eye to destroy people…but a lifetime to regain respect….how are students to get a good education if they and their parents have been led by this individual to disrespect that profession?

    Yes, costs need to be contained….but not at the sake of our children’s/grandchildren’s education…

    and not on the backs of our seniors and disabled….

  • David


    The unions are not ‘education’. A destroyed union does not equal destroyed education. If you want to point out a culprit for bringing teachers ‘disrespect’, then you have only to point to their union.

  • Mack Hall

    In Texas teachers are forbidden to bargain collectively; further, there is no tenure. Thus, I lose my job every two years. It’s probably better this way.

    Remember that only fifteen states permit collective bargaining for teachers; alas that those fifteen are used as a template for bashing all the rest of us, so please don’t do a Helen Thomas on us.

    And as a relevant aside, I was voting Republican before most of you were born. I couldn’t vote while I was in Viet-Nam, however, because I was too young.