The "Patheos"

I’ve had several emails asking me what “Patheos” means. No, it’s not a real word. It is a modern-day clever mash up that takes “path” (as in, you know, a way) and then shares the “th” with theos (as in, “God”), so you could say it means “Godpath” or something like that.

I’m still getting up to speed over there, so today’s post is a reprint from here, but one that I think makes a very good exposition of myself to a new readership. Do you agree?

Since Anchoress readers come from so many faith-traditions, I do hope you folks will nose around over there from time to time, in your respective portals. But don’t get lost, or anything! I want you back!

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  • Susan

    O’ me O’ my! I love it that you have introduced Bad Lizzie to your new readers. Her adventures are among my absolute favorite posts. :)

  • Gayle Miller

    Ah that beautiful young face! That burgeoning and mighty talent. Gone too soon and before that, corrupted so thoroughly. I blame Joe Jackson for the dysfunction of ALL his children, particularly Michael.

  • Melinda MT

    I always enjoy your commentary but the tale of Bad Lizzie was the perfect note for the day – by way of thanking you I included my website and the music is free to download if you like:)

  • Briar Ann

    I am a new reader and love Good Lizzie/Bad Lizzie. What a picture of our internal struggle as Christians!

  • Alexandrag

    Best wishes with Bad Lizzie’s new venture.

  • Zeke

    I think your essay at Patheos explains you very well. In fact, it’s a picture of each Christian, at least at some point–many points. I am a conservative Protestant but I throughly enjoy reading The Anchoress (she’s pretty conservative too). Thanks for being a faithful reporter of your Christian journey and for keeping your readers mindful of the Help on the journey, its earthly import, and its heavenly goal.