You Have Video Recommendations?

Over at Patheos, I am still getting my feet wet and doing what little I can to contribute to next week’s focus on Catholicism, as The Future of Religion Series Continues.

If you haven’t yet checked out the series, do so; you’ll find it fascinating. This week, the site is focusing on Judaism, and you might enjoy availing yourself of some interesting writing and opining on the subject (I am looking at you, especially, Hantchu!); you may enjoy spending some time with the people John Paul II called our Elder Brothers and Sisters.

Meantime I am, as I said, still finding my way in the portal, deciding on updates, and what I’d like to cull from its library, to bring up front. It turns out we have a video widget on the portal homepage, though, and here is where I would like some input from you. Aside from the parade scene from Ferris Beuller’s day off, can you recommend some favorite videos? They can be music, or dance, or interesting discussions.

I have just added a video of a wheelchair-to-car transfer that goes with this post on embryonic stem cell research, so check it out!

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