You Have Video Recommendations?

Over at Patheos, I am still getting my feet wet and doing what little I can to contribute to next week’s focus on Catholicism, as The Future of Religion Series Continues.

If you haven’t yet checked out the series, do so; you’ll find it fascinating. This week, the site is focusing on Judaism, and you might enjoy availing yourself of some interesting writing and opining on the subject (I am looking at you, especially, Hantchu!); you may enjoy spending some time with the people John Paul II called our Elder Brothers and Sisters.

Meantime I am, as I said, still finding my way in the portal, deciding on updates, and what I’d like to cull from its library, to bring up front. It turns out we have a video widget on the portal homepage, though, and here is where I would like some input from you. Aside from the parade scene from Ferris Beuller’s day off, can you recommend some favorite videos? They can be music, or dance, or interesting discussions.

I have just added a video of a wheelchair-to-car transfer that goes with this post on embryonic stem cell research, so check it out!

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  • Joi

    I just discovered this guy on YouTube who does sign language versions of songs (mostly funny geek stuff by Jonathan Coulton). This one is one of my favorites: link but he has a lot of good stuff, including a series of videos of his appearance at a conference in Tulsa, talking about his work.

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  • Diane

    I really like this 18 minute clip of a TEDTalk given in 2006 by Sir Ken Robinson. He talks about schools killing creativity.

  • Lori

    Wow, I can’t believe you don’t have dozens of suggestions already. Here are some of mine:

    * MEP Daniel Hannan’s beatdown of Gordon Brown and his policies will never get old. This is eloquence, my friends. Obama could never match it.

    * For the best 3:35 animated action film of all time, watch The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

    * Simon’s Cat is always awesome.

    * You can find everything on YouTube! Here even 1970s comedian Tom Lehrer lives on. The Elements is one of my favorites – simply, as he puts it, “the names of the chemical elements set to a possibly recognizable tune,” accompanied here by some rather surprising images.

    * Don’t have much time for the movies? Angry Alien Productions has given us the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre. Watch Titanic, Jaws, and It’s a Wonderful Life enacted by some very talented animated rabbits. (Not all re-enactments are safe for work!)

    * And last but definitely not least, on any day at any time you can attend the Mass online, thanks to Saint Ann’s Media of Scranton, PA. Wonderful celebrants, musicians and lectors, too!

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  • CHS

    Just for fun, here are Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman singing Hoagy Carmichael’s song In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening

  • dry valleys

    Apparently the Groan are having a debate about Climategate (remember that?) tomorrow, I don’t know if that will be streamed & available to view.

    Recent indications are that the “sceptics” didn’t score half as much a blow as they thought they did. I actually regret that at the time I made so many concessions to the conservatives/”libertarians” based on what has come to light recently. They tell me that Phil Jones was exonerated.

    They are giving this Steve McIntyre a chance to answer back, I can’t see him having much to say though.

    PS- I went to the place Monbiot lives in in April, a small town in Wales. I don’t normally travel much as I can’t drive or afford big jaunts on planes, trains etc but I managed to talk the parents into taking me. It was great, I can see why he chose to move there.

  • http://l Hantchu

    We have glanced at the Jewish portal of the Patheos site, but we are primarily TIRED. This is no fault of Patheos or our favorite Anchoress, but rather, because we have become grandparents, Thank God. Savta (Grandma) Hantchu has been hostessing her gorgeous daughter and wonderful son-in-law and their amazing new baby boy. Much running around regarding bilirubin tests, hospital release, planning the brit, acquiring baby paraphernalia, and having air conditioning installed during the hottest week of the year.

    My daughter has a new respect for my knowledge of babies (“Keep one end full, the other dry”). To tell the truth, I have seen so many sick babies in my years of hospital work that normal-weight babies remind me of East German olumpic swimmers on steroids…

    [Congrats! Mazel Tov! -admin]

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  • Kgahan
  • Tony

    Perhaps a little Mario Lanza singing Santa Lucia from an old Christophers’ TV show:

    Hopefully this works.

  • Tony

    One more time:
    Hopefully this works.

  • Tony

    Trying again:

  • Lori

    The second one worked, Tony. Nice memories!

  • Feeney

    Clips from Jacob Bronowski’s PBS series “The Ascent of Man”. Or from “I, Claudius”, particularly Brian Blessed (Augustus) and John Hurt (Caligula). Some funny stuff there.