Adrift and trembling…

Do yourself a favor and go read this short piece by Joseph Bottum.

It is so us.

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  • kt

    “us”? It might be you, Anchoriess, but it’s not me. I’m angry and trying to warn people, and most roll their eyes at me or actually become offended, as if I want to disturb their reverie just for kicks.

  • DWiss

    Hmmm. If I dare add something to Mr. Bottum’s excellent thoughts, it’s that most people don’t even sense the drift. I now have two old friends who have left long-time spouses for same sex relationships. Justification for this abounds. I’m almost alone in my willingness to object. Seems like there’s been a lot of drifting, so much so that the starting point is out of sight. How quaint that there was a time when we would marry traditionally and raise a family. How sad that we denied our “true selves” by doing so. Time to right the course. Fact is, reasonable discussion is impossible. I’m a homophobe, and so my opinions are beyond consideration. Sharp rocks and cold water.

  • Susan T.W.

    We need some screaming and waving of arms in Congress, in the State Houses, in the newspapers, that we are headed for the rocks. Where is the passion from those in Congress, their concern for their own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, their children, their staff and their families? The only reason I can fathom that our elected leaders are taking the course we are on is just unimaginable and massive immorality, or stupidity,or ignorance, or a combination of all three. I pray God helps us.

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