More Norm Fallout, Abortion Alleys & More

Apparently, for reasons I cannot yet fathom, the comments section for this post on what I referred to as a Vatican “fail” was all discombobulated. That has been corrected, but this gives me an excuse to link to a few other reactions to the Norms, and so you can all continue your fisticuffs and so forth either over there or in the comments below!

I know the Abortion Alley headline piqued your interest: here is Mary Rose Somarriba explaining why abortion, legal or otherwise, will never leave the back alley

Earlier today I stumbled on this bit of good thinking via Chesterton and C. S. Lewis. Here is more Chesterton to chew on.

Putting together: Martha, Mary, Yankee Announcer Bob Shepperd and nose rings. Only one guy can do it.

This is chilling: Amazing, also, and regular readers know I hate that overused word, but it fits, here. But mostly it’s chilling.

Charles P. Pierce
on why he remains a Catholic

An abandonment of self-denial:

Bill Whittle: a break from religion. Or is it?

Remembering a terrible ache of beauty

Also, take a second to check out the first day’s Symposium on the Future of Catholicism; today’s participants: Tony Rossi and Pat Gohn; they offer brief opinions, well-expressed at the portal!

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