Helllloooooo Evangelicals!

You put up with the Catholics and with the Mainline Protestants, but now, helllooooooo Evangelicals: It’s the week you’ve been waiting for over at Patheos, where Tim Dalrymple and others have compiled one huge forum on the Future of Evangelicalism!

It’s what Katie Couric would call gi-normous!. You’ve got a month’s worth of reading there, or more! Dig in, have fun! Don’t forget to find your way back here!

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  • Brian Taber

    The article by Matthew Anderson “New Life in Ancient Sources” was well written. Many converts to Catholicism were first drawn to the Church by reading the Church fathers.

    This study of the Church fathers can only have a positive effect on evangelicals.

  • Matt

    I see that Patheos has covered just about every one of the major world religions, as well as every shade of Christianity and pseudo-Christianity (Mormonism), except one. They seem to have left out the second largest group of Christians on the planet, the Eastern Orthodox Church. Why is that I wonder? Could it be that Eastern Orthodoxy just isn’t all that interesting/inspiring/newsworthy, or because it’s the only Christian group whose future isn’t in question or in doubt?

    [Or...considering that the simplest reason is usually also the true one...they just don't have an Orthodox portal manager, yet...Patheos intends to create an Orthodox portal in the near future. But Christian snark, it's so edifying to us all, isn't it? -admin]

  • Matt

    Well, I sure am glad they managed to find pagan and humanist portal managers. Lord knows THAT’s edifying!

    [Sadly, they're easier to find these days. Possibly because Christians are doing such a bang-up job of being Christ to each other -admin]

  • http://www.insidecatholic.com Brian Saint-Paul

    That’s a great line-up, Elizabeth. I’m looking forward to William Lane Craig’s contribution today…